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futurama planet express logo
Reliable Interplanetary Delivery, Serving the Milky Way and Beyond! Adult Heather Gray 100% Soft Cotton Officially Licensed Athletic Fit More Futurama items: Futurama Shirts. details
futurama brain slug
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futurama plus size bender
Get YOUR Bender on. You might not be able to be a sidekick of the Planetary Express crew, but hey, we think even modern times could use a sassy, smart talking robot around. Imagine how much better hanging out with the guys would be if you could keep all the party supplies in your hollow chest. Wear this Futurama licensed look whenever you want to have a good time. details
futurama adult bender
Bender did what??? We know the famed animated robot had some hilarious antics, but it wasn t until you suited up in his likeness that we could possibility know the full extent of his zanyness. That is, once you have this licensed Futurama costume. You can rock this authentic Bender look for Halloween, at the Comic Con, or even on the weekends. details
futurama fry
A day in the life of Philip J. Fry would be a very interesting day. He's got a borderline alcoholic robot for a best friend, a crush on a one-eyed mutant, and a mad scientist as a a relative. Oh yea, plus he's an interstellar delivery boy so he's always off doing something wild. If you re in the mood to have an extraordinary day, then why not dress in this Futurama Fry Costume. Who knows, you could very well meet a one-eyed lady. Just be very careful of brain slugs. They have a tendency to be attracted to Fry for some odd reason. details
futurama planet express red
Good news, everyone! Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the Planet Express team is looking for a few fresh suckers, er, recruits! This officially licensed Futurama juniors t-shirt featuring the text, Planet Express: Reliable Interplanetary Delivery Serving the Milky Way and Beyond! The print is distressed for vintage appeal. details
futurama adult leela
What would Fry and Bender do without Leela? If it wasn t for her, we re sure that the Planet Express would have crashed into one of Jupiter's moons by now. Leela makes sure to keep everybody in check, plus she flies a spaceship. She somehow manages all of this with just one eye. If you are looking to be the coolest girl in the galaxy with the funkiest hair, then this Futurama Adult Leela Costume is the way to go. We ll let you decide if you d prefer to tell people you re an alien or come clean and claim your mutant status. details
futurama teen bender
We bet you didn t know that Bender is in fact a teenager himself, even though he is over a thousand years old. Those years don't count due to continuous time travel. His maturity level is also a factor in determining his age, so we guess that he's about 17. Try bending stuff while you wear this Futurama Teen Bender Costume. Who knows, it may give you superhuman strength or just put you into party mode. We re counting odn the latter of the two. details
futurama faded planet express
Unsatisfied by your Career Chip? Ditch the drudgery and join the Planet Express crew by ordering this officially licensed Futurama t-shirt! The comfy black tee features a faded, distressed Planet Express logo. If it looks worn, it's because the guy you re replacing died wearing it. details
futurama enjoy slurm purple
It's the only soft drink made with the lilting laughter of a thousand Neptunian Elves! This officially licensed Futurama juniors t-shirt advertises the highly addictive futuristic soda Slurm! The distressed print reads, Enjoy Slurm, excreted the old fashioned way. If you want to party with Slurms McKenzie, you re gonna need to own this tee. details
selmer 1960s futurama corvette
Save BIG when you buy today! details
futurama dr zoidberg
Don't pay attention to the fact that Dr. Zoidberg doesn t have his doctorate in human medicine! He's studied art history but he's more than willing to offer a helping hand, er we mean claw, to anyone who needs it. Trust us, you want Dr. Zoidberg on your side because he's the only real alien member of the Planet Express. Oh yea, he also comes in handy when something needs to be opened. His claws act as amazing scissors. details
zapp brannigan costume with
Dress as Zapp Brannigan from Futurama with this costume and included wig. details
ren and stimpy circle time
Before there was Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, there was Ren and Stimpy. Completely hilarious, this officially-licensed Ren and Stimpy Circle Time T-shirt features both Ren and Stimpy on the front inside of their own logo. details
futurama nibbler
You never know when the Brain Spawn will once again come to Earth and try to take over by turning everyone stupid. It's happened before and it's impossible to believe that it won t happen again. Your only chance of survival is to carry around your own personal Nibblonian to defend yourself when your brain goes to pudding. This here little Nibbler keeps the perfect disguise as an adorable plush purse! He doesn t look it, but he's actually almost as old as time itself. and not only that, he ll hold your wallet for you as you party! Thanks little guy. and thanks for the bonus black matter! That stuff is worth a ton in the year 3000. details
teen bender
Bender's rap sheet is pretty long: armed robbery, larceny and kidnapping. If you plan on walking out in public wearing this licensed Futurama Bender costume for teens, you d better be ready for some unwanted attention from the police force of the 31st century. Of course, that means you ll most likely just have to deal with Smitty and URL, and those guys never seem to be able to catch a bad guy for very long. You re also going to need some sort of Patsy to pin the blame on for any nefarious activities you plan. We suggest getting a pal dress up in our Fry costume. details
plus size bender
Do you have a home full of unbent girders? Maybe you need a little help from an expert on bending, like say, Bender Bending Rodriguez. Sure, he drinks too much, smokes too much, steals too much and uses way too much salt on anything he cooks, but he can bend anything like some kind of robot programmed to bend things. Here's what we ve learned by watching him in episodes of Futurama. First of all, Bending is all about attitude. If you act politely while doing it, you re definitely doing it wrong. Second, bend only the things you want to bend, otherwise you might end up spending your whole life bending girders for Suicide Booths. Lastly, you need this pl [...]. details
toddler and child retro robot
Beboop Bzzzt Clickety BeboopYeah, sometimes your kid comes up with some weird languages. But recently he has been trying to speak like a robot. You can kind of understand what he is trying to say based on what he is pointing at, and what time of day it is. (Yes, buddy, we get it, it's lunch time, we won t forget the grapes.) But, he is so adorable when he is talking like a robot. Heck, you even have a phone full of videos of him doing it. You love his imitation of the robots he sees in movies. The people like ones he saw in Robots, and the lovable EVE, and WALL-E. He even imitates Bender from Futurama, and he only saw him for a minute before you realize [...]. details
womens futurama leela costume
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adult happy penguin
*Read in the voice of Morgan Freeman*It is October. Summer is behind us. Another holiday season is about to begin. We are, too soon, going to be forced to host family that will not leave. Cook elaborate meals that will get demolished by said family. But for now, we can still look forward to Halloween. Let us check in on a soon to be costumed man. Here he is. A magnificent human male specimen. See how he is not getting ready to leave, like his wife asked him to do 20 minutes ago. See how he lounges on the bed, watching episodes of Futurama on Netflix. Oh, wait he hears her blow dryer stop. A sure sign he can start getting ready. Now look as the male stuff [...]. details
dorbz futurama bender vinyl
Bender isn t exactly the nicest robot to come out of Mom's factory. He swears way more than any other robot we ve met, he drinks enough booze to put an elephant in a coma and he chain smokes. He also tried to steal Fry's blood one time and we re pretty sure his cooking is not only inedible, it's probably lethal. That hasn t stopped us from loving the robot from Futurama and that's why we re glad that Funko made this adorable Dorbz figure of him!Now, you can have the foul mouthed robot from Matt Groening's animated series, Futurama! This Bender Dorbz figure is made of vinyl and it recreates all of his features, but in a much more adorable style. Make su [...]. details
pop futurama zoidberg vinyl
Looking for a new vinyl Funko figure to put on your desk? Why not Zoidberg? This POP! Futurama Zoidberg Vinyl Figure has all of the lobster-esque qualities that he has on the Matt Groening show, except he's smaller, more adorable and he's completely lacking the stink glands. He looks great on your desk, but don't leave any unattended food next to him. details
pop futurama zapp brannigan vinyl
When you put this POP! Futurama Zapp Brannigan Vinyl Figure in charge every mission is a suicide mission! He's fully dressed in his DOOP uniform and he's ready to lead his men into certain death against any enemy force. Just place him next to the rst of your Funko collection and watch him take charge of your figures. details
pop futurama nibbler vinyl
Taking care of your very own Niblonian is a lot of hard work! They eat a ton AND they poop pure dark matter (which weighs a ton). Wouldn t it be great if you could have one of your own, but without out the mess and food expenditures? Well, now you can! This POP! Futurama Nibbler Vinyl Figure gives you the cute character from the Matt Groening show, so you can place him on your desk and admire him without ever having to clean up dark matter poop. details
pop futurama professor farnsworth
Good news everyone! This POP! Futurama Professor Farnsworth Vinyl Figure is ready to join your collection of Funko figures. He might be kind of old and he may have some questionable laboratory practices, but we re sure he ll feel right at home standing next to your Fry and Bender figures. He comes wearing his signature thick-rimmed glasses and holding some kind of gadget (probably a doomsday device). details
pop futurama bender vinyl
When Funko commissioned the creation of this POP Futurama Bender Vinyl Figure, Bender Bending Rodriguez insisted that they capture his personality perfectly. Of course, the original mold designed by him called for a cigar and some fembots surrounding him, but he had to compromise and this version of him holding a beer in his hand was born. The real question is whether he's holding a Botweiser or a BenderBrau in his hand. Just place him by your desk for maximum effect. details
dorbz futurama zoidberg vinyl
Looking for a new friend? Why not Planet Express's number one medical expert, Doctor Zoidberg? His doctor skills might not be the best (in fact, they might be the worst), he might try to eat your garbage and he also might try to borrow $100, but still makes for a pretty good pal. Just ask Professor Farnsworth! After decades of carrying a deadly virus which he suspected to be hyper-malaria, who was it that promised to end his sufftering? Zoidberg! Of course, if you want to have a Zoidberg of your own, but just don't want to have the smell around the house, you should try this Dorbz Futurama Zoidberg Vinyl Figure!Based on the twice cancelled and revived [...]. details
dorbz futurama fry vinyl
. details
dorbz futurama leela vinyl
Turanga Leele might not have perfect depth perception and she might be a weird mutant from the sewers of Earth, but she hasn t let that stop her from becoming the best pilot that Planet Express has ever seen! She's completed countless suicide missions for Professor Farnsworth (including a trip to a deadly space bee hive) and she's even the first woman to play professional Blernsball! Talk about accomplishments! If you re looking for a space captain capable of leading your crew of reckless collectible figures, than look no further than her!This Futurama Leela Figure is part of Funko's adorable line of Dorbz and is based on the Matt Groening character. T [...]. details