sport armband for galaxy s3
Fits Galaxy S3 &amp. Galaxy S4 &amp. Galaxy S5 perfectly. Protection from drops, bumps, dirt, scratches and other damage. All functions and buttons accessible without removing case. Adds durability and style without compromising function and ease of use. Made of high quality, durable material. Will not slip off, break, or crack. No assembly or adjustments to Galaxy S3 &amp. Galaxy S4 &amp. Galaxy S5 necessary. Is exactly as it appears in photos. details
samsung galaxy tab 3 gt
You love your Galaxy smartphone Now enjoy the same Galaxy experience on a tablet Youaposre already a Galaxy Tab 3 expert Getting started on a Galaxy Tab 3 is a breeze Comfortably switch back and forth from your Galaxy phone to your Galaxy Tab whenever Your content is automatically in sync wireless fast and for free. details