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life of jesus
Tell the story of Christ's life with this Life of Jesus bracelet. It illustrates and reminds us of the life of Jesus, recounting the memory of His life on every bead. A star charm with three beads represents the bethlehem star and the three wise men, three colored beads represent their three gifts, a pearl bead represents the Christ Child. The wood bead represents Jesus as carpenter, a fish symbol represents making fishers of men, and twelve blue beads represent the apostles, and the white bead represents the Word of God. The black beads and cross symbolize His passion. A red bead represents his precious blood while a white bead represents his tear [...]. details
pink love heart core murano glass
Murano glass beads make for incredibly fashionable charm beads. Not only are they timeless. but also they are elegant. sophisticated and so pretty to accessorize with. For those who are romantic at heart. or are looking for a very sweet gift for a loved one. the Soufeel Pink Love Heart Core Murano Glass Bead is the perfect fit for you. A light pink glass bead is set with sparkling hearts from within. as well as a .925 sterling silver. heart-lined core. The gleaming silver and soft pink combine beautifully for a very serene and lovely appearance. We can see this Murano glass bead matched up with everything from pink charm beads. rose charm beads. heart [...]. details
venetian glass mosaic bead
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive Make a statement with this chic Venetian Glass Mosaic Bead Jewelry ensemble of Venetian glass beads—elegant almond shapes in opaque black and lacy white, the latter encapsulating smaller black and white Venetian murrine , or beads. These elegant strands are accented with sleek metal tube beads. Specify: Venetian Glass Mosaic Bead Necklace Orig. $120.00 NOW $79.99 Venetian Glass Mosaic Bead Bracelet Orig. $55.00 NOW $34.99 Venetian Glass Mosaic Bead Pierced Earrings Orig. $45.00 NOW $29.99. details
pink jasmine murano glass bead
Made of high quality .925 sterling silver and Murano glass. the Pink Jasmine Murano Glass bead is absolutely breathtaking. The soft pink hue of this glass bead has gentle touches of lavender for an end result that is very mesmerizing. Not only that. but the shimmering pink has been accented with lovely. five-petal flowers for the sweetest touch. With every move that is made. the glass will gently glimmer in the light for a very luxurious feel. The sterling silver sides of the bead are engraved with .925 and the Soufeel logo. so you know that you are getting the real thing. String this gorgeous charm bead up with other pink beads. springtime-themed bead [...]. details
ladybug and flower and leaves
OMG! How adorable and pretty is this Ladybug and Flowers Murano Glass Bead? It has such a whimsical and storybook look to it that will be quite the conversation starter. The illustration on this Murano glass bead is quite detailed from the full petals on the flowers and the sheen on the shell of the ladybug. Wondering what to mix and match this nature-inspired charm bead with? The possibilities are endless. It would look stylish with dangle flower charms. lucky green clovers. sterling silver beads. garden beads and more. We have a feeling that once you see this unique charm bead in person. you will want to wear this ladybug charm everyday. details
seashore lampwork glass bead
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive These fun lampwork beads with their textural ripples, waves, and dots are a graphic tribute to ocean colors, creatures, and tides. Czech glass bead accents. Sterling silver earwires. Silver-plated findings. This Seashore Lampwork Glass Bead Pierced Earrings are made in the U.S.A., handcrafted beads will vary slightly. details
seashore lampwork glass bead
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive A graphic tribute to ocean colors, creatures and tides, the whimsical lampwork glass beads of this Seashore Lampwork Glass Bead Necklace feature textural ripples, waves, and dots. Czech glass bead accents. Silver-plated lobster clasp. Made in the U.S.A. Handcrafted beads will vary slightly. details
dynasty gold bead
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive Designed by American jewelry artist Lynn Olander, delicate geometric shapes—cubes, rectangles, discs and spheres—intertwine exquisite granulated cylinder scroll beads. The matching double strand bracelet and dangle earrings complete the look. Gold-plated beads. 14k gold-filled lobster clasps. This Dynasty Gold Bead Jewelry is made in the U.S.A. Specify: Dynasty Gold Bead Necklace Orig. $90.00 NOW $29.99 Dynasty Gold Bead Bracelet Orig. $60.00 NOW $19.99 Dynasty Gold Bead Pierced Earrings Orig. $35.00 NOW $27.99. details
Whether you are looking to bring some fortune into your life. or if you appreciate all that you already have. the Abundance Bracelet Charm deserves a spot on your bracelet or necklace. This is a .925 sterling silver bead that has a high polish. The metal surface gleams beautifully and makes for a fabulous backdrop to the leaf and stone decorations. The stones have a marquise shape that sparkle brilliantly in any light. Along the openings on each side. is the word abundance stamped into them. For a minimalist look. wear this message charm bead alone. But if you want to make a bolder statement. mix and match this with everything from fancy CZ charm beads [...]. details
seashore lampwork glass bead
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive A graphic tribute to ocean colors, creatures and tides, the whimsical lampwork glass beads of these Seashore Lampwork Glass Bead Pierced Earrings feature textural ripples, waves, and dots. Czech glass bead accents. Sterling silver earwires. Made in the U.S.A. Handcrafted beads will vary slightly. details
modern murano bead
SPECIAL PURCHASE TWO OR MORE BANGLES FOR $14.99 EACH Smithsonian Institution Exclusive A trio of modern Murano glass beads—in colors complementary to the rubber-coated steel bangles they adorn—add modern elegance to these open-style Modern Murano Bead Bangles. The beads are mouth-blown on the Venetian island of Murano. Each bead may vary in size, shape and color. details
asante artisan bead
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive A triumph of multicultural design, unique and intricately patterned Ghana brass beads—individually cast in single-use, lost wax molds—accent luminous beads of matte-finish resin, glass and recycled glass. Brass accents and no-tarnish S-clasp. Hypoallergenic earwires. This Asante Artisan Bead Necklace and Earrings is assembled in the U.S.A. Specify: Asante Artisan Bead Necklace Orig. $90.00 NOW $44.99 Asante Artisan Bead Pierced Earrings Orig. $25.00 NOW $12.99. details
wood dangle earrings casually
Ghanaian artisan Esther Darko handcrafts a lovely pair of dangle earrings from sese wood beads. The rich brown beads are of different shapes layered upon each other--small round beads atop a disc on a large round bead finished with another small round bead. The result is a casual, yet elegant, look perfect for every day wear. details
jasper and antique venetian trade
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive Make a vibrant multi-cultural statement with this artistic mix of gemstone jasper and antique Venetian mosaic glass trade beads. Necklace and coordinating earrings with hypoallergenic earwires are accented with cobalt blue glass beads and brass spacers. Bronze S-hook clasp. These Jasper and Antique Venetian Trade Bead Necklace and Earrings are assembled in the U.S.A. Jasper and antique Venetian trade beads will vary slightly. Specify: Jasper and Antique Venetian Trade Bead Necklace Orig. $115.00 NOW $89.99 Jasper and Antique Venetian Trade Bead Pierced Earrings Orig. $25.00 NOW $19.99. details
k0301-637-21 bead ethno
aus der Serie Karma Beads, Bead aus poliertem 925/- Sterlingsilber, rundum graviert, Durchmesser 11 mm. details
k0300-024-11 bead ethno
aus der Serie Karma Beads, Bead aus poliertem 925/- Sterlingsilber und graviertem Onyx, Durchmesser 11 mm. details
This exquisite bracelet is an entire full rosary and so much more!  Artistically designed with hues of cobalt blue and unique cloisonné beads, this wrap rosary bracelet will impress all.  The cloisonné beads are designed and created by artisans and it can take up to 4 hours of labor to produce one bead! Tiny areas of the surface of the cloisonné bead are filled with enamel color, and then fired in a kiln. Due to the handmade nature of the design, each bead may vary slightly in color. The other beads on this wrap rosary bracelet are antiqued brass-finished pewter beads (giving the look of bronze) to complement the bronze m [...]. details
k0302-771-1 bead ethno
aus der Serie Karma Beads, Bead aus poliertem 925/- Sterlingsilber, rundum gravierter, imitierter Lapislazuli, Durchmesser 11 mm. details
journey scenery charm set of 3
For the traveller. for the artist. for the romantic. for the lover and for anyone who appreciates and loves to live life to the fullest. The Journey Scenery Set captures so many wonderful things that will call out to so many different personalities. This particular charm bead set has a dreamy. vintage quality to it. There are three .925 sterling silver charm beads that come together for a very unique look. The first bead is a miniature camera bead that is black and silver. The lens is set with a clear. shimmering stone that sparkles with every move that is made. The second bead is a mini-version of the fabulous Eiffel Tower. And the third bead is a chi [...]. details
red fizzle heart-shaped crystal
Soufeel's collection of Murano Glass Beads offer a stunning way to add color to your charm bracelet. This Burning Crystal Heart Murano Glass Bead stuns in vermillion red with a Cubic Zirconia heart shaped crystal set into it. Venetian Murano glass gets its vibrant colors from the minerals added to it and this red is as vibrant as it gets! Wear it with other brightly colored Murano Glass Beads in shades of Amber. Cobalt blue and Shamrock green or the multi colored beads that incorporate tones of red. gold and violet. Sitting at just 1.2cm in height. these signature glass beads bearing the Soufeel logo in 925 sterling silver are compatible with other bra [...]. details
k0311-959-7 bead royalty
aus der Serie Karma Beads, Bead aus vergoldetem 925/- Sterlingsilber, synthetischer Spinell, mehrfarbige Steine aus Glaskeramik und synthetischen Zirkonias, Durchmesser 11 mm. details
lovely polar bears charm
The Soufeel Lovely Polar Bears charm is such a whimsical design. This is a .925 sterling silver bracelet bead that is of high quality and will stand the test of time. This unique designs feature a rich blue backdrop and silver polar bears in the midst of snow and ice. The polar bears are absolutely adorable. They have tiny ears. dainty eyes. smiling faces. and welcoming arms. For those who love winter accessories. animal charm beads. or the holiday season. this is a must-have for their jewelry collection. Slip this polar bear bracelet bead on with everything from animal beads and season beads. to Christmas beads and nature beads. It also makes for a th [...]. details
bee and flower murano glass bead
Get ready to smile every time you take a peek at this gorgeous Bee and Flower Murano Glass Bead. The illustration on this piece is quite endearing. Lush florals are accented with wide-eyed bees that have a lovely storybook look to them. The sea-green background is so rich and bright in color that it will pop nicely when strung up on your bracelet. If you have been looking for a unique jewelry piece for a stylish loved one in your life. this is a must for you to purchase. Not only does it look fabulous on its own. but it pairs so wonderfully with everything from ladybug charm beads and dangle flower charms. to garden beads and nature-inspired Murano gla [...]. details
pink swarovski crystal romantic
Whether you are looking for a sweet gift to give a special someone in your life. or if you are looking to add a lovely touch of pink to your charm bracelet. the Romantic Flower Charm is a must for your jewelry box. This is a .925 sterling silver bead that is beautifully crafted from high quality materials and an intricate design. The surface of the bead is made up of open swirls and flowers. Everything has been inlaid with pink crystal stones that have lovely cuts. The pretty pink stones give off so much sparkle and shine. Slip this pink jewelry bead on with other floral beads or love-inspired beads for a beautiful combination. Be sure to browse throug [...]. details
peacock seed-bead necklace and
This Peacock Seed-Bead Necklace and Earrings features sixteen strands of brilliant glass seed beads—intricately strung, gathered, and stationed with woven connectors—which are the gorgeous handwork of Guatemala bead artisans. Tassel earrings feature stainless steel earwires. Fair Trade. Specify: Peacock Seed-Bead Necklace Orig. $50.00 NOW $34.99 Peacock Seed-Bead Pierced Earrings Orig. $30.00 NOW $20.99. details
2 row bead tassel
undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedStrung with a mix of beads in various shapes and sizes, a tassel and an inset smoky bead, this two-row stretch bracelet from Zevar by Trska will give your wrist a standout statement.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedFeaturesundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedStretch fitundefinedundefinedNot intended for children twelve and underundefinedundefinedImportundefinedundefinedStyle #: 69711323undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined. details
turkoman bead and carnelian
Smithsonian Institution Exclusive The graduated carnelian gems and the authentic, highly embellished Turkoman silver and gold-plated beads of these alluring adornments are thought to ward away illness and evil. This Turkoman Bead and Carnelian Necklace and Earrings is assembled in the U.S.A. Specify: Turkoman Bead and Carnelian Necklace Orig. $220.00 NOW $99.99 Turkoman Bead and Carnelian Pierced Earrings Orig. $80.00 NOW $24.99. details
aqua blue glass bead rosary
This gorgeous blue rosary bracelet makes a memorable gift of Marian devotion for women of any age. Each of the turquoise colored beads has a unique shape and size, making your piece one of a kind. Encourage a girl or woman in your life to stay close to Our Lady with this lovely adjustable rosary bracelet. *Due to the natural quality of the beads, the exact bead size, shape, and shade of blue may vary. Bright blue glass bead decade rosary Italian crafted design Each turquoise bead shape and size is unique Beautiful gift of Marian devotion 7.5" (L) Made in Italy. details
swarovski crystal letter z charm
Letter beads are a must for any charm bead collector. They are a fantastic way to personalize charm bracelets and give them a customized appearance. Featured here is the Letter Z Sterling Silver Bead. It is a .925 sterling silver design that has been set with shimmering stones. All of the stones are cut beautifully and look like genuine diamonds. This is because the lovely facets sparkle beautifully in the light. Purchase a variety of letters so that you can even more acronyms or words to decorate your wrist. Letter bracelet beads are also a great gift option for a loved one in your life. Not only does this cubic zirconia bead look great. but it is als [...]. details