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design toscano the creation of
Own a piece of the Sistine Chapel ceiling with this exquisite three-dimensional frieze of Michelangelo's famed early 16th-century masterpiece. One of the world's most recognized images is sculpted and cast in quality designer resin with an antique stone finish to capture the moment in Genesis when God breathed life into Adam. Stretching a full two feet wide, this is an instant focal piece on home or gallery wall. details
genius of michelangelo - dvd
The Sistine Chapel ceiling. The Pietà. The David. The Last Judgment. The Moses. The Dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Michelangelo's artistic achievements, in their scope and execution, seem unimaginable. His brilliance is apparent inevery medium he worked in and with every tool he used. Today, more than 500 years after his unique artistry burst forth on the Renaissance world, the breadth and depth of his accomplishments still confound our attempts to grasp their full importance. How much do we really know about Michelangelo? Conflicting viewpoints and much confusion surround many aspects of the Renaissance artist's life and art; myth and legend so envelo [...]. details
mitsubishi proj-fca false ceiling
The Mitsubishi False Ceiling Adapter Plate lets you mount your projector to the ceiling without the use of a standard ceiling tile. details