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ghanaian wood mask ghanaian
A bird perches atop this elongated mask and leans forward to caress the forehead with its beak. By Godfred France, it is crafted by hand of sese wood with applications of white clay for a vintage look. The Ghanaian artisan names his original design Okadi, a Ga word meaning Identity. details
ghanaian wood mask hausa
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ghanaian wood mask kind neighbor
In my neighborhood, there is an elderly gentleman who is very kind, says Ghanaian artisan Anna Yawson. He inspired this mask. She works in seasoned African sese wood, carved by hand and embellished with applications of aluminum. details
ghanaian wood mask nanumba
Intricate patterns in embossed aluminum cover a handsome, elongated face. By Abubakari Alhassan, this mask is representative of the Nanumba people in the Ghanaian town of Bimbila. Such masks are used during the annual yam festival, a time of enjoyment and fun. details
cotton kente bow tie above all
Above all others, this Ghanaian bow tie will make an eye-catching companion wherever it goes. Ghanaian designer Deborah Osei Boakye presents this tie, which is crafted of cotton kente cloth that is handwoven by African artisans. The bow tie features a dominant color in yellow with multicolored accents. An elastic strap circles the neck, so this accessory does not have to be tied. details
ghanaian wood mask peaceful
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ghanaian wood mask a man of
Ornate shapes are covered with handcrafted repousse in a mask of opulent beauty. By Godfred France, it combines African sese wood with brass and aluminum for an original design with Ghanaian influence. He names the mask Ankono, a Hausa word meaning wealth. details
ghanaian wood mask good things at
Warm earth colors cover the smooth features of a Ghanaian mask. Masterfully carved and painted by hand, it is representative of the Akwapim people from the area around Aburi. Walter Kuma names his creation Addae Pa, meaning good thing, as these masks are used to welcome the new harvest. details
ghanaian wood mask successor
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ghanaian wood mask protective
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ghanaian wood mask proud
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ghanaian wood mask protect us
Carved by hand from sese wood, this mask depicts a stern and imposing personage. Based on centuries of Ghanaian tradition, the design arises from Rita Addo Zakour's own imagination. She names it Abanbo, an Akan word meaning Protect. The mask is designed for wall display only and cannot stand on its own. details
ghanaian wood mask ewe
Carved and painted by hand, this mask is representative of the Anlo-Ewe people of Ghana. Such masks are used in giving thanks to the gods of the land by the Anlo-Ewe people of Ghana for a bountiful harvest after farming. The head of the dove on the forehead signifies luck, says Ghanaian artisan Walter Kuma. details
ghanaian wood mask detector of
Rich repousse textures contrast with sleek sese wood in this intriguing African mask. Based on centuries of Ghanaian tradition, the design arises from Rita Addo Zakour's own imagination. The stern features suggest the nemesis of evil. The mask is designed for wall display only and cannot stand on its own. details
ghanaian wood mask village wise
Expressed in sese wood, an elongated visage purses lips and peers through narrowed eyes. Ernestina Oppong Asante portrays a village sage deep in thought. A cap tops the slender face; the long, dark line of the nose balances the ample forehead. This exquisite mask is Ghanaian in style. details
ghanaian wood mask honesty
Handcrafted with traditional Ghanaian techniques, this elegant African mask is a modern design by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. He carves it from seasoned African rubberwood and adds bold color. Arising from the artisan's imagination, this elegant mask is named Sahamo, a Hausa word meaning Honesty. details
ghanaian wood mask lucky star
A smooth round face appears in the center of a twinkling star. The handsome contrast of shapes and textures makes this mask a fascinating example of Ghanaian art. By Walter Kuma, it features brass and copper inlay. He names it Nsoroma Pa, which means a good star in the language of the Akwapim people from the Aburi area. The mask represents good luck. details
ghanaian wood mask akan beauty
From the imagination and skilled hands of Ghanaian wood carver Rita Addo Zakour comes this detailed wooden mask. Handcrafted of local sese wood with a satin finish and hand-hammered aluminum detailing. Zakour names her creation Ahoofie,, from the Akan word for beauty. Comes with a leather tab for hanging. details
ghanaian wood mask the protector
Wearing ornate headgear resembling a fula (hat), this striking mask offers protection. Abdul Karim Star replicates this legendary mask, used in the 18th century by Dagomba monarchs to protect their palace. The hand-carved sese wood mask is decorated with white clay and carefully embossed aluminum plates. They resemble scarification practices of this northern Ghanaian tribe. details
wood pendant necklace ghanaian
An arrow-shaped pendant is hand-carved of sese wood, centering a length of black cord. Ghanaian artisan Robert Aidoo-Taylor creates this necklace, flanking the pendant with petite wood beads. He paints the pendant in colors of green and red, naming it Oburumankoma, meaning eagle in the Akan langugage. details
leather wristband bracelet
Robert Aidoo-Taylor crafts a wristband bracelet from a strip of black leather, closing it at the back with a brass snap. The Ghanaian bracelet is accented with braided cord that circles the leather strip in colors of red and indigo. The artisan names this bracelet Hajjaju, after a Ghanaian town. details
ghanaian wood mask lizard warrior
Abdul Karim Star replicates the art of the Dagomba people with this stunning sese wood mask. It is crafted by hand and adorned with glistening beads featuring a lizard. In the olden days, this mask was given to warriors. The Dagomba regarded lizards as swift and strong, and when they fall from great heights they appear unhurt, all desirable characteristics in a warrior, explains the Ghanaian artisan. details
wood pendant necklace akwatia
A pendant is hand-carved of sese wood, centering a length of black cord. Ghanaian artisan Robert Aidoo-Taylor creates this necklace, flanking the pendant with petite wood beads and discs. He paints the pendant in colors of blue and black, naming it Akwatia, after a Ghanaian diamond mining town. details
ghanaian wood mask royal
Depicted in a sese wood mask, this regal personage represents responsibility. Evelyn Kafui Ahianyo names this piece Efiavi, a Ewe word meaning royal identification. This mask is presented by the Ewe Chiefs to a royal baby in the Volta region of Ghana, signifying his responsibility to the child. Apart from being decorative, possession of this mask gives an assurance of ownership, the Ghanaian designer says. details
ghanaian wood mask okomfo warning
Gordon Adu crafts a faithful replica of the okomfo mask created by the Aburi people of Ghana. Meaning fetish, the okomfo would appear in the forest as a warning not to enter for evil things were going on there. To this day, just the word okomfo makes people fearful, explains the Ghanaian artisan. Adu carves the sese wood mask by hand and treats it with clay to achieve an aged finish. details
cotton blend kente cloth scarf
Forever inspired by the vibrant colors adorned during traditional celebrations and festivities, artisan Rachel Armah uses lively shades of indigo, maize, and crimson to create this stunning kente scarf. The Ghanaian artisan uses a traditional loom to create the rich cotton blend kente fabric, typical to the Akan ethnic group of West Ghana. The scarf is called obaapa, meaning virtuous woman in the Ghanaian Akan language. details
friends forever ii
These are two friends who have been there for each other since they were young, says K. Baka of this subjects. Celebrating lifelong friendships, the artist paints with acrylics, offering a vivid view of the Ghanaian countryside. details
ghanaian wood mask saving
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ghanaian wood mask beauty queen
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