spirits of the western
Justin Hayward, lead guitarist and vocalist of the legendary rock band, The Moody Blues, is one of the most prolific singer-songwriters in music. Winner of four ASCAP Awards, Justin's Nights In White Satin, Tuesday Afternoon, Question, The Voice, Your Wildest Dreams and I Know You're Out There Somewhere, name just a few of his worldwide hits. Performing and recording for more than 40 years with the band, during which the group has sold more than a phenomenal 60 million albums, Justin Hayward has been a driving force in the band's success. Spirits of the Western Sky, Justin's first solo album since 1996's The View From The Hill, features his trademark [...]. details

beyond the threshold of a dream a
Beyond the Threshold of a Dream, (A Journey into the Music of Justin Hayward), Written, Illustrated and Autographed by Helen Lindhout. Signed in ball point pen on the first page, Love Helen Lindhout, Sept. 2000. This book is beautifully illustrated with colorful pictures throughout. 178 pages of poetic and insightful writing. Helen takes you to places w Justin Hayward that can only be found in dreams. It truly is a book to be had by any Justin Hayward Moody Blues fan or collector to make your collection complete. It was published in South Africa and is in Excellent condition, and has only been opened to autograph. Guaranteed Authentic! SPECIAL NOTE: [...]. details