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ampeg - 400w 2-way loudspeaker
Designed with 5 or 6-string bass players in mind, this speaker cabinet delivers solid low-frequency performance as well as crisp high-frequency performance. details
ampeg svt-410he bass
4 x 10 speakers with 2 coils and 30 oz. magnets. To enhance these is an added 1 horn. The cab handles 400W RMS and 800W program. 8 ohms. 25 x 24 x 16 . 91 lbs. details
ampeg svt-610hlf bass
The Ampeg SVT-610HLF 6x10 Bass Cabinet provides all the soul-stirring, breath-stopping punch and moan you need to hold down the bottom end. The bass guitar cab has 6
- 10 bass drivers with 30-oz. magnets and 2 voice coils, plus a 10-oz. horn with 1 coil to bring out the funky string snaps. Variable-level attenuator and resistive bulb wired in series with the horn to prevent damage. The SVT-610HLF also has rear skid rails for better protection and easier loading. 600W RMS and 1,200W program handling. 4 ohms impedance, 42Hz usable low frequency. 24 W x 40 H x 16 D. 115 lbs. details
refurbished ampeg ba115hp 220 watt
Simple and to the point, the BA115HP has a 220W power section, custom 15 woofer, and 1 compression tweeter with a variable pad to adjust the crossover level. The straightforward-yet-effective EQ controls deliver lots of tonal flexibility, especially in conjunction with the Style response control. An XLR direct out allows patching to a mixing board or recording console while the built-in digital chromatic tuner and mute switch make it easy to tune silently.220W power output Custom 15 Ampeg driver 1 compression driver 3-band EQ 5-position Style mid control Built-in tuner Input gain and master CD input Mute switch 21 W x 21 H x 15-1/2 D 80lb. details
ampeg svt-vr vintage reissue 300
With the new SVT-VR, the Ampeg engineering and product development teams had one primary goal--get as close to the coveted tone of the classic SVT as possible. As a result, the preamp stage, power section, and even the rocker switches of the new SVT-VR emulate the exact signal path, tone, and vibe of the original. The all-tube, 300W SVT-VR amplifier is driven by a total of 6
- 6550 power tubes for massive power and tone. In addition to the '70s style dials and rocker switches, the SVT-VR's preamp circuitry has been faithfully re-created to match the original.300W 2-channel preamp 6
- 6550 power tubes Original power amp output spec and tube complement O [...]. details
ampeg svt-810e bass
Decades of pro musicians don't lie, the Ampeg SVT-810E Bass Enclosure will rattle your foundation. 8
- 10 speakers produce an incredible wall-of-sound! Fidelity is enhanced by the fact that each pair of speakers is in a separate internal cabinet that prevents standing wave interference. 800W RMS handling capability. 1,600W program handling. 4-ohm nominal impedance.8
- 10 speakers Each pair of speakers is in a separate internal cabinet 800W RMS handling capability, 1,600W program, 4-ohm nominal impedance 26 W x 48 H x 16 D 165 lbs. details
refurbished ampeg svt-3pro series
The tube preamp section of the Ampeg SVT-3PRO Series Head re-creates the great bass tone that made the original SVT the most respected bass amp of all time. The power section is solid state with a toroidal transformer that generates less noise and magnetic interference. Delivers 450W @ 4 ohms and has an arsenal of tone-shaping tools: 3 bands of tone, a 5-position mid selector, 9-band graphic EQ, plus low and high boosts. Other pro features include input peak LED, input pad and bright switch, mute function, tuner out, variable line-out level, time-delayed turn on, DC-supplied filaments, and variable fan speed. 2U rackmount. Tube preamp section re-creates [...]. details
refurbished ampeg micro-vr 200w
Don't be fooled by its diminutive appearance; the Ampeg Micro-VR is a compact powerhouse fully capable of pumping its 200W of genuine Round Sound into myriad live and recording situations. The portable, powerful solid-state bass amp head is a pleasant surprise from the second you lay eyes on it to the moment its indisputable Ampeg tone hits your ears. Boasts 200W of power Ultracompact construction. details
refurbished ampeg svt-210av micro
The Ampeg SVT-210AV is the portable alternative to other full-sized bass cabs. It's ideal for bleed-sensitive recording and live situations. The SVT-210AV is designed using Ampeg's legendary Infinite Baffle system for maximum speaker efficiency and true Ampeg tone. Great for both recording and live situations Cabinet weighs a mere 26 pounds. details
ampeg micro-vr bass amp head and
Included in this Ampeg kit is the Micro-VR bass amp head and the SVT210AV bass speaker cabinet stack. The Ampeg Micro-VR is a no-compromise amplifier packing 200W of solid-state MOS-FET fury, a switching power supply and the classical good looks and features of Ampeg's renowned SVT Series amplifier head. The Ampeg Micro-VR amplifier is designed as an ideal companion to the SVT 210AV cabinet. The switching power supply keeps the weight low, without sacrificing power output or Ampeg's legendary sound quality. Like all Ampeg products, your Micro-VR amplifier is designed by musicians and built using only the best of components. Each Ampeg amplifier is test [...]. details
ampeg svt-410hlf classic series
The Ampeg SVT-410HLF Enclosure gives you plenty of volume and clean low end. This 4x10 cabinet has the same speakers and 1 horn as the SVT-410HE with 2 coils and 30 oz. magnets, but the cabinet itself is tuned differently. It's deeper and has a bottom port that results in better low-end response, down to 28Hz! The cabinet features heavy duty recessed handles, an industrial strength grip bar, and heavy duty rear wheels. Skid rails are placed on the back of the enclosure to protect it while loading in and out of venues. The Speakon and 1/4 jacks are wired in parallel, allowing easy daisy chaining from one speaker to another. Each of the jacks may be used [...]. details
refurbished ampeg ba600  210 2x10
The Ampeg BA600/210 is not just another everyday bass combo. Even though it packs dual 10 LF drivers, an HF horn (with Level control) , and a whopping 600 watts of pure power, the BA600/210 is easily transportable. You get Ampeg's legendary tone-shaping thanks to it's multi-stage 12AX7 tube preamp, style control, 3-Band EQ, and Ultra-Hi Lo switches, all of which make it extremely versatile. It even lets you choose between 2 channels, the vintage B-15 channel and a more modern tone with the simple click of a switch. By integrating a Class D power section and universal switching power supply, Ampeg was able to keep the BA600/210's weight factor low, with [...]. details