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mayliland gymnastikbetrieb sport
Kompabilität:iPhone 4,iPhone 4/4S,iPhone 3G/3GS,iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iTouch 5,iPhone 5; Eigenschaften:Sportarmband; Material:Nylon,Carbonfaser; Stil:Volltonfarbe; Farbe:WeiÃ,Schwarz,Rosa,Blau; MaÃe (cm):40 x 15 x 1; Peso Neto (kg):0.01. details
mayliland gym running sport arm
Compatibility:iPhone 5S,iPhone 5C,iTouch 5,iPhone 5,iPhone 4,iPhone 4/4S,iPhone 3G/3GS; Features:Sports Armband; Material:Nylon,Carbon Fiber; Style:Solid Color; Color:Pink,Blue,White,Black; Dimensions (cm):40 x 15 x 1; Weight (kg):0.01. details
kitty cat hard back cover for
Fits iPhone 4 &amp. iPhone 4S perfectly. Protection from drops, bumps, dirt, scratches and other damage. All functions and buttons accessible without removing case. Adds durability and style without compromising function and ease of use. Made of high quality, durable material. Will not slip off, break, or crack. No assembly or adjustments to iPhone 4 &amp. iPhone 4S necessary. Is exactly as it appears in photos. details