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Using matches as a metaphor in his art, Christian Bustamante also honors the match industry of Central America that has offered jobs to countless people since the 1950 s. The match symbolizes new ideas when everything else seems dark, with no beginning and no end, and without an exit, explains the Salvadoran artist. Then suddenly, a new idea revolutionizes everything and gives meaning to reality, and it gives it direction. This is what I tried to convey with the palette of colors that I chose. Bustamante refers to the bright light of the match being underscored by different shades of brown. Arrives stretched on fragrant cedarwood. Titled Ideas in Spani [...]. details
korg microarranger
With the microARRANGER keyboard you can quickly turn your ideas into songs, and also play your favorite songs with a full backing arrangement
- instantly. It makes it simple and easy to turn the hit songs in your head into hip songs for all to hear. Each time an original melody or tune comes to mind, it often requires substantial expertise, equipment, and time to turn that idea into a complete song. With Korg's microARRANGER you ll find it easier to get the same satisfaction of composing original music like what a professional musician or arranger gets. Even with modest keyboard skills, you can simply choose a musical Style to match your idea, tap in the [...]. details
40 days 40 ways a new look at
Move beyond the typical "giving something up" and take a fresh look at Lent. Marcellino D'Ambrosio offers forty ideas, activities, and devotions designed to strengthen your spiritual life and help Catholics get the most out of Lent. Each idea is accompanied by a short reflection expanding its deeper spiritual meaning and a challenge to help you incorporate that idea in practical ways. Some of the forty ways are: Get up earlier and spend your first fifteen minutes of the day thanking God for the gift of life and offering your day to Him Find a biography of a saint you like and read it during Lent Pray each day for the intentions and health [...]. details
green living personal
Green Living Personal Checks will show your concern for our environment and encourage others to go green as well. This series features images of a barren versus green earth, cute carbon footprints, the idea of saving earth's resources rather than squandering them, and the idea of sustainability, of growing rather than destroying. Spread the awareness and simplicity of green ideas with Green Living Personal Checks. Available in single and duplicate check format. Matching address labels and a coordinating checkbook cover are also available. details
tattoo ideas magazine
Every issue of TATTOO IDEAS includes hundreds of exclusive designs, created by professional artists for readers to choose a real tattoo from. TATTOO IDEAS us a much-imitated, permanent fixture in Tattoo and Body Art studios everywhere. details
the office horse boat horseboat
Show the world that you re filled with thousands of good ideas by ordering this officially licensed The Office t-shirt! The blue tee features a print of Dwight Schrute's brilliant patent-pending idea, the Horseboat. details
craft ideas magazine
Crafts Ideas is the only general craft magazine on the market at the moment which incorporates lots of different types of crafts into every issue. Each magazine will include a variety of methods and project ideas including sewing, needlework, paper crafts, stamping, painting, flower arranging, clay and beading. Craft Ideas magazine will offer readers useful resources as well as essential tips and guides. These are essential for any budding crafter who wants some more inspiration for their next project. details
wedding ideas magazine
Wedding Ideas magazine is dedicated to helping you plan your big day, no matter what your budget, style or theme. Every issue is packed with inspiration…each issue features more real weddings than you'll find anywhere else, and ideas for every aspect of the day including the dress, flowers, cake, last-minute touches and much much more. details
crayola art collection big
A collection of essential colors in a bright box. All of your favorites organized into one beautifully organized box. Features three drawers with the following items included: 24 Crayons, 12 markers, 12 colored pencils, 4 pieces of modeling clay, 25 sheets of colored paper, and an idea starter booklet. details
practical farm ideas magazine
Purchase a subscription to: Practical Farm Ideas magazine, the most comprehensive source of cost-cutting ideas for farmers in the UK. It features innovative machinery built and adapted in farm workshops, workshop methods and techniques which cut costs, time and frustration as well as In-depth financial, management and farm diversification reports. Practical Farm Ideas magazine is unique in that it carries no display or classified advertising. Each issue of Practical Farm Ideas Magazine includes all the latest news and information from the world of farming. It brings all up date news from world wide agricultural developments and technology. This magazine [...]. details
The perfect source of inspiration and practical advice featuring the entire garden space, from layout and design to furniture, plants and maintenance. Backyard Design Ideas is an information-packed magazine dedicated to bringing you the most innovative ideas for turning your backyard into the ultimate lifestyle arena. details
magformers carnival
Bring your circus ideas to life and become a ringmaster with the award-winning Carnival set. Learn to build a Ferris wheel, Carousel and other great circus rides! Add accessories to your geometric shapes and design whirling, spinning creations. Design and build carnival thrill rides with this comprehensive set! Includes 12 triangle (2"H), 24 square (2.5x2.5"), and 2 hexagonal (4.5x4.5") Magformers.  Also includes 2 figures, (1.5"H), 2 y-shaped supports (7.5"H), oval base (9.5x6") & idea book. Ages 6+Not suitable for children under 3 yrsFeatures3 Geometric shapes.8 Accessory Pieces. Step-by-step idea booklet with builds from all of Rainbow range. Compatib [...]. details
clicformers speed wheel
Build your own race cars with the Clicformers Speed Wheel Set! The Speed Wheel Set contains 22 building blocks and 12 accessory pieces. With the speed wheel set, your child will be having races all day long!Clicformers construction toys are ideal for the development of eye-hand-coordination of children aged 4-12. Once you’re done following along with the enclosed idea booklet you can work to build your own ideas!Clicformers sets are compatible with each other and let you build with endless possibilities! Clicformers is perfect for STEM education and when playtime is over, use the clicking mechanism to simply stack and store. Let's click and play.  D [...]. details
try something new 100 ways to
Personalized Gift: Try Something New: 100 Ways to Spend Time Together Book. Finally, The Answer To The Age Old Question: What Do You Want To Do Tonight? Try Something New Is A Journal Idea Book That Gives You 100 Different Ways To Enjoy, Discover And Create Excitement For A Couple. Try Something New Has Ideas For Every Couple, No Matter Your Age, Budget Or Interests. details
period ideas magazine
A subscription to Period Ideas magazine is an essential monthly read for the traditional home lover who is looking to be inspired with beautiful and traditional interior designs for their home. With 180 pages of advice and inspiration, Period Ideas magazine is the biggest traditional homes magazine on the market with the stunning interior designs and home photography from the experts. Every issue of Period Ideas magazine covers everything from the bricks-and-mortar of renovation to the most beautiful interiors; you'll find every issue full of practical wisdom and design suggestions from some of the UK's leading experts. details
the novel ideas
. details
v for vendetta grand heritage
Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea. and ideas are bulletproof. Are you ready to fight for the good of mankind in a costume that screams mystery and style? The V for Vendetta Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume will leave you looking just like V just don't let it go to your head. Sure this costume will make you want to fight evil governments but also bad parties anywhere they may pop up. Swoop in with your daggers and steal delicious food right out of the hands of party guests. Ok that's probably not such a good idea but this costume will leave you with a lot of opportunities for getting into character. [...]. details
modern gardens magazine
Inspiring gardening ideas
- no green fingers required!If you want your garden to look as stylish as your home and are looking for simple ideas that won't cost the earth then you need our NEW Modern Gardens magazine. Every issue is overflowing with easy ideas, inspiring and easy to maintain reader gardens, the latest stylish trends, shopping hints and simple upcycling projects. Modern Gardens is your monthly fix to help you create a more beautiful outdoor space. details
Sound Ideas: Activities for the Percussion Circle. details
prospect magazine
Prospect magazine brings you the big ideas of the day from the world's sharpest minds. Here's 5 reasons why you should join today:1. To be the first to understand the big ideas that are shaping our world2. For independent thinking and debate
- you won't find the party line here3. For in-depth analysis on the big issues by the world's best writers
- key ideas get the coverage they deserve4. To get all the angles on complex questions, giving you the tools to form your own opinion5. To see who 'got it right' in our online archive
- for example, what was Gordon Brown saying about Britishness and the future of the Union in 2005? "Pros [...]. details
bi2608 bright ideas cellophane
Bright Ideas Cellophane. Available in Clear or assorted packs. details
geometric ideas 2012
. details
hal leonard amazing phrasing -
For any tenor saxophone player interested in learning how to improvise and how to improve their creative phrasing. The ideas are divided into 3 main sections: Harmony
- explores scales, arpeggios, chord substitutions, harmonic embellishments, and other harmonic phrasing ideas; Rhythm
- covers legato tonguing, swing feel, rhythmic displacement, how to manipulate time and other aspects of rhythmic phrasing; Melody
- discusses contour lines, making patterns musical, developing a motif, building a solo, and many other melodic phrasing ideas. Includes CD. details
crafts beautiful magazine
If you are crazy about crafts, a magazine subscription to Crafts Beautiful is the perfect magazine for you. You'll find something to tempt you from the choice of inspirational projects from the UK's top craft designers. Each issue contains a free pull-out pattern pack and regular free books throughout the year. Crafts Beautiful magazine is the perfect choice magazine for people looking for creative ideas for crafts, craft products, craft sales ideas, and special occasion craft ideas. Crafts Beautiful magazine comes with ideas on different topics like beading, painting, paper craft, stitching, computer & digital arts, etc in every issue of a subs [...]. details
bi2600 bright ideas cellophane clr
Bright Ideas Cellophane. Available in Clear or assorted packs. details
children39s ministry magazine
Changing the lives of children together. Get hundreds of ideas to create a program that'll have kids begging to come back! Each bi-monthly issue provides: Practical ideas, seasonal lessons, volunteer training, crafts, games, new product reviews, reproducible parent and teacher pages, spiritual encouragement. details
all you magazine
All You magazine focuses on practical and affordable ideas like budget-friendly recipes, smart shopping strategies and using high-value coupons on products. Features in All You magazine include hair and beauty ideas you don't need a make-up artist or a million dollars to achieve and fashion for real women's bodies. First published in 2004. details
hal leonard amazing phrasing -
For any trumpet player interested in learning how to improvise and how to improve their creative phrasing. The 50 ideas are divided into three main sections: Harmony
- explores scales, arpeggios, chord substitutions, harmonic embellishments, and other harmonic phrasing ideas; Rhythm
- covers legato tonguing, swing feel, rhythmic displacement, how to manipulate time, and other aspects of rhythmic phrasing; Melody
- discusses contour lines, making patterns musical, developing a motif, building a solo, and many other melodic phrasing ideas. Includes accessible online audio. details
hal leonard ultimate guitar
This superb DVD explores the very important techniques of string bending and vibrato, and the mechanics involved to achieve a more professional sound to your playing. With clear step-by step-instruction, Michael shows the do's and don ts of what's needed and then explores ideas derived from rock, country, blues and even whammy bar usage. Lessons are for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. This DVD comes complete with a backing track and a performance which is broken down note for note, so that you can use each idea in your own playing. details