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alliance various - the craft
Release Date:11/04/2016;Track List:1. Tomorrow Never Knows (Album Version) Our Lady Peace 4:12;2. I Have the Touch (Album Version) Heather Nova 4:16;3. All This and Nothing (Album Version) Sponge 4:18;4. Dangerous Type (Album Version) Letters to Cleo Various 3:38;5. How Soon Is Now? (Album Version) Love Spit Love 4:25;6. Dark Secret (Album Version) Matthew Sweet 4:03;7. Witches Song (Album Version) Juliana Hatfield 4:35;8. Jump Into the Fire (Album Version) Tripping Daisy Various 5:44;9. Under the Water (Album Version) Jewel 4:58;10. Warning (Album Version) All Too Much 4:43;11. Spastica (Album Version) Elastica Various 2:30;12. The Horror (Album Versi [...]. details
alliance grouplove - spreading
Release Date:09/17/2013;Notes:Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 album from the L.A.-based Alt-Rock band. Produced by the band's own Ryan Rabin, Spreading Rumours follows Grouplove's acclaimed 2011 debut, Never Trust a Happy Song, and features the single, Ways to Go. ;Track List:1. I m with You (Album Version);2. Borderlines and Aliens (Album Version);3. Schoolboy (Album Version);4. Ways to Go (Album Version);5. Shark Attack (Album Version);6. Sit Still (Album Version);7. Hippy Hill (Album Version);8. What I Know (Album Version);9. Didn t Have to Go (Album Version);10. Bitin the Bullet (Album Version);11. News to Me (Album Version);12. Raspberry (Album Version);1 [...]. details
sony modest mouse - good news for
Save BIG when you buy today!Disc 1Side 11. Horn Intro (Album Version)2. The World At Large (Album Version)3. Float On (Album Version)4. Ocean Breathes Salty (Album Version)Side 21. Dig Your Grave (Album Version)2. Bury Me With It (Album Version)3. Dance Hall (Album Version)4. Bukowski (Album Version)5. This Devil's Workday (Album Version)Disc 2Side 11. The View (Album Version) Modest Mouse 4:11 03/15/082. Satin In A Coffin (Album Version) Modest Mouse 2:35 03/15/083. Interlude (Milo) (Album Version) Modest Mouse 0:58 03/15/084. Blame It On The Tetons (Album Version) Modest Mouse 5:24 03/15/08Side 21. Black Cadillacs (Album Version) Modest Mouse 2:43 03 [...]. details
alliance the white stripes - white
Release Date:12/14/2010;Notes:2010 reissue on 180-gram vinyl LP. This is The White Stripes third album, and, in a lot of ways, it sounds the way a third album should: bigger and tighter than it's predecessors, with all of their charm and magnetism. The Stripes-who ve had the honor of repeatedly being featured in Rolling Stone and Mojo, as well as guest appearances by Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson-have seemingly stayed true to their old spirit, and perhaps this is what has to led to their success in the first place. Their strength is in their sweetness. 180-gram vinyl.;Track List:1. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (Album Version);2. Hotel Yorba (Album [...]. details
sony coheed and cambriagood
- 1Side
- A1. Keeping The Blade (Album Version) (2:09)2. Always & Never (Explicit Album Version) (2:24)3. Welcome Home (Explicit Album Version) (6:17)4. Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial) (Album Version) (3:47)5. Crossing The Frame (Album Version) (3:27)6. Apollo I : The Writing Writer (Explicit Album Version) (5:15) Side
- B1. Once Upon Your Dead Body (Explicit Album Version) (3:19)2. Wake Up (Explicit Album Version) (3:36)3. The Suffering (Album Version) (3:44)4. The Lying Lies & Dirty Secrets of Miss Erica Court (Album Version) (3:17)5. Mother May I (Album Version) (4:32)Disc
- 2Side
- A1. The Willing Well I: Fuel for the Feeding End (Album Ve [...]. details
alliance roots - rising
Release Date:05/06/2008;Notes:2008 Explicit Version of Two LP set. Rising Down marks the 10th album released by the legendary Roots crew. The darkly funky, politically charged release is the product of more than a year of recording and includes a slew of complimentary guest appearances by Common, Chrisette Michelle, Talib Kweli, Dice Raw, Peedi Peedi, Mos Def, Style P and Fall Out Boys Patrick Stump.;Track List:1. The Pow Wow [Album Version (Explicit)];2. Rising Down [Album Version (Explicit)] 3:39;3. Get Busy [Album Version (Explicit)] 3:29;4. @ 15 [Album Version] 0:51;5. 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction) (Explicit)] 3:15;6. Becoming Unwritten [Album V [...]. details
sony jeff buckley - grace vinyl
Save BIG when you buy today!Side 11. Mojo Pin (Album Version)2. Grace (Album Version)3. Last Goodbye4. Lilac Wine (Album Version)5. So Real (Album Version)Side 21. Hallelujah2. Lover, You Should ve Come Over3. Corpus Christi Carol (Album Version)4. Eternal Life (Album Version)5. details
sony audioslave -
Disc 1Side A1. Cochise (Album Version)
- Audioslave (3:42) 2. Show Me How to Live
- Audioslave (4:37)3. Gasoline (Album Version)
- Audioslave (4:40)4. What You Are (Album Version)
- Audioslave (4:09) Side B1. Like a Stone
- Audioslave (4:54)2. Set It Off
- Audioslave (4:23)3. Shadow on the Sun
- Audioslave (5:43)Disc 2Side A1. I Am the Highway
- Audioslave (5:35)2. Exploder (Album Version)
- Audioslave (3:26)3. Hypnotize (Album Version)
- Audioslave (3:27)4. Bring Em Back Alive (Album Version)
- Audioslave (5:29) Side B1. Light My Way (Album Version)
- Audioslave (5:03)2. Getaway Car (Album Version)
- Audioslave (4:59)3. details
alliance metallica - death
Release Date:09/16/2014;Notes:2014 double vinyl LP pressing reissue of this 2008 album on the band's own Blackened label. Metallica is easily one of the best, most influential Heavy Metal bands of the 80s. Responsible for bringing the genre back to Earth, the bandmates looked and talked like they were from the street, shunning the usual rockstar games of Metal musicians during the early 80s. They expanded the limits of Thrash, using speed and volume not for their own sake, but to enhance their intricately structured compositions.;Track List:1. That Was Just Your Life (Physical Album Version);2. The End of the Line (Physical Album Version);3. Broken Bea [...]. details
sony acdc - highway to hell vinyl
Save BIG when you buy today!Side 11. Highway to Hell2. Girls Got Rhythm (Album Version)3. Walk All over You4. Touch Too Much5. Beating Around the BushSide 21. Shot Down in Flames2. Get It Hot (Album Version)3. If You Want Blood (You ve Got It) (Album Version)4. Love Hungry Man (Album Version)5. details
alliance pearl jam - riot
Release Date:11/10/2017;Notes:Limited double vinyl LP pressing including gatefold jacket. Riot Act is the seventh studio album by Pearl Jam, released on November 12, 2002 through Epic Records. Following a full-scale tour in support of it's previous album, Binaural (2000), Pearl Jam took a year-long break. The band then reconvened in the beginning of 2002 and commenced work on a new album. The music on the record featured a diverse sound, including songs influenced by folk, art rock, and experimental rock. The lyrics deal with mortality and existentialism, with much influence from both the political climate after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks [...]. details
collector39s museum vinyl lp
Showcase your favorite album cover as art. This frame is the perfect size to display those old LP album covers you collected years ago. The pre-attached hanger allows frame to hang flush against the wall. Black PVC frame12.5 x 12.5 Frame holds both single and double albumsOpen back; see both sides of your album. details
collector39s museum vinyl lp
Showcase your favorite album cover as art. This frame is the perfect size to display those old LP album covers you collected years ago. The pre-attached hanger allows frame to hang flush against the wall. Black metal frame12.5 x 12.5 Frame holds both single and double albumsOpen back; see both sides of your album. details
alliance skillet -
Release Date:11/20/2015;Notes:Vinyl LP pressing of this 2009 album. Awake is the seventh album by Christian rock band Skillet. It is the follow-up to their Grammy-nominated album Comatose. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200. The album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on July 27, 2010 and has since gone platinum, selling over 1, 000, 000 copies to date. It was nominated for Top Christian Album at the Billboard Music Awards 2011 and won. This is the last album to feature guitarist Ben Kasica and the first to feature drummer Jen Ledger. The first two singles Monster and Hero achieved commercial success, [...]. details
sony vaughan stevie ray vaughan
Disc 1 Side 11. Love Struck Baby2. Pride and Joy3. Texas Flood4. Lenny5. Cold Shot (Album Version)Disc 1 Side 21. Couldn t Stand the Weather2. The Things (That) I Used To Do3. Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place in Town)Disc 2 Side 11. Say What! (Album Version)2. Look at Little Sister3. Change (Album Version)4. Little Wing (Album Version)Disc 2 Side 21. The House is Rockin 2. Crossfire (Album Version)3. Tightrope (Album Version)4. Long Way From Home5. details
hal leonard ed sheeran - x for
The sophomore album from this Grammy Award-nominated British singer shot to #1 on the Billboard 200 Album charts. Our folio features arrangements of all 16 tracks from the album, including the hot single Sing plus: Afire LoveBloodstreamDon tEven My Dad Does SometimesI m a MessThe ManOnePhotographRunawayThinking Out Loudand more. details
hal leonard avenged sevenfold -
A7X's 2013 album release, Hail to the King, reached #1 on the Billboard album charts and is the first album from this Californian metal band to feature their new drummer, Arin Ilejay. This folio includes note-for-note guitar transcriptions for all 10 tracks from the album: Acid RainComing HomeCrimson DayDoing TimeHail to the KingHereticPlanetsRequiemShepherd of FireThis Means War. details
my confirmation wooden
. details
perri39s rush 2112 album
2 in. wide polyester strap with the album cover artwork from the legendary Canadian rock trio's 1976 album. Adjustable from 39 to 58 in. details
sony bob dylan - the essential bob
Disc 1 Side 11. Blowin In the Wind (Dylan, Bob) 2:472. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Dylan, Bob) 3:393. The Times They Are A-Changin (Dylan, Bob) 3:114. It Ain t Me Babe (Album Version) (Dylan, Bob) 3:335. Maggie's Farm (Dylan, Bob) 3:556. Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan, Bob) 5:257. Subterranean Homesick Blues (Dylan, Bob) 2:18Disc 1 Side 21. Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan, Bob) 6:092. Positively 4th Street (Dylan, Bob) 4:073. Just Like a Woman (Dylan, Bob) 4:504. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Dylan, Bob) 4:345. Lay, Lady, Lay (Album Version) (Dylan, Bob) 3:186. Knockin On Heaven's Door (Remastered) (Dylan, Bob) 2:30Disc 2 Side 11. Forever Young (Album Versio [...]. details
alliance fergie - the
Release Date:10/21/2016;Notes:Double vinyl LP pressing. The Dutchess is the debut studio album by singer actress Fergie. It was released on 13 September 2006. The album was recorded between The Black Eyed Peas tour in 2005, and the songs were written throughout the last eight years that preceded it's release. While developing the album, Fergie wanted to create an autobiographical album that would be more intimate between her and the listener. By doing so, the album experiments with different music genres, including pop, hip hop, R&B, reggae, punk rock and soul. Lyrically, The Dutchess has themes about love and critics, while also dealing with her drug [...]. details
alliance 311 -
Release Date:01/20/2017;Notes:Double 150gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Transistor is the fourth studio album by 311. It was released on August 5, 1997. The album was certified platinum. The album saw a change in musical style as fewer songs feature rapping in comparison to the band's previous albums. Transistor is 311's longest album and is the only 311 album to contain more than 16 tracks. While still utilizing their alternative rock sound in many songs, Transistor saw 311 moving away from the hip hop-influenced sound of their previous albums for more of a reggae-influenced sound, as shown in songs such as Prisoner , Inner Light Spectrum , R [...]. details
alliance pearl jam -
Release Date:11/10/2017;Notes:Limited double vinyl LP pressing including gatefold jacket. Binaural is the sixth studio album by Pearl Jam, released on May 16, 2000 through Epic Records. Following a full-scale tour in support of it's previous album, Yield (1998), Pearl Jam took a short break before reconvening toward the end of 1999 to begin work on a new album. During the production of the album, the band encountered hindrances such as singer Eddie Vedder's writer's block, and guitarist Mike McCready's entrance into rehabilitation due to an addiction to prescription drugs. The music on the record featured an experimental sound, evident on songs that us [...]. details
alliance ice cube - war
Release Date:01/15/2016;Notes:Limited double vinyl LP pressing. War & Peace Volume 2 (The Peace Disc) is the sixth studio album from Ice Cube. It is the second part from the two album project War & Peace. The album contains the singles Hello which features former N.W.A bandmates Dr. Dre and MC Ren and the club smash You Can Do It. Continuing with it's Respect The Classics campaign, UME reissue this album back on vinyl for the first time in over 10 years. details
alliance elo  electric light
Release Date:05/27/2016;Notes:Limited 180 gram vinyl pressing. A New World Record is the sixth studio album by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), originally released in 1976. A New World Record became their first Top Ten album in the UK. It became a huge global success and would consolidate the band's position as one of the biggest selling rock bands in the world, reaching multi-platinum status in the US and UK. The album sold five million units worldwide within its first year of release. The cover art features the famous ELO logo for the first time. Includes the hits Livin Thing, Do Ya, Telephone Line and Rockaria!;Track List:1. Tightrope 5:23;2. Telepho [...]. details
alliance george strait - pure
Release Date:09/15/2017;Notes:Vinyl LP pressing. Pure Country is the thirteenth studio album and the first soundtrack album by George Strait. It was released in 1992 by MCA Records. It is Strait's most commercially successful album, having sold over six million copies. This was the first album of Strait's career to feature Tony Brown, who has produced all of Strait's subsequent albums. Strait and Brown produced the entire album except for the main title sequence version of Heartland , which was produced by Steve Dorff. I Cross My Heart and Heartland were #1 hits for Strait on the Billboard country charts, and When Did You Stop Loving Me (which was late [...]. details
alliance jonwayne - rap album
Release Date:06/30/2017;Notes:Jonwayne's Rap Album Two is the latest offering of music from the California based MC and producer, releasing the album on his label Authors Recording Company. Rap Album Two follows up on four maxi-singles released over the last twelve months, further entrenching the archives and material available through his new imprint. Recordings for Jonwayne's new full-length took place at the Cosmic Zoo in Los Angeles, CA and features contributions from close allies Shango, Danny Watts, Low Leaf and Zeroh. Production guests include D-Styles, Eets, Oliver The 2nd, Babu and Dibiase, with mastering facilitation by Low End Theory's Daddy [...]. details
Arguably one of the best rock albums of the 1980s, Def Leppard's Pyromania was their third studio album and solidified their status at rock legends with three big hits, Foolin, Rock of Ages and Photograph. An immediate success, the album has since sold over ten million copies in the US where it is certified diamond. To commerorate this unforgettable, influential album, Photo File has put together this officially licensed 18 x 24 framed 24KT gold record, presented in a way that any fan of Def Leppard fan must have on their wall. Limited to a run of only 2,500, it features the album cover, a gold-plated record with the burning building album artwork in t [...]. details
sony hozier - hozier
From Ireland to you, on vinyl. Disc 1 Side 1   1. Take Me to Church   2. Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene   3. Jackie and Wilson (Album Version) Disc 1 Side 2   1. Someone New (Album Version)   2. To Be Alone (Album Version)   3. From Eden (Album Version) Disc 2 Side 1   1. In a Week (Album Version)   2. Sedated   3. Work Song Disc 2 Side 2   1. Like Real People Do   2. It Will Come Back (Album Version)   3. Foreigner's God (Album Version)   4. Cherry Wine (Live) Disc 3 Side 1   1. Take Me to Church   2. Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene   3. Jackie and Wilson (Album Version)   4. Someone New (Album Version)   5. To [...]. details