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little catholics book
This set of three books is a wonderful and easy way to teach "little Catholics" the basics of our faith: The Mass Book for Children is a delightful way to introduce your children to Jesus in the Eucharist. With its captivating writing style and charming art, The Mass Book for Children not only teaches young children the parts of the Mass but also shows them why joining in the joyful gathering is an experience of love. The Mass Book for Children takes your children through every rite of the mass with clear step-by-step explanations and instructions. The Mass Book for Children is a great little booklet to bring along to mass to help children mo [...]. details
Hello Children A Collection of Songs and Related Activities for Children Aged 4-9. details
balminil expectorant
Loosens mucus and phlegm in cough due to colds. Dosage Directions for use:Adults and children 12 years and over: 2 to 4 teaspoonfuls. Children 6 to 11 years: 1 teaspoonful. Children 2 to 5 years: 2 teaspoonful. Children under 2 years: Consult a physician. To be taken every 6 hours or as directed by a physician. details
gazebo penguin gazebo 41124
Children's Gazebo Can be used indoors during the colder seasons Designed to work in any area inside and outside as an outlet of creativity for your children Protects your children from UV, animals, and bugs and all that they bring Baked enamel finish on the frame is 100% rust proof Roof material assures sun blocking and is mildew resistant Perfect for set-up on a concrete or wooden deck Walls are pre-assembled for ease of installation Includes detailed and diagrammed step-by-step instructions. details
jesus with children
Jesus With Children by Carl Vogel von Vogelstein "Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." is proclaimed by Christ in Mark 10:13 and Luke 18:16. As the children gather around and snuggle up to Our Lord, Christ's outspread arms give us a sense of the cross He would die on to save them and us. details
the eucharist for little children
Jesus said, Let the children come to me.
- Mark 10:14. These simple words inspire us to lead our little children to the Lord Jesus. And an excellent way to do that is through the sacrament of the Eucharist. In The Eucharist for Little Children, your children will begin to understand the real presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. They will encounter Jesus in the solemnity of the Mass, the quiet of adoration and the splendor of a Corpus Christi Procession. Your children will also experience the Lord through the traditional beauty of the Church, inspiring music and the vibrant spirit of our DVD host Jennifer Naimo. Jennifer brings her Broadway talent to [...]. details
catholic bible for
Over 75 Bible stories for children, richly illustrated in full color. From the story of creation to the travels of St. Paul, this volume will educate and delight children. details
philip kingsley pk kids
A high quality grooming brush for children Provides an easy way to de-tangle children's hair Features rounded pins & a soft cushion that ensure gentleness on hair & scalp Combs through hair well without breaking it Small enough for little hands Perfect as the first brush for children to learn about hair care. details
my little hands
This beautifully illustrated children’s Bible features 60 child-friendly images and simple text that make this a perfect book for children under five. This hardback book is perfectly sized for younger children to hold.   The Author, Bethan James, is a former teacher and youth worker from England who has years of experience in writing books for children. The beautiful illustrations by Krisztina Kallai Nagy, a native of Budapest, has been praised throughout the world.   For anyone who wants to help their young children understand and engage with the stories of the Bible, then My Little Hands Bible is a book you will want in your children& [...]. details
clarins sun care milk for children
A highly protective sunscreen for children With a water-resistant 100% mineral-based formula Shields children's delicate & vulnerable skin against harmful UVA/UVB Leaves skin smooth & healthy looking. details
plan toys 50
This set contains 36 natural blocks and 14 colour blocks. The set reinforces creativity, expands children's thinking ability and stimulates imagination. Playtime Ideas: Children learn to differentiate the various shapes and colours of blocks as well as count and group the pieces accordingly. Encourages children to create designs which will help to stimulate their imagination, creativity and planning skills. Children can make designs using the blocks to build a castle, town, or anything that strikes their imagination. Telling stories about their creations will also help develop language skills. This toy is suitable for children aged 2 years and over. details
new catholic children39s
Over 90 Bible stories for children, richly illustrated in full color. From the story of creation to the naming of Peter as Pope, this volume will educate and delight children. Includes stories from the Old and New Testament. details
children39s wooden cross -
Personalized Gift: Children's Wooden Cross
- Boy. Here's A Special Way To Share Your Faith With God's Little Ones. Crosses Are Detailed With Pewter Girl Or Boy Figure. A Wonderful Token Of Love And Inspiration For Children Or For A Newborn's Christening Or First Communion. details
jesus with children statue-
This artful rendering of Our Lord with the children is featured in rich colors and is a vivid representation that reminds us of Our Lords words, "Let the little children come to me. For the kingdom belongs to such as these." The Renaissance Collection figures by Joseph's Studio are sculpted with highly skilled sculptors taking care in every detail. details
the catholic children39s prayer
This beautifully illustrated Catholic Children's prayer book is the most complete offering of Catholic prayers for children. The Catholic Children's Prayer Book is a wonderful First Communion, Baptism or birthday present. The prayers are conveniently broken down into categories for easy reference. details
children playing
. details
illustrated children39s
Children will enjoy their journey through the bible with this inspiring full-color design. An ideal introduction to the magnificent stories of the bible, it will help children know the Word of God. Set in large, easy-to-read type. A wonderful gift to present to a young child as they grown in faith through word and tradition. Click here to view sample pages. (PDF) Illustrated Children's Bible Author: Rev. Jude Winkler, O.F.M. Conv. Presents bible stories in true to bible form, yet easy for children to understand Ideal for Catechists Hardcover 146 pages Approx. details
children39s wooden
Personalized Gift: Children's Wooden Crosses. Here's A Special Way To Share Your Faith With God's Little Ones. Crosses Are Detailed With Pewter Girl Or Boy Figure. A Wonderful Token Of Love And Inspiration For Children Or For A Newborn's Christening Or First Communion. details
jesus speaks to me about the
“I am Jesus. I’m your friend and I love you. And I’m waiting for you to come to Mass!” Jesus loves children and wants to draw close to them during the Mass. In this beautifully illustrated book, Jesus “speaks” directly to children, explaining the Mass by linking the liturgy to scenes from the Gospels. Children will understand what’s happening when they go to Mass and why Jesus is so happy they are there. Illustrations of objects used at Mass, as well as several prayers for children, are also included. This book can be read before Mass to help prepare children for the celebration or brought to Mass so that child [...]. details
the illustrated catholic
"Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." (Mark 10:14) The Illustrated Catholic Children's Bible is based on the New American Bible (NAB 1991) and contains the full Old Testament and New Testament stories written in an abbreviated and child friendly format. Each page includes an artistic and clear representation of an exciting Bible story. The colorful and descriptive artwork of this new publication attracts younger audiences and is especially helpful to those not yet reading. Children of all ages, will be drawn to the vibrant personalities and action packed events of our Catholic [...]. details
show us the father 7 secrets to
A father's mission is to be a link between heaven and earth, between God and His children. He does this by becoming the voice of the Father that his children cannot hear, the face of the Father that his children cannot see, and the touch of the Father that his children cannot feel. This is his mission, his challenge, and his call to glory.   Show us the Father contains the battle plan for living out this call, offering seven keys to becoming the father that God has created and destined you to be. It is time for fathers to enter this battle, fully armed, with the bold commitment to sacrifice themselves for their wives, children, and the future [...]. details
maintenance toolbox portable
Portable Children Maintenance Toolbox is developed of the wisdom of the children and hands-on skills. details
seydel triola
Blow-harmonica equipped with 12 notes. Appropriate for children from 3 years and up. The Triola is a colorful introduction to music for children. So easy to play
- just press the colored keys the same as shown with the corresponding notes for your favorite nursery rhymes and children's songs. Children learn to read music through play. The Triola is a handmade and hand-tuned single tone wind harmonica, designed to teach children from 3 years and above. It has 12 notes ranging from G4 to D6, 26.4cm in length and is tuned to C-major. It works by simply blowing into the instrument and pressing the colored keys. details
how to pray the rosary for
What better gift to give our children than the practice of saying the Rosary on a regular basis? This entertaining and educational pamphlet, How to Pray the Rosary for Children, gives parents and religious educators a useful guide to explaining both the way the Rosary is prayed, as well as the reasons we pray it. Designed to catch and keep the attention of young children while presenting the timeless truths of the Faith, this pamphlet is useful both at home and in the classroom. Includes the Luminous Mysteries and the New Version of the Apostles's Creed 3.75" x 8.75". details
the catholic children39s
The Catholic Children's Bible written by Sister Mary Theola S.S.N.D. is a Bible to be treasured for generations to come. Written in easy to understand text with colorful illustrations throughout, every Catholic child is sure to enjoy reading the pages of this Catholic children's Bible. Includes stories from the Old and New Testaments, a presentation page, explanations of the Bible and the Catholic Church, and Personal and Family Record pages. The Old Testament is broken down into nine units with introductions to each unit. Each bible story also includes a specific reference to the passage from which it is drawn in the Catholic Bible. The last p [...]. details
sonor children39s glockenspiel
This Child's glockenspiel is an intrument which is good for teaching young children. Colorful and well tuned, children will have fun learning to play this glockenspiel. Mouse Glockenspiel
- this glock has brightly colored bars on a wood base with a mouse face. details
children39s prayer accent
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kidzania indoor theme park
Youve done it all in Singapore but still want some fun exclusively for your little ones? Then KidZania has all the answers. This all encompassing theme park is a unique experience for children where they are free to role-play as any profession they choose. The miniature city in Sentosa Island lets your children try out a variety of roles from fire fighters to actors to policemen to chefs. An educational and wonderfully interactive environment for children, KidZania offers 60 different real-life role-playing opportunities and 40 different types of activities to help children dive deeper into their passion. An unforgettable and informative trip, children [...]. details
Great tasting and safe for kids, this is a special children's version of the popular Deep Immune formula. This uniquely blended herbal combination stimulates improved immune function in children who suffer from recurring colds and flu. Suggested Usage: All doses should be taken 3-4x daily in a little water on an empty stomach. Children 2-4 years: 8-15 drops;Children 5-9 years: 10-30 dropsAdolescents 10-14 years: 15-40 dropsMedicinal Ingredients: Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus), Codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula)Non-Medicinal Ingredients: CWS (Clear Whey Soluble), Distilled water, Vegetable glycerine, Grain alcohol. details