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bookmarks magazine
Bookmarks Magazine was created for readers as a guide to the best in books. Bookmarks is a great way for avid readers to supplement their reading list, jumpstart a search for a new book, and keep up with the latest releases. Each issue of Bookmarks contains Book by Book profiles of classic authors; suggested reading from authors, booksellers, and readers; and a comprehensive, extensively researched New Books Guide. details
good reading magazine
Good Reading is a monthly magazine for the book lover. It is devoted to books and reading with profiles of authors, extracts from a latest releases, a guide to book events around Australia, a look at what commuters are reading and much more. Full of independent books reviews of the latest releases from overseas and Australian writers all sorts of books are covered no matter what your taste from general fiction, crime, fantasy, history, biography, health, arts, gardening, cooking and kids books for all ages. details
michigan trail maps backpacking in
Pick up the Partners Books Backpacking in Michigan guide book by Jim DuFresne and you will get a complete guide of the states hiking trails with all the information you need to plan a backpacking journey in Michigan. details
the hidden truth of your name
a complete guide to first names and what they say about the real you,author: holly johnson,publisher: ballantine books,809 pages,printed in USA. details
a catholic womanrsquos guide to
Calling all Catholic women! Has your longing for real romance never really been satisfied? Have you been let down by love or marriage? Are you tired of asking God for happily ever after? Hope is here. In this her latest in the series—all about romance!—noted author Rose Sweet reveals the truth behind flowers, love letters, and the deepest desires of the heart. The Catholic Woman’s Guide series integrates classic Catholic theology (Theology of the Body and teachings on contemplative prayer) with Sweet’s unique brand of story and humor and will help you to find and hold on to authentic happiness, love, and joy in every area of you [...]. details
romance in montmartre learning
Romance and the language of love seep out of every street corner in the city of love. Take a tour of Montmartre, and youll see it for yourself, the art of French seduction before your eyes. With your guide, you ll immerse yourself in the search for the spirit of love. Discover secret places, learn of the history. You ll soon discover why this is the city for lovers! This unique experience will take you around the district seeking out the essence of romance. Your guide will weave together stories of love and passion, show you the secret places where romance blossomed. The Gallete Windmill, where romantic liaisons took place, the I Love You Wall and Stud [...]. details
new minimalism
This book promises an opportunity for self-reflection and lasting change by getting to the bottom of why you ve accumulated too much stuff in the first place, hardcover,author: Cary Telander Fortin and Kyle Louise Quilici,publisher: sasquatch books,photographer: Kelly Ishikawa,195 pages,printed in China. details
the how-to book of the
Maybe you are a recent convert, or perhaps you've attended Mass your whole life, but there are still things that puzzle you, like: when you should genuflect and when you should bow; what the different books used at Mass are and what they contain; the meaning of words like "Amen," "Alleluia," or "Hosanna"; what to do during the sign of peace. You aren't alone. The How-to Book of the Mass  not only provides the-who, what, where, when, and why of the most time-honored traditions of the Catholic Church, but also the how. All in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format. In this complete guide to the celebration o [...]. details
reading personal
Addicted to Books? Feed Your Obsession with Checks for the Passionate Page Turner!
- If you wouldn t trade your books for anything, LITERALLY anything, we have the checks for you! Artist Risa Rodil shares your passion for reading and has designed the perfect personal checks for voracious readers like you! Her four colorful designs from Bradford Exchange Checks(R) appeal to loyal book lovers of all ages and feature four creative quips for good measure. Whether you prefer to soak in endless pages of non-fiction or enjoy getting lost in the cheeky chapters of a romance fiction novel, these literacy designs reach readers with their whimsical graphics, fun [...]. details
a catholic woman39s guide to
A Catholic Woman's Guide to Happiness all Catholic women! Does your religious reading and pious practice not always translate into how you interact with and love each other? Are you not always aware or convinced of God’s love for you? Does happiness seem to elude you in certain circumstances of your life? Fear not! Noted author Rose Sweet is here to help in a new series of books with practical steps and tips to help the reader first remember God’s tender love for her andthen to love neighbor . . . so that the ups and downs of life and relationships will not diminish her joy. The Catholic Woman’s Guide series integrates classic Cat [...]. details
the catechism of the council of
Compiled under the direction of St. Charles Borromeo and recognized as the most authoritative Catholic catechism. Leo XIII recommended two books--the Summa and this Catechism--for all seminarians! Pope Benedict XVIth, as a Cardinal, called it the most important Catholic Catechism. Originally designed to supply parish priest with an official book of instruction, it has been used extensively by the laity as a steadying guide in our confused age. New typesetting and beautiful hardbound cover. details
q magazine
A Subscription to Q magazine provides an essential music guide with exclusive interviews from the biggest names in music. Q magazine is inventive, insightful and irreverent, it is the UK's biggest selling music magazine and the world's best music guide. Q magazine gets the interviews and exclusives that no other magazine can. Couple this with the famous Q magazine Review section and new Entertainment section, featuring everything you need to know about films, DVDs, radio, books, games and gadgets, and you've got what amounts to the most essential music entertainment guide there is. details
manhattan toy find the ball
Find the Ball is a great story to introduce your child to the world of books. This interactive, soft book has a tethered ball that travels through each page and guides the child through age-appropriate activities. Children will love moving the ball from page to page and flipping the flaps to discover where the ball has landed. Find the Ball features bright colors, bold patterns, and peek-a boo surprises that will delight your child. Suitable for ages 6 months and up. details
book it tie by wild ties - khaki
Books truly make the world go round with Wild Ties Book It Tie. Featuring a studious owl, a scholarly globe, and tons of books, this tie embraces all that is learning! With notes of blue, red, yellow, and green on a khaki background, show the world your book-smarts because knowledge rules the world! Imported. details
book of saints complete gift set
The entire collection of twelve Books of Saints from St. Joseph Picture Books, packaged in a handsome and sturdy slipcase. details
becoming a great
The perfect gift book and guide for every new godparent,  Becoming a Great Godparent : Everything a Catholic Needs to Know strikes just the right balance between gift book and practical guide, for every man or woman asked to take on this enormous and blessed responsibility.   "What a beautiful book! Offering a bit of history, explanation, Church teaching, prayers, and resources, Becoming a Great Godparent is the ideal, comprehensive guide to godparenting and a magnificent reminder of the vital, lifetime commitment and spiritual influence of godparents who embody the faith to their godchildren. details
personalized photo
Photo Books. Create a Custom Photo Book with our 8.5 X 11 Window Cover Photo Book. Personalize a one-of-a-kind photo book to celebrate the new baby, vacation photos, family recipes and more. Feature up to 15 photos per page and add photo captions and page titles. Die-cut window in cover to showcase a favorite photo. Makes a great gift! Size: 8.5x11 inches. details
the sinner39s
The author of this book was the favorite writer of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Rose of Lima, St. Francis de Sales, and many others. St. Teresa of Avila credited this book with having converted over a million people in her time. This is the most persuasive book we know to encourage people to abandon sin and embrace repentance and virtue. The logic is relentless and effective. For mastery of subject, command of Scripture and total impact on the reader, no book surpasses The Sinner's Guide! Imprimatur. details
study guide for the lamb39s
A companion book to the bestselling The Lamb's Supper , this study guide will help facilitate group or individual study of the topic of the Mass and the Book of Revelation. This book will help answer questions, encourage discussion, and lead more in-depth study of this fascinating topic. details
kayak fishing -the ultimate guide
Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in North America, and Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide Book 2nd Edition has everything you need to know to get out there and catch the big ones! The 2nd Edition of Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide Book follows up on the best-selling success of the original with a completely updated look at the sport, which includes 50% more content, stunning new photography, and segments from the 20 most influential pros in the sport of kayak fishing. details
personal security products
Read em their rights with the Diversion Books. Conceal your handgun from prying eyes inside the set of two diversion books. The small book (6-1/4x8-1/4x2) accommodates small to medium handguns. details
flyfisher39s guide to colorado
Completely revised and updated, the Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado Book now includes a wealth of full-color photography and extremely detailed maps covering virtually all of Colorado's major and minor fisheries to help you find your way to the best fi. details
the orvis fly-tying guide book by
Ideal for allevels of experience earn to tie dries, nymphs, and streamers Fly patterns reference includes 400-plus color images, recipes, and more Paperback 384 pages The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide Book by Tom Rosenbauer is must-have addition to. details
the lower pecos river guide
The Lower Pecos River Guide Book is a handy guide that gives information on one of Texas' most popular rivers to paddle on. Information covered in The Lower Pecos River Guide Book includes camping sites, detailed river information, and fishing tips. The Lower Pecos is a spring-fed, clear water river in the classic pool and drop pattern with a continuous series of small rapids in the 60 mile course from Pandale Crossing to Lake Amistad. A couple of the rapids will require scouting and or portaging or lining. The hiking can be very good on the Pecos if you are willing to bushwack a little. Many side canyons are very interesting and the number of arc [...]. details
the great unknown of the rio
The Great Unknown of the Rio Grande Guide Book by Luis F. Aulbach focuses on an 80 mile stretch of the Rio Grande River below Santa Elena Canyon. This stretch of river is little used and has few rapids, but the scenery is spectacular. The Black Dike, a volcanic formation sill extruding out of Dominguez Mountain, cuts across the river soon after it leaves the civilized country around Castolon and Santa Elena, Mexico. The Rio Grande River then begins a desert journey toward the southernmost point of the Big Bend in a high-banked channel that is trimmed and edged in carrizo cane. Then, nearing the "tip" of the Big Bend, you enter Mariscal Canyon which is [...]. details
phone message book - service call
Keep track of visits and generate new leads with these pre-numbered service call books. Easy-tear-off top copy travels with your sales force. Duplicate copy stays in book for office record. details
classic deposit book style
Our Classic Deposit Books ensure quick and easy bank deposits. All entry lines & account boxes on this style are formatted for fast automated scanning, eliminating any bank delays. This style is available in single, duplicate and triplicate formats. Classic Deposit Book Style 6 was originally Deposit Books Style 6. details
classic deposit book style
Our Classic Deposit Books ensure quick and easy bank deposits. All entry lines & account boxes on this style are formatted for fast automated scanning, eliminating any bank delays. This style is available in single, duplicate and triplicate formats. Classic Deposit Book Style 9 was originally Deposit Books Style 9. details
standard deposit book style
Our Standard Deposit Books ensure quick and easy bank deposits. All entry lines & account boxes on this style are formatted for fast automated scanning, eliminating any bank delays. This style is available in single, duplicate and triplicate formats. Standard Deposit Book Style 19 was previously Deposit Books Style 19. details