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sugar amp spice - little
What are little girls made from? Sugar and Spice and everything nice. Pay tribute to a special little girl in your life with this .925 sterling silver bead, showcasing the loving nature that's intuitive to little girls. This adorable design boasts great detail, featuring the little girl with her teddy bear. details
rossignol fun girl j3 girls ski
Fun little skier girls love the Rossignol Fun Girl J3! This is a great boot for your daughter to learn on and develop her skills as a skier. The liner is made from EVA Machined foam to pad and insulate her foot to provide her with the most comfort and warmth possible for enjoying an entire day out on the slopes. The three buckle design in a traditional overlap boot has a soft and forgiving flex that is fine tuned for shorter and lighter skiers to have more control and more fun on the mountain. The Fun Girl's Junior last is molded after a typical length and width foot that is appropriate for weight and size. When your little girl is ready to hit the slo [...]. details
kenneth cole reaction girls tap
Girls Tap Girl 2. details
child reaper girl
Every girl has a different goal when it comes to Halloween. Some girls like to bring in a huge haul of candy. Some want to wear a pretty dress and pretend they re the princess of some kind of fantasy land. Other girls? Well, they just want to put a scare into all their friends and family. Girls like that don't want frilly dresses; they want something dark and creepy, and your girl can wear the frightening look she craves with this Reaper Girl Costume! Now, we know reapers are best known for being the grim looking ghosts (are they actually ghosts, or some other kind of supernatural being?) that collect and deliver the souls of the recently deceased to th [...]. details
girls pink cowgirl
We know that not all girls want to be ballerinas and bakers. Some girls like horses. Cows. Chickens, dogs, and cats. Some girls like to play in the dirt, climb in the hay and even square dance. Well if you re girl's doing all that, she better have the right footwear for the job!Now, if your kid decides she wants to be a cowgirl, she ll definitely need cowgirl boots. We re talking horse-riding, mud-stomping, cowgirl boots. And there's no laws saying those boots have to be boring! So here you have it. Our Pink Cowgirl Boots. They re the right style for wrangling, and made for your girl in a bright pink to suit her tastes. That's right. These boots are ma [...]. details
girl39s blue glitter
Add a little glam to your girls costume with these Girl's Blue Glitter Shoes! They are the perfect princess footwear to pair with your little girl's outfit. details
girl39s rob n da hood
Robin Hood is a cool guy and all, but do you know what would make him even cooler? If Robin Hood was actually a girl. You know why, right? Cause girls rule! Girl power! So now you can steal from the rich and distribute it to the poor. Well, not really, we don't want you to steal, but you can definitely pretend! Your friends will love you for it. details
girls daisy hippie
This girl can t wait to get groovy! Any little girl would love this Girls Daisy Hippie Costume because of all the pretty colors. The purple, yellow, green, and orange tie dye portion of the dress makes this costume bright, cheerful, and fun to wear. details
2 broke girls
Get the 2 Broke Girls Costume at a price even the 2 Broke Girls could afford. This high quality costume lets you easily transform into either broke girl with its one-piece design that mimics the yellow dress and red apron of their signature diner uniform. Use the included pockets to stash candy donations to reach your cupcake business start-up goal. With both Caroline and Max nametags included, it's perfect for pairing with your best friend or going as just 1 broke girl. details
girls joker tutu
Some girls are the superhero type. Others? They just want to have fun, tell a few jokes and plot evil schemes! If your girl is more of the scheming type, then the whole Batgirl thing probably isn t her style. This girls Joker costume may be exactly what she needs to let her super villain skills shine! Based on the Batman comic book character, this costume combines the Joker's purple style suit with a tutu skirt, so your girl will have a look fit for taking over Gotham City. details
bubbles powerpuff girl
With this exclusive Bubbles Powerpuff Girl Costume, you can be the cheery girl from the cartoon super-group of girls. details
ubu sports girl peel
UBU Sports Girl Peel & Stick Interchangeable Stamp Set Brings the Action
- It's always a good time to get sporty with the UBU girls! This energetic Peel & Stick(R) interchangeable stamp collection captures the joy of girl-powered sports with style. Featuring a star-themed outer ring, this whimsical Peel & Stick set includes 9 interchangeable centers showcasing the athletic talents of the young girls tackling gymnastics, soccer, ice skating and more. The UBU Sports Girl PSA(R) Peel & Stick pack is available from Bradford Exchange Checks in an exclusive offer. Add sporty style to your party invitations, appointment calendars, correspondence and more with [...]. details
girls bones
Bad to the bone. Some little girls were made to be dancers. Some little girls were destined to be dentists. Your little girl has decided she was born to be bad. Bad to the bone. Not the bad that pulls other little girls hair, or teases the boy that is afraid of spiders. No, she heard the song Bad to the Bone once, you re not even sure where she heard it, but now it's all she wants to be. You knew she was going to be a heart breaker the day she popped out. And you weren t wrong. Her pretty eyes, the long lashes, and her beautiful brown hair, all make her one of the most beautiful people you have ever seen. And you re not just saying that because she is yo [...]. details
young girl princess personal
Young Girl Princess Personal Checks are a must for everyone who is a child at heart of has a precious little bundle just like these little girls! From princess to fairies and with hearts & flowers galore, you can t go wrong with these flighty and flashy girls! details
roxy girl big beatz dress -
She's a little princess that only rocks the color pink, right? Roxy Girl knows that's just not true, so it made her the Girls Big Beatz Dress to step away from those frilly stereotypes. This patterned dress is made from a blend of cotton with an oversized cowl-neck, so it hugs her with softness and shows off her easygoing side. details
roxy girl big beatz dress - girls
She's a little princess that only rocks the color pink, right? Roxy Girl knows that's just not true, so it made her the Girls Big Beatz Dress to step away from those frilly stereotypes. This patterned dress is made from a blend of cotton with an oversized cowl-neck, so it hugs her with softness and shows off her easygoing side. details
girls blue beastie monster
If you re girl is grrrr-tastic, then there's really only one costume that's right for her! One that she can dance in and be a little monstrous in. One that has some funky style but still has the teeth to back it up. And one with Poms! That's where this Girls Blue Beastie Monster costume comes in. With a tulle tutu and faux fur details, it's a look that's sure to let any girl be exactly the kind of monster she wants to be. details
frozen anna and elsa full print
Awww, how cute! It's a bit of sisterly love from the movie! These two Diseny Princesses are sharing a hug on the front of this Girls Frozen Anna And Elsa T-Shirt and nothing could be sweeter, except for seeing your little girl wearing this adorable shirt! It's great for any girl who loves Frozen. details
child deluxe rapunzel
What kind of girl is okay with being locked up in a tower all of her life? Not Rapunzel, that's for sure! She's the kind of girl who yearns for adventure. She's the kind of girl who needs to be with her friends in the Snuggly Duckling! She's the kind of girl who won t let a mean old witch like Gothel push her around! And we think that she's a pretty good role model for your little girl. This Deluxe Rapunzel Costume is a licensed Disney outfit for girls. Based on the movie, Tangled, this outfit comes with the rich purple colors worn by the spunky young princess. The pink accents also add a cute touch that will have your little one feeling just like a rea [...]. details
blossom powerpuff girl
Sugar, spice, and everything nice. And Chemical X! Those were the ingredients that Professor Utonium used when he was trying to make the perfect little girl. But of course, whenever you add Chemical X to any mix, you re in for a surprise. Or, in this case, three surprises called the Powerpuff Girls! Now you can show off your powerpuff love in this official Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costume, and protect Townsville from bad guys, at least until bedtime, that is. Of the three Powerpuff sisters, Blossom is usually the one calling the shots. She's tough, level-headed when the action starts, and a brilliant tactician. Plus, she has super ice breath, so she's ver [...]. details
medieval princess costume for
Becoming the princess of a Renaissance festival isn t easy! After all, there are plenty of little girls who are all vying for the title of princess. If you want your girl to stand out, then you re going to need to teach her all of the rules of being a princess, like being kind of heart, seeing the true beauty in people and remaining humble, despite being totally fabulous. Of course, she's going to need a really great dress to match her elegant personality and we have just the thing for her!This girls Medieval Princess costume is just the type of princess regalia that your little girl will need to stand out in the crowd! The dress has a lush and vivid f [...]. details
the ftdreg girls are great
Flower Delivery: The Ftd Girls Are Great! Bouquet
- There Is Nothing Sweeter Than The Arrival Of A Baby Girl. Congratulate The Family On Their New Addition With A Charming Whitewash Basket Filled With Pink Carnations, Matsumoto Asters And Asiatic Lilies Mixed With White Roses And Peruvian Lilies. The Mylar It's A Girl Balloon Is The Perfect Touch To Welcome The Little One, And Express Your Delight For The New Bundle Of Joy. Bouquet Sizes Are Approximate. Handmade & Delivered By Your Ftd Florist. details
dc comics girls super girl
Girls Super Girl Low. details
booksamerican girl book
Name: Books:American Girl Book Set; Age Group: Kids; Title: Kirsten Snowbound!, Venus, Tara, and the Big Game, Pet Journal; Author(s): The American Girls Collection, Cotsirilos, Teresa, American Girl; Genre: Children's Stories; Language: English; Condition: Fair Condition; Type: Hardcover Book, Paperback Book. details
oopsy daisy g is for girls canvas
Inject your daughter's room with some educational and fun girl power! Just like your little girl, with the combination of a sweet and calm background (gray and white) and a jolt of vibrant personality (magenta and silly activities), this artwork for g. details
precious moments baptism rosary
This adorable Precious Moments rosary keepsake box for girls features softly hued pink beads beautifully enclosed in a baptismal box adorned with a sweet baby girl. A special rosary to use when those little hands begin to learn to pray the Holy Rosary. A thoughtful gift selection for this most joyful occasion.  Baptized in His Name Precious Moments rosary set for girls Precious Moments rosary set for girls Pink pearl style rosary  Perfect for any baby girl Height: 3.25" Pearl style beads. details
red baby girl girl39s merry
Red Baby Girl Girl's Merry Christmas Kids Cotton Dots Casual Girls Tutu Outfits & Sets Dresses. details
rossignol fun girl j3 ski boot -
You ve been waiting for this day since she figured out how to walk: your pint-sized shredder has caught the ski-bug. Nurture that passion with the comfortable and progressive Rossignol Girls Fun Girl J3 Ski Boot to help her develop her skills for the times you won t be there to hold her hand. The Fun Girl is constructed with a warm Comfort Fit liner and Alveo bootboard insulation that ensures her feet feel warm all day while a narrow last holds little paws securely in place without pinching or squeezing. To provide a youngster-specific flex, Rossignol bi-injected the shell, creating a stiff lower boot and a more flexible upper cuff that's easy to get o [...]. details
rocker girl deluxe party
Our Rocker Girl Deluxe Party Pack features the words Rock Star along with a purple guitar and a pink heart with wings and a tiara above it The Rocker Girl deluxe party pack combines rock star images with a girly twist Let your girls become rock stars at your next birthday party and include this Rocker Girl Deluxe Birthday Party Pack Each party pack includes Rocker Girl Dinner Plates 8 Rocker Girl Luncheon Napkins 16 Rocker Girl 9 Ounce Cups 8 Candy Pink Plastic Cutlery 24 Classic Pink 54 wide x 108 long Plastic Table Cover 1 Hot Pink and White 11 Latex Balloons 12 of each 66 Black Curling Ribbon 1 18 x 54 Personalized Vinyl Banner Candy Stripe Candles [...]. details