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the discs of caledonia highlander
When Padraig O’Connell is captured by the wicked Lord Kerr, he’s rescued by Rhona Loairn, the “lake witch” of the lowlands. Banished by her family over a decade ago Rhona takes Padraig to his father’s army for revenge—though she soon finds herself enticed by the handsome highlander during their long and treacherous journey. But with Lord Kerr’s men breathing down their necks, their journey is rapidly becoming a race against time. As the happy nuptials approach, though, word reaches them that Kerr has miraculously escaped from his prison cell. All he’s left in his wake is a mysterious metal item called the disc of Caledonia, a fabled tal [...]. details
family guy - the total world
This Amazon-exclusive Family Guy
- The Complete Collection contains: 22 discs including over 100 episodes, loads of special features, plus Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story and Family Guy: Blue Harvest – all in a limited edition, collectible "Stewie Head" package that’s available only on! The Family Guy
- The Complete Collection includes: Disc 1
- 158 min 1.33:1 Family Guy TV Volume 1 PS (Disc 1) Disc 2
- 158 min 1.33:1 Family Guy TV Volume 1 PS (Disc 2) Disc 3
- 158 min 1.33:1 Family Guy TV Volume 1 PS (Disc 3) Disc 4
- 158 min 1.33:1 Family Guy TV Volume 1 PS (Disc 3) Disc 5
- 158 [...]. details
ua 90th anniversary prestige
Disc 1: The Woman In The Window P&S Disc 2: Red River P&S Disc 3: The Barefoot Contessa P&S Disc 4: Marty P&S Disc 5: The Night of the Hunter WS Disc 6: Dance with Me Henry P&S Disc 7: The Killing P&S Disc 8: Moby Dick P&S Disc 9: Twelve Angry Men WS Disc 10: Paths of Glory P&S Disc 11: Witness For The Prosecution WS Disc 12: The Big Country WS Disc 13: The Defiant Ones WS Disc 14: I Want To Live! WS Disc 15: A Hole In The Head WS Disc 16: The Fugitive Kind WS Disc 17: Some Like It Hot WS Disc 1 Disc 18: Some Like It Hot WS Disc 2 Disc 19: The Alamo WS Disc 20: The Apartment WS Disc 21: Elmer Gantry WS Disc 22: Inherit The Wind WS Disc 23: The Magn [...]. details
toryanne collections granite - new
New Caledonia granite Mouse Pad is 8" x 8" x .25" and is made of heavy-duty recycled rubber. Matte finish image will not fade or peel. Machine washable using a mild detergent and air dry. details
mp979621 toryanne collections
New Caledonia granite print Mouse Pad is 8" x 8" x .25" and is made of heavy-duty recycled rubber. Matte finish image will not fade or peel. Machine washable using a mild detergent and air dry. details
new twentieth century fox omen
Episode Description: Disc 1: OMEN (2006) Disc 2 and 3: THE OMEN COLLECTOR''S EDITION Disc 4: OMEN II: DAMIEN Disc 5: OMEN III: THE FINAL CONFLICT Disc 6: OMEN IV: THE AWAKENING. Extras: Clr Nr 6 Dvd Omen Collection Clr Dvd-Standard. details
biblical classics
Disc 1: Bible, The Disc 2: Robe, The Disc 3: Greatest Story Ever Told, The Disc 4: Demetrius & The Gladiators. details
world history
26 DVD Collection
- Disc One: Hindenburg Explosion Films Disc Two: Classic Stillman Fires Collection "Fires From Around the World DVD" Disc Three: Wheels Across Africa (1936) Disc Four: Adelante Cubanos (In Spanish) Disc Five: Classic WWII Era Film: International Collection Disc Six: Classic Soviet Union Film: Brezhnev (Spanish Dubbed) Disc Seven: Historic Easter Island Films Disc Eight: Classic Middle East Films Disc Nine: Historic Spanish Civil War Films Disc Ten: The Holocaust & Concentration Camps Disc Eleven: Middle East Conflict Film: "The Sands of Sorrow" Disc Twelve: Classic Mexican Culture Films Disc Thirteen: Classic Israel Films Disc Fourtee [...]. details
classic commercials
20 DVD Collection
- 1080 Minutes (18 hours)
- Disc 1&2: TV Commercial Advertisements (1940's
- 1970's) Disc 3: Driver Safety Propaganda & Tire Ads (1930's) Disc 4: Tobacco & Cigarette Films (1940-1960) Disc 5:Automobile Engineering & Design Films (1940's
- 1960's) Disc 6:General Motors Advertisements (1950's-1960's) Disc 7: Ford Motor Company Films (1930's
- 1960's) Disc 8: Plymouth and Pontiac Promotional Advertisements (1930's
- 1950's) Disc 9: Oldsmobile Auto Promos & Ads (1930
- 1950) Disc 10,11,&12: Chevrolet Promotional Ads (1930's
- 1960's) Disc 13: Toy & Game Commercials (1940's
- 1970's) Disc 14-15: Coca Cola Films (1940's
- 1960's) Disc 16: Dr [...]. details
vintage instructional
4 DVD Collection Disc 1 Speech, Elocution & Public Speaking Films (1940s) Disc 2 Cooking & Baking Films (1930s
- 1980s) Disc 3 Classic Party & Parties Film (1930s
- 1950s) Disc 4 Home Economics Films (1950s). details
listeners bible kjv
65 CDs (80 Hours) Audio Collection includingzippered carrying caseProduct InformationExperience the majestic language of the King James Bible skillfully narratedThrough the powerful voice of Max McLean.  The King James Bible (KJV) waswritten with oral interpretation in mind. When presented by a gifted narratorthe grandeur of its phrasing and the rich musicality of its rhythms resonate inthe ear and mind of the listener. Includes Disc 1
- Genesis 1-19 Disc 2
- Genesis 20-33 Disc 3
- Genesis 34-48 Disc 4
- Genesis 49-50 and Exodus 1-15 Disc 5
- Exodus 16-31 Disc 6
- Exodus 32-40 and Leviticus 1-7 Disc 7
- Leviticus 8-22 Disc 8
- Leviticus 23 [...]. details
broadway in a box the essential
Welcome to Broadway! With Broadway in a Box, you'll become acquainted with 25 classic musicals that are essential to any great Broadway collection. This handsome set includes a 60-page book packed with show descriptions, cast lists, musical numbers, recording session photos and more. Each compact disc is packaged in a mini jacket featuring the original album cover art. Broadway in a Box guarantees hours of listening pleasure and is the perfect introduction to the distinctive sound of Broadway musicals. Contents: Disc 1: Annie (Original Broadway Cast) Disc 2: Anything Goes (1987 Lincoln Center Theater Cast) Disc 3: Cabaret (Original Broadway Cast) Dis [...]. details