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business english the writing
This updated edition provides clear, concise instruction on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters, reports, and memos to e-mail and other electronic communications. The author emphasizes that effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure, and presents a brush-up review of grammar and correct English usage. She also advises on achieving an appropriate business style that conveys the writer's message succinctly without resorting to stilted, overly formal language or meaningless jargon. She follows up with good examples of model business letters, résumés, employment letters, interoffice m [...]. details
stringing together a nation
Focusing on one of the most fascinating and debated figures in the history of modern Brazil, Stringing Together a Nation is the first full-length study of the life and career of Cândido Mariano da Silva Rondon (1865–1958) to be published in English. In the early twentieth century, Rondon, a military engineer, led what became known as the Rondon Commission in a massive undertaking: the building of telegraph lines and roads connecting Brazil’s vast interior with its coast. Todd A. Diacon describes how, in stringing together a nation with telegraph wire, Rondon attempted to create a unified community of “Brazilians” from a population whose loy [...]. details
sleep manual training your mind
According to a 2005 survey by the American National Sleep Foundation, fewer than half of Americans say they get a good night's sleep during most nights. Sleep Manual presents practical ways in which readers can tackle sleep disorders and make sleeping more relaxing and restorative. The authors explain sleep in scientific terms and identify common sleep disorders. Among them is sleep apnea, a respiratory condition that produces frequent, brief sleep interruptions throughout the night and is characterized by heavy snoring. Preventive measures and effective treatment methods to counter sleep apnea, as well as several other sleep disorders, are clearly [...]. details
otis technology o12-cu copper
Whether competition shooting or setting your sights on a trophy buck, a clean firearm can be the difference between success and failure. Don’t let copper build-up in your bore let you down in the moment of truth. The O12-CUCopper Remover quickly and effectively removes copper fouling. This unique formula is biodegradable and with no harsh odor and also acts as a rust preventative. details

acog 15 x
Wrapped in a smaller package, at four and half ounces, this ACOG is perfect for fast-moving tactical teams operating in close quarters or for speed-oriented competition venues. This very compact model provides weapons like the M16/M4 with excellent fire control capability. Targets are easier and quicker to acquire through the 1.5x16 models because of the larger field of view (7.4 degrees) and eye-friendly design. Features:
- 1 Compact ACOG Scopecoat (TA62)
- 1 Lenspen (TA56)
- 1 Trijicon Logo Sticker (PR15)
- 1 Manual
- 1 Warranty Card Specifications:
- Magnification: 1.5x
- Objective Size: 16
- Bullet Drop Compensator: No
- Length: 4"
- Weight: 4.5oz [...]. details
acog 15 x
Trijicon ACOG 1.5x16 Compact Riflescope w Red Ring & Dot Reticle, Short Ring Housing TA26SR-10. details
primos truth dps deer positioning
Nothing has to walk in front of the “DPS” to capture a photo. The “DPS” will record the entire day’s activity in 5 to 10 second intervals. You then can review the entire day’s worth of photos in under 3 minutes. The “DPS” is great for seeing where deer are entering and exiting a food plot. Know where your deer are going to be before your next hunt. Included SOFTWARE allows you to save individual photos or e-mail short clips of photos to your friends. details
derma sciences bioguard large
Derma Sciences Bioguard Large Gauze Roll 4-1/2†x 4.1 yds, 6-Ply. details

Supports full HD video audio transmission. Allows easier access to HDMI ports. Cable Zone. Couplers & Adapters. HDMI. details