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batman v superman 4 superman
He might be cute, but he's still ready to kick some bad guy butt. and Batman's if necessary! This die-cast figure re-imagines the DC superhero from the hit film Batman V Superman movie as an adorable collectible figure for your collection. Just make sure you keep an eye on him if you set him next your Batman figure, since those two have been known to beef. details
hikari my little pony gold dust
Finally, a figure that captures the magic of Rainbow Dash! Pegasisters and bronies will rejoice over owning a figure that puts the golden touch on their MLP collection. This Hikari My Little Pony Rainbow Dash figure has a shiny gold glitter appearance which really shows off Rainbow Dash's unstoppable luster. This is an officially licensed limited edition figure from Funko so only 1,000 of them were made. details
bandai tamashii nations figuarts
When things get real, Goku goes Super Saiyan and this toy figure is no different. The licensed Dragon Ball Z figure has molded bolts of energy surrounding him and recreates the Akira Toriyama character's style from the anime. On an additional note, this figure does help ward away Frieza, androids and Majin Buu if they ve been hanging around your place. details
my little pony scootaloo vinyl
Scootaloo is prancing in to help you earn your cutie mark! Your MLP figure collection will not be complete without the orange pony who always has a ton of energy. Place this My Little Pony Scootaloo Vinyl Figure next to your Rainbow Dash figure because they share a sisterly bond. Plus, Scootaloo will love standing next to the Pegasus pony she idolizes. details
square enix play arts kai thor
Remember those action figures your parents used to buy you when you were but a wee little one? You know the kind; the paint job was sketchy, the figure had almost no points of articulation and it barely even looked like the character it was supposed to look like. These days, your tastes in action figures are more refined. Now, you require a figure that can be posed in a number of positions. You require a figure that has expertly sculpted details and a stylistic paint job. You need this Play Arts Kai Thor Marvel Universe Figure!This Thor action figure is a stylized version of the Marvel Avenger made by the folks from Square Enix. The actual figure is a [...]. details
fontanini risen christ
This Fontanini Risen Christ figure was designed for your village scene. Exquisite detailing, coloring, and design lends a style to be celebrated for years to come. Figure accomodates your 5" scale village scene that features the Life of Christ. Figure only. details
nightmare on elm street new
Interrupting your peaceful slumber session to bring you this Freddy figure!Were you just sleeping easily with your head nestled comfortably on your feathered pillow? Well, sorry we hindered your restful slumber, but we need to make you aware of this Freddy action figure because if we don t, then he ll intervene. You definitely don't want that because when Freddy shows up in your dreams, you won t be able to rest peacefully. at all. We think you know why! So, take some time to marvel at this Nightmare on Elm Street before it's too late and you upset poor Freddy!This action figure is stylized to capture the horrific character that Wes Craven created. Wit [...]. details
hobbit motion picture figure
As portrayed by the great Christopher Lee, Saruman the White is one of the most indelible characters of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. This ornate figure captures the white wizard as he appeared in the latter series upon his visit to Rivendell, along with his iconic staff. No collection is complete without an appearance from one of Middle-Earth's greatest sorcerers. Just don't keep him next to your Sauron figure. That guy's a bad influence! Figure is 1:25 scale. details
fabrikations raphael soft sculpt
This Fabrikations Raphael plush figure is cute version of your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Even though Raph is notorious for being a little coarse, this figure is downright huggable. details
pop nfl richard sherman vinyl
Richard Sherman is the tough leader of the Legion of Boom, and now you can have his likeness right at home with this POP! figure. A cuter, softer version of him, that is! Even though this figure is pretty adorable for a football player, you still might want to keep him away from Michael Crabtree. details
kotobukiya robin classic costume
This Kotobukiya Robin Classic Costume Art FX Figure is more than just a sidekick. He's a full fledged collectible! Based on the classic iteration of the Batman character, this figure hearkens back to the 1966 television series. You may even want to shout things like, Holy, action figure Batman! when you play with him. You can add it to your collection or take him on some adventures to save Gotham City. details
kylo ren 31
This Kylo Ren Figure has plans to rule over the rest of your action figures as the biggest and baddest Force user the galaxy has ever seen. He comes in at a whopping 31 tall, so he's sure to be bigger than any other Star Wars figure you own and he's just as intimidating as his movie counterpart from The Force Awakens. details
the figure the best of drawing -
The Figure: The Best of Drawing
- Digital format, immediate delivery. details
pop nfl johnny manziel vinyl
The real Johnny Football is busy taking Cleveland by storm, but you can have a little version of him with this POP! Johnny Manziel figure. Add this NFL collectible figure to your collection, and he's sure to bring a little excitement to any table top or display. details
hateful eight sheriff chris mannix
Did you really believe that Chris Mannix was heading to Red Rock to become the new sheriff? Really? He was pretty convincing, but we re still not quite sure. One thing we don't have any doubts about this Chris Mannix Hateful Eight figure. With a perfect rendition of actor Walton Goggins, this officially licensed 8 figure from NECA is a must have collectible for any Tarantino fan! With high quality attention to detail and even cloth clothing, we know that this figure has the quality to stand out in your collection. details
hikari dc heroes the joker
. details
barbie collector wizard of oz tin
Toy collectors who are also fans of the Wizard of Oz have never had it easy. That is until Barbie released their 75th anniversary collection! These figures are of superb quality and this Tin Man figure is no exception. With a realistic sculpt based off of the real world actor, this figure has the classic accessories that will help Dorothy get home. details
7 munny w reusable
Have you ever wanted to make collectible figure of your best friend, or maybe even of yourself? Now you can try your hand at it with this 7 Munny figure. With a full set of reusable markers to use on it, you can use your own artistic skills to create a figure of whoever you feel like creating. details
our lady of guadalupe wall
A perfect gift idea for someone who has devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, this wall figure is reverent and graceful. Generously sized and ideal for any home.  It is a reproduction of a wood-carved figure and is proudly made in the U.S.A. details
robb stark
Poor Robb. He had a tough life, which came to a famous end that was, shall we say, red? But before all that unpleasantness at the Twins, he was a cunning leader, devoted son and husband, and was not bad at all in the looks department. So, if those aren t good enough reasons to have this Game of Thrones Robb Stark figure in your collection, we re not sure what are. Would you really rather have a little figure of Walder Frey? No, of course not. You re for the North, after all. details
figma legend of zelda link
Link's got 99 problems and a guy named Ganondorf isn t one in Skyward Sword! The Hyrule hero finally gets a break from him, so you d think he d take that opportunity to take Zelda out on a date to the beach or something, but of course, some troublemakers had to show up. Ghirahim and Demise broke onto the scene, putting the rest of Link's world in peril and he's got to grab the Master Sword his trusty shield once again. The good news? Link got an all new collectible action figure based on the deadly adventure, so you get to reap all the benefits! This figure brings the style seen in the Wii game in a highly detailed and finely crafted figure, perfect fo [...]. details
pop nfl jj watt road uniform
Now your favorite player can cheer you on by being perched on your desk! Just add this POP! NFL JJ Watt Road Uniform figure to your collection, and it will give you inspiration all day long. (We have to think that's going to be quite useful, since tackling your spreadsheets probably isn t as much fun as sacking the Quarterback.) Get this JJ POP! figure to show off your fandom at work or at home! details
gentle giant captain america jumbo
Steve Rogers is just an old school guy trying to make sense of a crazy world and heart, aren t we all? This Gentle Giant Captain America Figure captures that feeling from the Marvel character with this giant retro-style figure. The highly collectible figure is digitally scanned from the original Secret Wars action figures and perfectly recreates Cap's look during the 1980's comic book run. The figure even comes packaged in retro style packaging with a resealable plastic shell and includes classic backer card with original artwork from the comic book run. details
91221 4a-7 droid action
You never can tell with droids. Some are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand and others are just downright evil. This 4A-7 Droid Action Figure will have you guessing which side he's on the whole time. Will he help Anakin and Ahsoka, or will he betray them to Asajj Ventress. We re not going to tell you, since with this Clone Wars figure, you can decide which side he takes. details
jabba the hutt black series action
Witness Jabba in all of his slob-like glory in this highly detailed figure. From the much acclaimed black series, Jabba has never been seen like this before. The 6 scale means he's going to take up a big chunk of your display space, so be prepared. With a highly detailed sculpt, articulated arms, and a moving mouth, you ll be able to recreate your favorite scenes from Return of the Jedi. Our favorite? Definitely his untimely demise at the Sarlaac Pit. When you pose this figure with the Slave Leia figure, it will be just like 1983 all over again. details
marvel legends blizzard action
What's it like when Blizzard jumps into the action? It usually means it's going to be a rough day for Iron Man! You can find out for yourself with this Marvel Legends figure. In 6 form, it will look awesome on display next to your favorite Iron Man action figure, but will be just as cool when you play out an epic table top battle. Grab it to beef up your villain action figure stock, to give to your favorite collector, or to just have something cool. details
q-pop star trek uhura
Whether you prefer Nichelle Nichols's original portrayal of Uhura or Zoe Saldana's new take on the character, there's no denying she's an important figure. This Q-Pop Star Trek Uhura Figure lets you have the Enterprise's communications officer right at your own desk. details
marvel legends fearless defenders
Your Marvel action figure collection won t be complete without Thundra! She's powerful, strong, and has a head of thick red hair. She ll add some sass to your action figure lineup. details
magic the gathering jace beleren
We tried shuffling this Magic the Gathering Jace Beleren Action Figure into our Legacy Miracles deck. It turns out, he's not playable in the format and the Magic judges get really angry at you for having an action figure right in the middle of your deck. So, we figured out that this collectible figure won t win you games like Mind Sculptor will, but he does look pretty cool sitting on your desk. (We also think he can read your mind, but have no way of proving or disproving it). details