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total heroes hawkman
This Total Heroes Hawkman Figure is all about pummeling your bad guy action figures. You may want to keep him separated from any villain action figures or he may just attempt to devalue them by smashing them with his mace. Of course, you could just keep a whole bunch of Justice League action figures around to keep this guy under control. details
star wars bb8 unkar39s thug
BB8 is on a mission, but some shady characters from Jakku are getting in his way! This action figure set comes with 3 figures for you to play out your own scenes from the desert planet of Jakku. It's based on the Force Awakens, so you can pair them up with the rest of your Star Wars action figures to generate an adventure of your own from the movie. details
square enix play arts kai thor
Remember those action figures your parents used to buy you when you were but a wee little one? You know the kind; the paint job was sketchy, the figure had almost no points of articulation and it barely even looked like the character it was supposed to look like. These days, your tastes in action figures are more refined. Now, you require a figure that can be posed in a number of positions. You require a figure that has expertly sculpted details and a stylistic paint job. You need this Play Arts Kai Thor Marvel Universe Figure!This Thor action figure is a stylized version of the Marvel Avenger made by the folks from Square Enix. The actual figure is a [...]. details
star wars deluxe hero mashers
This Deluxe Hero Mashers Garazeb Orrelios Figure is ready to shake things up in your action figure collection. He's based on the Star Wars Rebels cartoon series and looks as tough as an action figure as he is on the screen! Since he's part of the Hero Mashers collection, he's limbs are interchangeable with other figures, so you can combine him with other figures to make your own wacky and creative combinations. details
sailor moon tuxedo mask
If your other Sailor soldier action figures are in some cosmic trouble, then you just gotta get this Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask figure so he can swoop in and save the day. That's what he does after all! This Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask figure looks just like the classic anime character. If you re still short an entire Sailor squad be sure to check out our Sailor Moon action figures so you can collect the whole group. details
dragon ball 24 generation 6 figure
Gender:Male; Cosplay Works:Dragon Ball; Cosplay Characters:Son Goku; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:Engineering Plastic; Pieces:6; Color:Green,Yellow,White; Includes:Figure; Net Weight (kg):0.21kg; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):10815cm. details
no game no life shiro 20cm anime
Cosplay Works:No Game No Life; Cosplay Characters:Shiro; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Purple; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):20; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):15.510.521.5. details
batman v superman 4 wonder woman
Thank goodness for Diana Prince. If it weren t for her cool, calm, and collected nature and her fierce fighting skills, Batman and Superman would have both met their demise! If you re looking for a figure that will keep all your other slightly rowdy figures in line, we definitely recommend this 4 Wonder Woman alternative figure. Who knows, maybe her problem-solving skills will bring all your other action figures together. details
batman animated series joker
When you look at this Batman Animated Series Joker Action Figure, you can almost hear Mark Hamill's deadly laugh emanating from this collectible figure! He's based on the Bruce Timm and Paul Dini version of the DC comic book villains and has various points of articulation, so you can pose him in many different trouble-making poses. He has his classic grin from the show and will gladly join your collection of Batman action figures. details
yu-gi-oh dark magician girl 18cm
Cosplay Works:Yu-Gi-Oh; Cosplay Characters:Cosplay; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Pink,Blue; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):18; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):17.513.520.5. details
yu-gi-oh cosplay pvc 15cm anime
Cosplay Works:Yu-Gi-Oh; Cosplay Characters:Cosplay; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Blue,Yellow; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):15; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):101015. details
marvel legends giant man action
Okay, you have the Wasp, Yellowjacket, and Ant-Man action figures.but you have to complete your collection! Pick up this Marvel Legends Giant Man Action Figure and you ll have the whole set. details
marvel legends fearless defenders
This Valkyrie Action Figure can introduce some power into your Defenders team line-up! Based on the Marvel Comics character, this figure is ready to battle it out with any number of villains, or with The Incredible Hulk if she's feeling in the mood. When she's not in a fighting mood, she ll hang out on your desk or on your shelf with the rest of your figures. details
magic the gathering garruk
Make sure this Garruk Wildspeaker Action Figure doesn t get too close to any of your other Magic the Gathering Planeswalker action figures. Ever since Liliana Vess put a curse on him, he just hasn t quite been himself. He's obsessed with hunting other Planeswalkers and he won t hesitate to attack them! He's based on the Wizards of the Coast character and he ll look as primal and deadly as ever when he's sitting on your desk. details
anime action figure 40cm model toy
Cosplay Works:Assassin; Cosplay Characters:Cosplay; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Gray; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):40; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):421728. details
one piece trafalgar law pvc 18cm
Cosplay Works:One Piece; Cosplay Characters:Trafalgar Law; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Black; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):18; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):201515. details
dragon ball gotenks pvc 22cm anime
Cosplay Works:Dragon Ball; Cosplay Characters:Son Gohan; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:White; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):22; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):151020. details
star wars hero mashers return of
What's a Star Wars Hero Mashers figure? It's the opportunity for kids to take their favorite characters from the Star Wars saga and mix and match all of their parts to create Darth Stormtrooper, or Boba Skywalker, or literally anything they can come up with! This Star Wars Hero Mashers Return of the Jedi Action Figure features 5 action figures with mix and match parts to create custom mash-ups!From Hasbro toys, this fun line is the newest creation in the action figure universe. They re all officially licensed and recommended for ages 4 and up, due to small parts. details
heaven anime action figure 15cm
Cosplay Works:Cosplay; Cosplay Characters:Cosplay; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Pink; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):15; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):16.51517.5. details
dragon ball combat version of son
Gender:Male; Cosplay Works:Dragon Ball; Cosplay Characters:Frieza; Category:Anime Action Figures; Pieces:1; Color:Golden; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):15cm; Net Weight (kg):0.245kg; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):10815cm. details
kylo ren 31
This Kylo Ren Figure has plans to rule over the rest of your action figures as the biggest and baddest Force user the galaxy has ever seen. He comes in at a whopping 31 tall, so he's sure to be bigger than any other Star Wars figure you own and he's just as intimidating as his movie counterpart from The Force Awakens. details
sword art online saber pvc anime
Cosplay Works:Sword Art Online; Cosplay Characters:Saber; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Black; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):13; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):157.522. details
anime action figures inspired by
Cosplay Works:Naruto; Cosplay Characters:Madara Uchiha; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Red; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):24; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):291415. details
one piece anime action figure 11cm
Cosplay Works:One Piece; Cosplay Characters:Cosplay; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Orange; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):11; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):139.517. details
tokyo ghoul ken kaneki pvc 23cm
Cosplay Works:Tokyo Ghoul; Cosplay Characters:Ken Kaneki; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Black; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):23; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):181530.5. details
naruto naruto uzumaki 23cm anime
Cosplay Works:Naruto; Cosplay Characters:Naruto Uzumaki; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Cyan,Orange; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):23; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):281717. details
anime action figures inspired by
Cosplay Works:Dragon Ball; Cosplay Characters:Cosplay; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Green; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):20; Production mode:External procurement. details
one piece roronoa zoro 25cm anime
Cosplay Works:One Piece; Cosplay Characters:Roronoa Zoro; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Green,Purple; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):25; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):17.711.629. details
one piece monkey
Cosplay Works:One Piece; Cosplay Characters:Monkey D. Luffy; Category:Anime Action Figures; Material:PVC; Color:Blue,Red,Black; Includes:Figure; Size(CM):18; Dimensions (LxWxH) (CM):18.515.520.5. details