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basil street gallery garden statue
Majestic Eagle Cast Bronze Garden StatueWhen you see this solid bronze majestic eagle statue take its place in a home or garden, it might just make you feel the pride, strength and freedom of this powerful bird! This majestic bronze eagle statue boasts a stunning hand-applied multidimensional color-washed patina. This eagle statue is capped off by a solid marble museum mount base. Sure to be a focal point, this Basil Street Gallery heirloom-quality bronze garden statue conveys that you take the exterior of a home as seriously as the interior. details
on majestic wings personalized
There is no sight as breathtaking as that of eagles soaring high over picturesque mountaintops. Now you can marvel at a beautiful depiction of majestic eagles flying high with the On Majestic Wings Personalized Welcome Sign, featuring stunning eagle art from famed artist Ted Blaylock, available only from The Bradford Exchange. Simply gorgeous rain or shine, this eagle art indoor and outdoor welcome sign is extra special because it's personalized with your family name to create a warm welcome for all who enter your home. Over a foot wide this personalized outdoor welcome sign is handcrafted of artist's resin and hand-painted to replicate the look of weat [...]. details
majestic reflections art glass
America's majestic symbol of freedom, the bald eagle, is magnificently portrayed as never before in luminous art glass. Since its earliest origins, dating as far back as 3100 BC in ancient Egypt, art glass has become one of the most collected and admired art forms in the world. Now, this ancient art form takes flight in the first-ever Majestic Reflections Art Glass Sculpture Collection, showcasing illuminated eagle sculptures exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your collection begins with Issue One, Nature's Majesty. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two and additional collectible art glass eagle sculptures, each a separate issue to fol [...]. details
al agnew majestic flight
As the morning sun filters through the forest, the eagle spreads his magnificent wings, lifts and soars as free and pure as the wide-open sky. Now, you can awaken your spirit and rise along with the eagle in the Majestic Flight Sculpture, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Featuring an inspired work of art and light, Majestic Flight Sculpture brings the vision of Bradford Exchange Hall of Fame Artist Al Agnew to a deeply dimensional eagle in full soaring exuberance. Inspired by the famed Al Agnew art, with an impressive height of nearly a foot and a dramatic depth of 5-1/2 inches, the eagle sculpture is masterfully sculpted and hand-cast in artist [...]. details
aragonite and serpentine
Sculpted of gems, a majestic eagle boasts feathers of natural aragonite. Cesar Gonzales creates an exquisite sculpture, crafting the bright eyes from painted glass and the realistic feet from wrought iron. A black onyx beak completes the proud bird, which perches on a serpentine trunk. details
reflective art eagle wood metal
The Reflective Art Eagle Wood Metal Dcor is rugged, metal art of a majestic eagle for your home or cabin. This wall art from Reflective Art features distressed panels inspired by barn wood with a dimensional American eagle cut from corrugated metal. details
majestic waters illuminated
Few things remind us of the breathtaking beauty of nature more than the bald eagle. A creature of freshwater rivers, lakes and mountain streams, the bald eagle takes sustenance from our nation's crystal-clear waters. Now, the magnificent bald eagle and the glorious abundance of our natural resources combine in the Majestic Waters Sculpture, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Master artisans have ingeniously crafted this masterpiece from cold-cast stone for natural beauty and durability. Full of majesty and grace, this stunning sculpture portrays a majestic eagle rising from a trickling stream, its massive wings unfurled. From the [...]. details
soaring splendor eagle sculpture
There's nothing as majestic as the powerful eagle soaring high into the sky at high speed. Its massive wings and mighty presence are simply breathtaking. Now, you can celebrate this wonder of nature with the striking Soaring Splendor Sculpture Collection, featuring impressively sized eagle sculptures with the look and detail of hand-carved wood, a first ever available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your majestic eagle collection begins with Issue One, Rising Majesty. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, and additional eagle sculptures, each a separate issue, will follow.‡.Each magnificent sculpture in this [...]. details
good directions weathervane 1969p
Standard Size American Bald Eagle Weathervane This majestic eagle will dignify the rooftop of your home, garage, cupola, barn or gazebo! Pure copper weathervanes are unsurpassed in style, quality, and durability. details
on majestic wings bald eagle
With wings outstretched, the American eagle is the epitome of power, freedom and the American spirit. Now, bring the splendor of this noble creature home with the On Majestic Wings Personalized Welcome Sign, available only from The Bradford Exchange. Exquisitely recreating the patriotic eagle artwork of Bradford Exchange Hall of Fame artist Ted Blaylock, this indoor and outdoor welcome sign for home is over a foot wide and personalized with your family name to create a one-of-a-kind welcome!Expertly handcrafted of durable artist's resin and hand-painted to capture the look of weathered stone, this handsome eagle art welcome sign with family name is tou [...]. details
majestic summits eagle wall decor
To venture to the sheer rock walls and treacherous summits of the highest reaching mountains leaves us in awe and draws us to the edge. Yet, carried aloft on powerful wings, the bald eagle rises effortlessly, harnessing the wind while unleashing man's earthbound imagination to soar free. Now, you re invited to marvel at the unfettered freedom of the magnificent eagle in flight with the Majestic Summits Wall Decor Collection, a limited-edition first-ever sculptural eagle wall decor collection from award-winning wildlife artist Ted Blaylock, only from The Bradford Exchange. The collection begins with Issue One, Gleaming Majesty. Your collection continues [...]. details
ted blaylock soaring majesty
Circling round and round above the sunlit valley, the majestic eagle watches over its wilderness domain. Impressive wings spread wide, the eagle glides across the sky and is the unsurpassed master of its lofty world. And nothing is more inspiring. Now, you can experience a thrilling new perspective of the eagle in flight with the Soaring Majesty Levitating Sculpture, a first-of-its-kind levitating globe sculpture featuring Ted Blaylock eagle art, available from The Bradford Exchange. Capturing 360-degrees of beauty, this sphere actually hovers and spins in mid-air, a levitating wonder made possible by hidden electro magnets inside the globe, suspending [...]. details
wood sculpture majestic eagle
The eagle is queen of the Andes, sovereign in her avian world. John Barrow captures each feather of the mighty bird with this beautiful wood sculpture. details
rising majesty eagle
An eagle's flight is always a lesson in aerodynamic wonder. Out of nowhere, this majestic lord of the skies rises and rides silently upon the wind, dipping, soaring, spreading his wings over the treetops, and then just as quickly returns to earth to become one with the land. Now, you can celebrate the nobility of this mighty creature with the stunning Rising Majesty Sculpture, an impressively sized eagle sculpture with the look and detail of hand-carved wood, a Bradford Exchange first available only in a limited edition. Fully sculpted, hand-cast and handcrafted of specially formulated artist's resin, this three-dimensional treasure brings the majestic [...]. details
bald eagles personal
Bald Eagles are beautiful, majestic creatures and a symbol of the United States. These checks show the eagle in repose, in flight, landing and perching. On the brink of extinction in the late 20th century, the Bald Eagle now has a stable population in the US due to preservation efforts. The national bird of the USA, the bald eagle is found on national seals and on the back of several coins. Bald Eagle Personal Checks are available in single and duplicate check format. Matching address labels and a coordinating checkbook cover are also available. details
moments of majesty bald eagle
Showcase your love for the wilderness with a majestic representation of the beauty of wildlife and the great outdoors with the Moments of Majesty Cuckoo Clock, available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Capturing the peaceful atmosphere of the forest, this unique and handcrafted cuckoo clock is stunning eagle wall decor that adds a serene touch of nature to your home. This eagle wall decor is handcrafted in traditional cuckoo clock style. Beneath the clock face, a majestic hand-painted sculpted eagle and crashing waterfall bring a gorgeous wildlife scene to life. Topped by a fully-dimensional eagle sculpture with its impressi [...]. details
majestic hunters hand-painted bald
Even while soaring, gliding or flapping at top speed, an eagle can spot a fish in the water from several hundred feet in the air. Combined with the legendary gripping strength of its talons, an eagle is the ultimate survivor and the ultimate hunting machine. Now, you can celebrate the magnificence of eagles with this Majestic Hunters Sculpture, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This hand-painted sculpture showcases a handsome pair of bald eagles in the split-second moments of a strike on the water and ascending with a prize trout. It's a snapshot of nature in three lifelike dimensions
- handcrafted, hand-painted, and illuminated [...]. details
collectible eagle art illuminated
The splendor of day break on a glorious, sunlit morning in the wilderness is yours to enjoy with this majestic eagle art tabletop sculpture. This dramatic wildlife home decor showcases an incredible mountain vista from renowned artist Ted Blaylock wildlife art. It beckons to you from a tower of lustrous, beveled acrylic that lights up from within at the flip of a switch to create an impressive presentation. Watch as nature's majesty takes wing in dawn's early light right in your home with this collectible eagle art tabletop sculpture, available only from The Bradford Exchange. This unique eagle art masterpiece is crowned by a hand-cast sculpture of two [...]. details
cold-cast bronze bald eagle wall
To see a bald eagle in flight is to witness the perfect balance between strength and elegance. Now, the spirit of the eagle is perfectly expressed in this first-ever cold-cast bronze eagle sculpture collection featuring the beloved eagle art of acclaimed wildlife artist Ted Blaylock! This fascinating collection begins with Issue One. Soon, your dramatic collection will continue with Issue Two and additional issues of bald eagle wall decor, each a separate issue to follow. Available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, this striking eagle wall decor collection is handcrafted in cold-cast bronze then hand-painted in gleaming bronze tones, highlighting [...]. details
bald eagle personalized welcome
The majestic eagle is a powerful symbol of freedom, and always a welcome sight to behold. Now you can provide a comparable captivating greeting to all who enter you home with Soaring Guardians, a bald eagle personalized welcome sign, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Personalized with your family's name, this stunning welcome sign creates an impressive display of nature's noble bird wherever you choose to display it. Handcrafted with a durable wood veneer, this striking bald eagle personalized welcome sign showcases full-color art by renowned artist Al Agnew. A breathtaking collage of Mr. Agnew's eagle images, at over one foot tall creates an amaz [...]. details
glass beaded wristband bracelet
A majestic eagle decorates this Mexican wristband bracelet, crafted by hand with petite glass beads in the Huichol style. Mexico's Antonio de la Cruz presents this inspiring accessory. details
sterling silver pendant necklace
The image of a majestic eagle is realized in beautiful openwork, crafted of sterling silver with a shimmering, brushed-satin finish. Designed by Sarote Lochotinunt, this soaring pendant necklace adorns the wearer on rolo chain. details
eagles flight personal
Eagle Checks Capture the Majesty of the American Bald Eagle
- Wings slicing through the misty mountain air, the majestic bald eagle observes the world below with a strength and elegance that is unparalleled. If you admire the spirit of the American bald eagle, you ll enjoy carrying these Eagles Flight personal check designs from Bradford Exchange Checks(R)! Four dynamic designs by acclaimed wildlife artist Ted Blaylock capture the magnificence of the American bald eagle in flight and allow you witness their beauty every day. Plus, you ll find these Ted Blaylock check designs are just as practical as they are inspiring. Brought to you exclusively by Bra [...]. details
ring strength and pride
Spread your wings and soar to newfound heights with the most fearless bird in flight, the magnificent bald eagle! Together with this mighty bird you can express your bold sense of style, power and individuality with our Strength And Pride Ring, a fine jewelry design exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Exquisitely handcrafted in tough-as-an-eagle stainless steel, this striking men's ring features a fully sculpted 3-dimensional eagle head in rich intricate and realistic detail that impressively shows the bird's majestic yet fierce expression. Two genuine black sapphire stones are set as the eagle's mighty eyes while the striking statement Unleash the [...]. details
citrine and blue topaz cocktail
This unusual ring by Buana evokes the majestic golden eagle, an endangered species in some parts of the world. Beautifully detailed in sterling silver, the ring is set with faceted citrine and blue topaz totaling 1.5 carats. details
eagle figurine spirit of
Soaring boldly through the sky, the noble bald eagle represents strength, courage and freedom, traits that make it America's most beautiful and shining symbol of liberty. Now, you can celebrate this majestic creature with a stunning limited-edition eagle figurine, and a first-ever by acclaimed artist Blake Jensen, exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. Exquisitely handcrafted by Master Artisans, this striking figurine features a luminous bald eagle meticulously hand-painted to reflect the rare blue brilliance of the sapphire-like gem, benitoite. The feathers in the eagle's outstretched wings, great talons and keen gaze all echo America's courageous's [...]. details
spirit of the eagle turquoise
According to Native American legends, the majestic eagle is revered as a sacred messenger from above. Believed to possess great powers due to the fact that it soars closer to the Creator than any other creature on earth. Now, this ancient legend combines with the beauty of Native American-inspired jewelry in the Spirit of the Eagle Bracelet, a turquoise and red jasper fine jewelry design only from The Bradford Exchange. Expertly handcrafted, beautifully sterling silver-plated and lavishly set with 11 genuine turquoise cabochons and 5 genuine red jasper cabochons, this exquisite women's bracelet has taken inspirations from the spiritual beauty of tradit [...]. details
mountaintop majesty hand-painted
Whether soaring, hunting or striking a noble pose, the eagle's supreme might and majesty are breathtaking to behold. Now you can celebrate this majestic creature with the Mountaintop Majesty Sculpture, available in a limited edition only from The Bradford Exchange. Place this incredible hand-painted sculpture anywhere in your home for exceptional artistry and color!Five striking scenes are masterfully positioned in a craggy, pristine mountain setting. With wings nobly unfurled, an eagle soars from the pinnacle. In other scenes the eagle takes a protective stance, tends to hatchlings, glides on a thermal and pierces the rushing mountain stream hunting f [...]. details
sovereigns of strength illuminated
Even while soaring, gliding or flapping at top speed, an eagle can spot a fish in the water from several hundred feet in the air. Combined with the legendary gripping strength of their ratcheting talons, the eagle is the ultimate survivor and hunting machine. Now, the bald eagle's noble beauty and grace inspires the Sovereigns Of Strength Sculpture Collection, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your limited-edition collection begins with Issue One, Majestic Hunters. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two and additional illuminated sculptures, each a separate issue to follow.‡Each eagle is sculpturally detailed down to its individua [...]. details