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kidney care capsules - 90
Kidney health can be critical for the overall health of the body. Kidney failure is often linked to problems occurring in other organs and systems that lead to diseases and common ailments.*TN Vitamins Kidney Care contains a unique combination of vitamins & herbs to help promote healthy kidney function. Contains cranberry concentrate, which is known to protect the bladder from bacteria and help prevent urinary tract infection.*. details
cystatin-c blood
Cystatin-C Item Catalog Number: LC121251 Cystatin-C is mainly used as a biomarker of kidney function. It has also been suggested that cystatin-C might predict the risk of developing chronic kidney disease, thereby signaling a state of preclinical kidney dysfunction. details
solaray kidney sp-6 - 100
A Natural Blend Of Herbs To Support Healthy Kidney s. details
Promotes kidney functioning and urinary system health. details
petalive kidney
Herbal remedy for cats and dogs to promotes kidney and urinary tract health. details
medlabusa liver and kidney
Individuals On High Protein Diets Should Monitor Kidney Function On A Regular Basis. details
kidney stone
Homeopathic remedy to help dissolve and clear kidney stones, plus relieve pain, nausea & vomiting. details
Creatinine is a metabolic waste product eliminated by the kidneys via urine. Blood levels might be elevated in reduced kidney function due to diabetes, hypertension, infection, hypotension, etc. It is useful to evaluate kidney status. details
This test evaluates kidney function and clearance of creatinine from body. It is essential in end-stage kidney disease to assess function and adjust medication dosage. details
creatinine 24-hour
Creatinine is measured in a 24 hour urine sample to evaluate kidney function and calculate the glomerular filteration rate. It might be reduced in kidney failure and increased post exercise and fever. details
chi39s enterprise kidney
Chi's Enterprise Kidney Chi, 120 caps Chi's Kidney Chi is an all natural formula containing herbs traditionally used to support kidney health, and to remedy various bladder disorders.  Kidney Chi contains the following herbal extracts:  • Lygodium Japonicum  • Smilax china • Centella asiatica • Plantago asiatica Traditional Uses • In traditional Chinese medicine, lygodium has both sweet and cold properties and is associated with the bladder and small intestine. Its primary functions are to clear heat and regualte urination, and it was used to treat conditions such as urinary tract stones, frequent urination, dysuria, and sore t [...]. details