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composers with a conscience
. details
portraits of great composers set
Portraits of the Composers Set 2. details
fun with composers teacher guide
Fun with Composers Grades 3 to 7. Vol. details
portraits of great composers set
Portraits of the Composers Set 1. details
texas young composers concert
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ebony statuette african giraffe
Tall, lean and graceful, the giraffe is forever a symbol of Africa's extraordinary wildlife. Francis Agbete, who carefully carves the giraffe from rich ebony wood, designs this statuette. Using manual tools, the expert carver ensures the delicate detail that enlivens this statuette. details
teakwood statuette sitting sangut
Gio, an Indonesian artisan, presents this teakwood statuette depicting a character from Balinese traditional shadow puppetry, or wayang kulit. Sangut is a comic character and his personality shines through in this handmade sculpture. Featuring superb detailing, this statuette will is a fascinating addition to any room. details
accent on composers volume
Accent on Composers. Vol. details
discover the great composers
Discover the Great Composers: Digital Version. details
lacquered wood statuette elephant
This cheerful baby elephant lifts up its trunk in celebration and smiles endearingly. Nantana Sompamitre hand-carves the statuette from local mango wood and paints florid hearts on the tip of the trunk, the back and front. The statuette receives several coats of lacquer, which Sompamitre prepares from the Gluta usitata tree and ashes of burnt rice paddy husks. The tusks are made of plastic. details
splendors of the
A stunning art book with audio CD to enter into the spirit of Mary’s Magnificat guided by master artists and composers. Audio CD contains 11 of the most inspiring musical renditions of the Magnificat from the 13th to the 20th century. (Gregorian chant, Gabrieli, Gibbons, Telemann, Mozart, Gounod, Stanford…). An elegant, easy-to-use volume will accompany you into the world of art, music, and meditation: A selection of more than 50 high quality reproductions of art masterpieces, architecture, and sculpture Penetrating commentaries on each artistic creation take you on a dramatic journey through the history of sacred art Insightful presentati [...]. details
wood sculpture compassion
Kwame Frimpong carves a moving statuette of man looking after a child; this statuette is referred to as timaa, an Akan word meaning compassion. Timaa statuettes can be found in the palaces of chiefs from the Akan, Ewe and Naba tribes. The timaa statuette is placed in the waiting room, both as a decorative item and encouragement for those who have come to ask the chief for his help and benevolence. It is a symbolic piece filled with wise teachings, representing a stronger man protecting a young child. Likewise, a tribal chief is expected to help those less fortunate than him. Frimpong carves this piece by hand from local sese wood, its noble grain ideal [...]. details
wood sculpture condolences
A priest of solemn expression stands with a gourd in his hands in this alluring statuette by Victor Yao Delanyo. The statuette represents the Akan gunsa ( libation-pouring ) funeral custom, where the men bring something to drink to the deceased's grieving family. This is viewed as a way of conveying one's condolences. Delanyo carves the statuette from sese wood, keenly detailing expression and tribal markings. The priest is accessorized with colorful glass beaded necklaces. details
spokane jazz orchestra
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american composers orchestra
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wood statuette balinese man
In this suar wood statuette, Wayan Rendah captures a Balinese man who finds himself alone for a quiet moment and gives himself over to daydreams. He is depicted wearing a headdress and sarong. details
san francisco symphony christian
. details
imax corporation cohen ceramic
IMAX Corporation
- Statuettes / Figurines
- 692653
- Peace, love and harmony are demonstrated in this collection of three Cohen Ceramic Hands from IMAX Corporation in high gloss finishes. With each statuette coming in either green, orange, or white, this collection is sure to unify the house. Made of 100% CeramicSet of three statuettes: peace (orange), love (green), and harmony (white)Specifications:Peace Statuette Dimensions: 10.5 H x 3.25 W x 2.75 DLove Statuette Dimensions: 10.5 H x 5.75 W x 2.75 DHarmony Statuette Dimensions: 10.5 H x 3.25 W x 3 DTotal Weight: 6.23 lbs. details
wood statuette kitten in a tux
With markings like a tuxedo, a black and white kitten relaxes after a day of play. Before taking a quick nap, he reflects on the day's activities and enjoys his pleasant home. Nengah Sudarsana carves the realistic statuette and paints the pretty feline by hand. details
wood statuette family love
Steeped in the rich texture of suar wood, this statuette by Wayan Rendah exudes the intimacy of a family. A mother and father relax with their baby, the expressionless faces suggesting inalterable unity. details
accent on
Accent On Composers. details
fun with composers prek - grade 3
Fun with Composers PreK
- Grade 3. Vol. details
meet the great composers 1
Meet The Great Composers 1 Kit. details
meet the great composers 2
Meet The Great Composers 2 Kit. details
discover the great
Discover the Great Composers. details
great composers bach
Great Composers: Bach. details
great composers beethoven
Great Composers: Beethoven. details
great composers mozart
Great Composers: Mozart. details
sandstone statuette lotus frog
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