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heirloom doll cradle baby doll
Now you can display and rock your favorite dolls to sleep in the stylish comfort of this classically styled heirloom doll cradle. This adorable cradle comes with full bedding that includes a pink gingham mattress, along with a coordinating blanket and pillow, all fit for a princess. The cradle has a smooth rocking motion that starts at the touch of a finger, to gently lull your baby doll to sleep. This heirloom doll cradle baby doll accessory is handcrafted of wood, and has a pristine white finish. It's the perfect addition to your doll collection or a great gift for a doll collector you know. details
michael the little slugger so
Look who's taking the baseball world by storm! Famed doll artist Bonnie Chyle has created the most loveable, playful, life-like baby boy doll you ve ever seen! He's a genuine So Truly Real® doll, with RealTouch® skin, carefully applied hair, fingernails and toenails. details
rock-a-bye cradle baby doll
What better way to show off your darling baby dolls than nestled in the perfect baby doll cradle? This sweet Rock-A-Bye Cradle Doll Accessory is simply adorable with its pretty padded liner, lace-trimmed pillow and more. Just a few gentle rocks from you, and your baby doll will be off to dreamland in no time!Available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this heirloom-quality rocking doll bed is handcrafted of wood with a classic design and beautifully painted finish. It's sure to be a centerpiece in your doll collection and it makes a lovely gift for any doll collector. But strong demand is expected, so don't wait. details
white doll high chair baby doll
Mealtime with baby can be messy, but it sure is cute! Now, your collectible baby doll will look extra darling at breakfast, lunch and dinner with the White High Chair Baby Doll Accessory, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Bring home this baby doll high chair and you re sure to enjoy showing off your baby doll, securely displayed for mealtime or any time. Finely crafted with a crisp white painted finish, this baby doll high chair is as sweet as it is sturdy. With a beautifully detailed chair back plus a tray in the front, this high chair doll accessory is sure to turn heads and warm hearts. A perfect addition to your collection of baby doll fu [...]. details
wood fertility doll brave fuase
Legend tells how a fertility doll was stolen from a shrine in Fuase and taken to a distant land. The children of Fuase were dying and the people consulted a fetish priest who explained the gods were angry about the theft. The women undertook the journey to rescue the doll, and some lost their lives along the way, but the doll was returned. I carved this fertility doll to honor these brave Fuase women, says Winfred Korley. The elegant fertility doll cradles her baby. She wears colorful kente cloth and beads. details
sturdy wood white chair doll
A beautiful collectible doll deserves to be showcased in a beautiful way! Now, your doll is sure to be sitting pretty with the White Chair Doll Accessory, available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Handsomely handcrafted, this sturdy white wood doll chair is ideal for dolls up to 28 inches long!This wood chair boasts a traditional style, with a backrest that is curved on the top as an elegant touch. Whether sitting on it or posed beside it, your collectible doll is sure to steal the spotlight with this classic doll accessory. Strong demand is anticipated, so don't delay. details
doll castle news magazine
Doll Castle News is a bi-monthly doll magazine serving the general interests of the doll and miniature collector as well as those interested in dollmaking. details
child doll packer girls have more
There's always plenty to cheer about when you re a football fan in Green Bay, and this spirited little one couldn t agree more. She's the Packer Girls Have More Fun! Child Doll, an officially licensed FIRST from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Sculpted by Master Doll Artist Adrienne Brown and sporting the revered green and gold, this pint-sized cutie is a #1 Green Bay Packers fan and a unique collectible child doll that can t be beat!Officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC, this lovable little Packers doll is dressed for victory in her team-color ensemble, complete with the proud Packers logo on her tee. This poseable doll is handcrafted in vinyl to capt [...]. details
girls broken doll
Who knew a broken toy could be so cool?The Girls Broken Doll Costume lets your little doll become frightfully cute at her next Halloween function or costume party. While dolls may have been a source of fun and lighthearted play for your little girl in the past this doll takes creepy to new levels. Part steampunk part hipster this doll ensemble is sure to help her stand out in the crowd even when she's just giving a blank vacant doll stare. Includes: Polka dot dress sleeves bow mini hat leggings and a half mask. Does not include: Wig or shoes. Material: 100% Polyester The classic doll just got creepier
- and more funBorrowing from both old and new this co [...]. details
wood fertility doll baule mother
The Baule women of Ghana regard this doll as a fertility talisman. They take her along with them everywhere, for the doll is believed to foster conception. Winfred Korley celebrates West African beliefs and customs with a hand carved sese wood doll dressed in kente cloth and beads. details
wicked doll adult
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baby doll curls with bangs adult
Easily create a classic or creepy doll look. This old-fashioned wig is reminiscent of a baby doll. The dark black hair gives the wig an edgy look. With the bouncy curls you can create a classic baby doll look. Stylish and versatile. details
mrs beasley 50th anniversary
Remember Mrs. Beasley from TV's hit show, Family Affair ? Now she's back as this adorable collectible Mrs. Beasley 50th anniversary doll, an authentic talking reproduction collector-quality vinyl doll, brought to you from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. On Family Affair this lovable Mrs. Beasley Doll was Buffy's best friend, and now she can be yours!This collectible Mrs. Beasley doll features all the authentic details of Family Affair's Mrs. Beasley doll, from her square glasses to her wise and knowing smile. She even says the original beloved 11 phrases, characterized by actress Cheryl Ladd to sound just like the kindly voice you remember. What a wonderfu [...]. details
white rose canopy bed with bedding
Ready to treat your precious baby doll to a beautiful night's rest? Now, her sweet slumber is secure with the White Rose Canopy Bed Doll Accessory, only from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. This adorable canopy doll bed is the ideal way to showcase your little one as she dreams her dreams, and is specially designed and perfectly sized for collectible baby dolls 20 or smaller. Must-have doll furniture for your collectible baby doll, this expertly crafted doll accessory comes complete with a full bedding set (including pillows), draped canopy, fabric-wrapped bed posts and bow-tie details. Just imagine how wonderful your slumbering sweetheart will look during [...]. details
so truly mine travel case baby
It's time to go! Now, your little one can take her So Truly Mine® baby doll wherever she goes with the So Truly Mine® Travel Case Baby Doll Accessory, available from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Designed to perfectly hold our 15-inch So Truly Mine® toy baby dolls, this doll travel case keeps her baby doll safe and secure during every adventure and is specially designed to fit girls 3 and up. This So Truly Mine® doll accessory is custom crafted to feature a bright and cheery floral design that surrounds the So Truly Mine® logo. A circular clear plastic viewing window at the top allows your little one to check up on her doll during the trip, without h [...]. details
porcelain first communion doll
Present your little girl with this hand painted porcelain First Communion doll on her First Communion day. The Communion doll’s priceless expression, dainty lace dress and delicate veil portray the innocence of all girls as they receive their First Holy Eucharist. The 16” porcelain Communion doll comes attractively boxed and is equipped with her own stand, so she can be proudly displayed on a dresser or amongst other favorite dolls. details
starry night blue sleeper baby
When your little one's So Truly Mine® baby boy doll is all dressed and ready for bed, he's got a good night's sleep ahead of him! Now, let your little one envelop her So Truly Mine® baby doll in comfort with the Starry Night Baby Doll Accessory Set, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. As precious as the toy doll that will wear it, this 7-piece So Truly Mine® boy baby doll accessory set is the perfect choice for bedtime and snuggle time!Created especially for our 15-inch So Truly Mine® baby dolls, the Starry Night sleeper sack is crafted with soft blue fabric and is accented with a yellow star and matching trim. Additional baby doll accesso [...]. details
so truly real ava elise baby
For the fourth year in a row, we invited doll lovers to submit photos on Facebook® of the cutest babies they knew and put the decision to a vote. Our fans chose the photo of Ava Elise, submitted by her proud mother Brittany, as the winner of our Such A Doll Cutest Baby of the Year photo contest. World-renowned portrait doll artist Ping Lau then expertly sculpted a doll so adorably accurate to the winning photo, it's hard to believe she's a doll and not a baby! Available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, the Ava Elise Baby Doll is even weighted and fully poseable to be an incredibly lifelike So Truly Real® doll. Ava Elise is handcrafted of's [...]. details
knit sweater and hat baby doll
There's nothing sweeter than a darling baby doll nestled up in a comfy knit sweater and hat to stay warm. Now, let your little bundle of joy keep cozy and warm with the Sweater and Hat Baby Doll Accessory Set, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. This precious sweater set is the perfect choice for keeping your doll sweet and snuggly. Custom-designed in two sizes
- select Medium for dolls from 17 to 19 tall, and select Large for dolls that are between 20 and 22 tall. A beautiful vision of aqua, the knit sweater features two white ribbons and 3 buttons, so you can bundle your doll up whenever you wish. The matching hat provides the perfect finishi [...]. details
sweet slumber white wicker basket
Your precious baby doll deserves every comfort in the world! Now, she can snuggle up in style with the Sweet Slumber Wicker Basket Doll Accessory, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. This white wicket baby doll basket is a must-have baby doll accessory for anyone who wants to pamper their little one, and is specially designed and perfectly sized for collectible baby dolls 19 or smaller. What a heartwarming way to showcase your bundle of joy!Your So Truly Real® baby doll is sure to look darling in this white wicker basket doll accessory, complete with a satin pillow and soft pad. Simply lavish in both the raised and lowered position, the retra [...]. details
baby mine personalized lifelike
Whether commemorating the birth of a loved one or welcoming a new person into your own life, here's your chance to team up with master doll artist Bonnie Chyle to create your very own realistic newborn baby doll. Presenting Baby Mine
- a personalized So Truly Real® baby doll available exclusively from Ashton-Drake. The Baby Mine personalized vinyl baby doll is wonderfully handcrafted for you in lifelike RealTouch® vinyl for amazing realism. Best of all, you personalize this little one to become uniquely yours! First, choose the gender and hair color of your collectible baby doll. Next, choose a name and (optional) birth date to be expertly printed on [...]. details
lavender cosplay doll adult wig w
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wood fertility doll beloved child
Her bearing is regal, and intricate textures adorn the long dress that covers her slender body. Working in sese wood with brass details, Daniel Nyadedzor sculpts a lovely fertility doll he names Medo Ba Akuaba, Beloved Fertility Doll in the Akan language. Tradition dictates that a woman who cannot conceive should sleep with this doll by her side, and eventually she will be able to bear children. details
child doll cowboy girls have more
It's no secret; Cowboy girls are the best fans in the world, and our Cowboy Girls Have More Fun! Child Doll proves it! Created by Master Doll Artist Adrienne Brown and officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC, she's 10 whole inches of pure Cowboys pride, and an exclusive FIRST from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. In fact, if you re looking for a unique Cowboys collectible doll, this spirited child doll just can t be beat. One look at this lifelike little Cowboys fan's expression and you can almost hear her shouting We re number one! She's an amazingly lifelike child doll, handcrafted in vinyl and hand-painted to capture every delightful detail. She's irres [...]. details
so truly real delilah baby doll by
From a favorite coffee house to an artsy indie craft fair, Delilah is sure to look fabulous wherever you take her. Created by award-winning Master Doll Artist Linda Murray, this So Truly Real?? Delilah Baby Doll is quite a delight. Dressed so lovely in her 8-piece bohemian-inspired ensemble, with a vintage-meets-modern, color-infused style, this realistic baby girl doll flaunts irresistible trendsetting appeal. This lifelike baby doll is available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, and only 5,000 will ever be created! Plus, you ll know your baby doll is a genuine Signature Edition doll because she has a special doll stamp etched into her, a b [...]. details
latin american doll 2001
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luis lifelike child
It's his first time at the village festival and by the look on his face, he loves the hustle and bustle of it all! Now, share smiles with the Luis Child Doll by acclaimed doll artist Monika Peter, available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Standing at 32 tall, Luis has 7 rotating joints; this poseable boy child doll is sure to make a wonderful impression wherever he goes!Handcrafted in fine artisan vinyl, this lifelike child doll is such a charmer, from his blonde hair and blue eyes to his big smile brimming with personality. He's dressed in a red checkered shirt with sleeves rolled to the elbow and embroidered brown Bavarian-style lederhos [...]. details
reborn doll baby girl 1102
Height:11.02 (Approx.28cm); Model:Sound Feeder Laughing Doll; Gender:Girls ; What's in the box:1 X Doll Bottle,Doll,Cloth; Theme:Baby Girl; Material:Silicone; Age Group:Toddler; Age:3 years; Category:Reborn Doll; Features:lifelike,Cute,Gift,Eco-friendly; Net Dimensions:28; Shipping Weight:0.5; Package Dimensions:; Listing Date:05/27/2018. details
toddler girls frozen elsa sleep
character themed, ruffle trim, matching doll gown with velcro closure, fits 18in doll,slip on,polyester,imported. details