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girls broken doll
Oh what a lovely doll this is! Hmm. seems a little ragged. And something is wrong with the face, that much is clear. But maybe it's an antique collector's item, right? Sure, that's a nice doll. Nothing scary here except wait, did it just move? No, must have been our imagination. Dolls can t move, silly! Wait, it's definitely moving! This is no antique collector's item! This is an evil doll! Run! Run for your lives! This is like one of those creepy doll mash-ups that the bad kid from Toy Story would make. Or Chuckie from Child's Play. Oh no, does this doll have a human soul inside? We re all gonna die! Kill it with fire!Has the above ever happened to y [...]. details
kidkraft lil doll
- Doll Furniture
- 60101
- With scalloped trim and filigree cutouts, KidKrafts rocking Lil Doll Cradle is the perfect resting place for every little girls baby doll. Features : Reversible mint lavender flutter-bye set included Fabrics machine washable Constructed of MDF Specifications : Can accommodate 19 doll Dimensions : 12 H x 13 D x 21.25 W. details
heirloom doll cradle baby doll
Now you can display and rock your favorite dolls to sleep in the stylish comfort of this classically styled heirloom doll cradle. This adorable cradle comes with full bedding that includes a pink gingham mattress, along with a coordinating blanket and pillow, all fit for a princess. The cradle has a smooth rocking motion that starts at the touch of a finger, to gently lull your baby doll to sleep. This heirloom doll cradle baby doll accessory is handcrafted of wood, and has a pristine white finish. It's the perfect addition to your doll collection or a great gift for a doll collector you know. details
white doll armoire baby doll
What should your cutie wear today? Now, keep the clothes and accessories of your collectible baby doll beautiful and organized with the White Armoire Baby Doll Accessory, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. The perfect place to store your baby doll's wardrobe, this doll armoire serves as an attractive and useful doll closet for everything she loves to wear. Finely crafted with a white finish, this baby doll armoire features hinged double doors on the front and adorable pink knobs. It opens to reveal three shelves for storage plus a rod with three pink hangers to keep your doll's outfits ready for any occasion. Strong demand is anticipated for t [...]. details
our generation going my way doll
Carry your dreams.  Show off your 18" doll with pride around town just like mom.  Includes: 1 doll carrier* Doll and accessories not included. details
rag doll girls
This doll could be the favorite toy of a young vampire or witch--she's not your ordinary rag doll! Get this Rag Doll girl's costume for a Gothic take on a playroom classic. She's sure to be anything but ordinary. details
michael the little slugger so
Look who's taking the baseball world by storm! Famed doll artist Bonnie Chyle has created the most loveable, playful, life-like baby boy doll you ve ever seen! He's a genuine So Truly Real® doll, with RealTouch® skin, carefully applied hair, fingernails and toenails. details
olivia39s little world polka
Teamson Design
- Doll Furniture
- OL00001
- Need an easy way to push baby doll around the park for an afternoon stroll? Adopt the Polka Dots Princess Baby Doll Stroller and push your baby doll around a breeze. Seat belt secures baby doll in the stroller so you can rest assured that they will be safe wherever you walk. Finish: Pink, WhiteMaterial: Iron, PP, 100% polyesterFoldable doll stroller with iron frame and polyester linen, buckle up function, doll not includedLinen washableSimple assembly in 1 mins. Packaged with instructionPerfect for ages 3 and upSpecifications:Overall Product Dimensions: 21.26 H x 13 W x 24 DOverall Product Weight: 2 lbs. details
rock-a-bye cradle baby doll
What better way to show off your darling baby dolls than nestled in the perfect baby doll cradle? This sweet Rock-A-Bye Cradle Doll Accessory is simply adorable with its pretty padded liner, lace-trimmed pillow and more. Just a few gentle rocks from you, and your baby doll will be off to dreamland in no time!Available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this heirloom-quality rocking doll bed is handcrafted of wood with a classic design and beautifully painted finish. It's sure to be a centerpiece in your doll collection and it makes a lovely gift for any doll collector. But strong demand is expected, so don't wait. details
white doll high chair baby doll
Mealtime with baby can be messy, but it sure is cute! Now, your collectible baby doll will look extra darling at breakfast, lunch and dinner with the White High Chair Baby Doll Accessory, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Bring home this baby doll high chair and you re sure to enjoy showing off your baby doll, securely displayed for mealtime or any time. Finely crafted with a crisp white painted finish, this baby doll high chair is as sweet as it is sturdy. With a beautifully detailed chair back plus a tray in the front, this high chair doll accessory is sure to turn heads and warm hearts. A perfect addition to your collection of baby doll fu [...]. details
disney prince flynn rider
Do you know a fan of the Disney hit Tangled? If you do, we re sure they would love this Flynn doll. It's a classic look straight from the movie and pairs perfectly with a Rapunzel doll. Together they might just be able to make a whole new movie! Set up your favorite fan with this doll as a gift for any special occasion. details
wood fertility doll brave fuase
Legend tells how a fertility doll was stolen from a shrine in Fuase and taken to a distant land. The children of Fuase were dying and the people consulted a fetish priest who explained the gods were angry about the theft. The women undertook the journey to rescue the doll, and some lost their lives along the way, but the doll was returned. I carved this fertility doll to honor these brave Fuase women, says Winfred Korley. The elegant fertility doll cradles her baby. She wears colorful kente cloth and beads. details
child doll packer girls have more
There's always plenty to cheer about when you re a football fan in Green Bay, and this spirited little one couldn t agree more. She's the Packer Girls Have More Fun! Child Doll, an officially licensed FIRST from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Sculpted by Master Doll Artist Adrienne Brown and sporting the revered green and gold, this pint-sized cutie is a #1 Green Bay Packers fan and a unique collectible child doll that can t be beat!Officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC, this lovable little Packers doll is dressed for victory in her team-color ensemble, complete with the proud Packers logo on her tee. This poseable doll is handcrafted in vinyl to capt [...]. details
kidkraft doll house doll family of
- Doll House Accessories
- 65234
- This adorable KidKraft Doll Family makes a perfect gift for any young girl who enjoys playing with dollhouses. The family is made up of a mom, a dad, a son, a daughter, a baby and two grandparents. details
baby rag doll
What is something that everyone loves? It would have to pass the test of time and prove to remain relative as the years go on. Hmm, well one thing that comes to mind is an adorable doll. Dolls have been around for centuries. Even in ancient Greece children were recorded having played with dolls. Although no one has ever seen a doll as cute as your little one dressed up in the Baby Rag Doll Costume!People could travel all around the world looking for a doll that will be as cute as your kiddo in this outfit but their journey would prove to be a failure. There is no China doll that could be as cute, no puppet will be as playful, and no teddy bear could ev [...]. details
wood fertility doll baule mother
The Baule women of Ghana regard this doll as a fertility talisman. They take her along with them everywhere, for the doll is believed to foster conception. Winfred Korley celebrates West African beliefs and customs with a hand carved sese wood doll dressed in kente cloth and beads. details
plus size rag doll costume - plus
Did you ever have a rag doll when you were growing up? Did you ever wonder what kinds of adventures they got into while you weren t looking? Well, you don't have to wonder any longer, since you can dress up as your favorite childhood companion in this cheerful Plus Size Rag Doll Costume, and see what kinds of fun you uncover!Let's face it, we re all adults here (or at least, our boss keeps telling us we are), and believing that our toys came to life and went on epic quests in our houses when we were at school or dozing away in our beds when we were little is absolutely preposterous! But. come on, does anyone really know? Just like refrigerator lights, [...]. details
women39s voodoo doll
So we ve always wondered about this costume. As a voodoo doll, is someone else controlling you with a smaller version of a doll dressed as you who is already dressed as a voodoo doll?Or are you dressed as a life-sized voodoo doll of somebody else so someone can use you to control the other person? Do you just control yourself dressed as a voodoo doll of someone else and control that someone else? Phew! That's way too deep for us!Let's leave the complexities behind and just take this dress at face value: a cute and delightfully creepy costume look. There are a ton of ways that you could customize your costume experience when you go out in this look. You [...]. details
kidkraft lil doll bunk
- Doll Furniture
- 60130
- Young girls are sure to love having their dolls interact with our Lil’ Doll Bunk Bed. Time for a doll sleepover! Includes ladder that helps dolls reach the top bunk Accommodates dolls up to 19 tallMade of composite wood productsSmart, sturdy constructionSpecifications:20.75L x 11.57 W x 17.52HMaterial :MDF, Fabric. details
mrs beasley 50th anniversary
Remember Mrs. Beasley from TV's hit show, Family Affair ? Now she's back as this adorable collectible Mrs. Beasley 50th anniversary doll, an authentic talking reproduction collector-quality vinyl doll, brought to you from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. On Family Affair this lovable Mrs. Beasley Doll was Buffy's best friend, and now she can be yours!This collectible Mrs. Beasley doll features all the authentic details of Family Affair's Mrs. Beasley doll, from her square glasses to her wise and knowing smile. She even says the original beloved 11 phrases, characterized by actress Cheryl Ladd to sound just like the kindly voice you remember. What a wonderfu [...]. details
child doll saints girls have more
When you re a football fan in New Orleans, you know that your team pride can t be beat, and this spirited little one couldn t agree more. She's the Saints Girls Have More Fun! Child Doll, an officially-licensed FIRST from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Sculpted by Master Doll Artist Adrienne Brown, this unique collectible child doll sports the revered black and gold to show that she's a #1 New Orleans Saints fan!Officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC, this pint-sized New Orleans Saints doll is handcrafted in vinyl to capture every adorable feature in amazingly lifelike detail. With her charming dimples and silky-soft pigtails, this poseable doll will h [...]. details
white rose canopy bed with bedding
Ready to treat your precious baby doll to a beautiful night's rest? Now, her sweet slumber is secure with the White Rose Canopy Bed Doll Accessory, only from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. This adorable canopy doll bed is the ideal way to showcase your little one as she dreams her dreams, and is specially designed and perfectly sized for collectible baby dolls 20 or smaller. Must-have doll furniture for your collectible baby doll, this expertly crafted doll accessory comes complete with a full bedding set (including pillows), draped canopy, fabric-wrapped bed posts and bow-tie details. Just imagine how wonderful your slumbering sweetheart will look during [...]. details
kidkraft lil doll
- Doll Furniture
- 61101
- KidKrafts Lil Doll High Chair has a crisp white lacquer finish with scalloped edges, and filigree cut out detail this high chair comfortably seats a 19 doll for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Features : Reversible mint lavender flutter-bye set included Pink and white rattle bar Foot rest Rubber stops between tray and chair protect little fingers Fabrics machine washable Made of wood Specifications : Can accommodate 19 doll Dimensions : 22.25 H x 12 D x 12 W. details
knit rag doll
It must be nice to be a doll. Just imagine it. Never having to go to work. Never needing to put on make up, because quite frankly you re already dolled up. (Sorry, we can t help ourselves with the puns.) The sheer number of pretty dresses, and the cute heels that can t hurt your feet. And, the hair. Oh, the hair. Always perfect. Never frizzy. We ve considered wearing this Knit Rag Doll Beanie when it get's humid out. (Our hair frizzes out no matter what we try to do.) But, even if you already have perfect hair (unlike us), this beanie can help you channel your inner doll. You being a doll would explain how you are always so pretty all the time. We re su [...]. details
wood fertility doll ashanti
The Ashanti women of Ghana regard this doll as a fertility talisman. They take her along with them everywhere, for the doll is believed to foster conception, preferably a daughter. Winfred Korley celebrates West African beliefs and customs with a hand carved sese wood doll. Dressed in beads and kente cloth, she carries her baby on her back. details
porcelain first communion doll
Present your little girl with this hand painted porcelain First Communion doll on her First Communion day. The Communion doll’s priceless expression, dainty lace dress and delicate veil portray the innocence of all girls as they receive their First Holy Eucharist. The 16” porcelain Communion doll comes attractively boxed and is equipped with her own stand, so she can be proudly displayed on a dresser or amongst other favorite dolls. details
baby doll put on a happy face
When a sweet baby smiles in delight, it lights up a room! Now, the Put On a Happy Face Baby Doll by award-winning Master Doll Artist Linda Murray is sure make you smile pose after adorable pose. Available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this darling baby doll features innovative Hold That Pose!??? technology that allows you to pose her hundreds of ways and hold it until you pose her again!Dressed to charm in a flowered green dress with a bow headband, this precious baby doll is handcrafted of RealTouch?? vinyl with hand-applied hair and hand-painted features. Whether she's playing pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo or reaching for a hug, this lifel [...]. details
doll clothing - muumuu and
What little girl would not be enchanted with a handmade Hawaiian outfit for her 16
- 18 doll? Whether you re 5 or 95, please your inner-child with island aloha. Comes with lei or shell necklace (depending on style) and floral hairpin. This one of a kind piece was made on-site by volunteers at the Mission Settlement in the Polynesian Cultural Center. Fabric patterns are not guaranteed as fabrics change constantly. Availability is limited to stock on hand. Please choose your color preference and we will do our best to fulfill it. Doll not included. details
If you re a fan of the beloved TV show Family Affair, then your Mrs. Beasley doll is probably one of your best friends. But at the end of a long day, it might be time to give her a peaceful rest, and now you can with this Collector's Edition Mrs. Beasley doll accessory. A cozy first-ever ensemble only from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, the Ready for Bed Doll Accessory outfit includes a pink quilted robe, nightcap and matching slippers. Superbly made of quality fabrics and expertly hand-tailored, your Mrs. Beasley doll accessory will have Buffy's best friend (and yours) ready for her nap in a simply dreamy wardrobe addition. Best of all, because our Mrs. details