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11-pc knife
11 piece knife set consists of: chef knife, slicing knife, santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife & cutting board. Non-stick coating, red handles & white cutting board with red band. Guards included with all knives. details
ragalta plks-2200 11pc knife block
Ragalta PLKS-2200 11pc Knife Block Set Type: Cutlery Sets Set Includes: 1-8 Chef knIfe 1-7 Santoku knife 1-8 Bread knife 1-5 Utlity knife 1-3.5 Paring knife 6-4.5 steak knife 1-black block Quantity: 11-Piece. details
soft touch knife block set
Oneida, 12 piece, soft touch knife set, includes 8 carving knife, 8 chef knife, 5 mini chef knife, 5 utility knife, 3 paring knife, six 4-1/2 steak knifes & block, high carbon serrated blades never need sharpening, fully forget bolster for superior balance, soft touch ergonomically designed handle, lifetime warranty. details
Dr. Shrink Shrink Wrap Knife and Strapping Knife (all-in-one) The Shrink Wrap Knife and Strapping Knife is dual-purpose knife: One side is designed for your woven cord strap cutting and the other to make clean, smooth, even cuts for the shrink wrap. The DS-008 includes a spare blade for each end (stored inside the housing). details
essentialsreg 3-pc knife
The Chicago Cutlery® company knows knives. This 3-piece cutlery set includes three kitchen essentials: chef knife, utility, knife and parer. The indispensable chef knife has a broad blade. The mid-size utility knife is great for cutting sandwiches and larger veggies. And the paring knife, perfect for intricate work, has a tapered blade. details
kershaw rj tactical 30 assisted
Designed by renowned knife maker, RJ Martin, along with Kershaw's seasoned engineers, the Kershaw RJ Tactical 3.0 Knife shines as a premium example of custom knife design and utility knife performance meant for gritty cutting work. details
14-piece knife set with hardwood
Featuring durable handles that won t crack or chip and full tang for balance, this 14-piece knife set with hardwood storage block will meet all your culinary needs and more. Import.undefinedundefinedSet includes 7 inch santoku knife, 8 inch chef knife, 8 inch bread knife, 5 inch utility knife, 3.5 inch pairing knife, six 4.5 inch steak knives, kitchen scissors and sharpening toolundefinedundefined. details
cuisinart advantage knife
. details
lem products mundial 4 piece
ThisEM Mundial 4 Piece Hunter's Knife Set includes all the knives you need for processing your own deer. A 3-1/4 caping knife, 6 curved boning knife, 8 steak knife and a 10 sharpening steel. details
bantam pocket
A simple knife with a large knife blade and a combination tool. This 8-function knife is sleek and compact and will fit nicely in your pocket. details
climber pocket
Our best selling mid size knife with sought after scissors. A perfect knife to fit in your pocket, put in your glove box, or take on a trip. This knife has 14 functions which will get used often. details
walnut traditionreg 3-pc knife
Master chefs don’t rely on a single knife
- they use specific knives for specific cutting tasks. This Chicago Cutlery® chef’s knife set includes a parer, boning utility knife and chef knife. Triple-compression brass rivets provide added safety and stability. And the stainless steel blades resist pitting, staining and rusting. details
vividtrade 3-pc knife
This Chicago Cutlery® Vivid™ knife set has three sizes, three colors, and innumerable uses. The set includes a red chef knife, yellow utility knife and green parer. The knives all have non-stick stainless steel blades that make cutting easier than ever. Plus, their soft-grip handles are super comfortable. details
gerber eab lite folding clip
The Gerber Exchange-A-Blade (EAB) pocket knife combines the convenience of a pocket knife with the durable cutting ability of a utility knife. details
blacktip five-piece knife set with
Blacktip Five-Piece Knife Set with Sharpener Everything you need to cut bait, bone your catch and filet your meal is included in this set—-even a sharpener to maintain the edge of your knives! Includes a 2 1/2 bait knife, 6 fillet knife, 6 curved boning knife and 9 chunk knife. These BlackTip Titanium-Bonded knives feature ergonomic handles with nonslip grip and Microban antimicrobial protection. Comes with ballistic nylon carrying case. details
victorinox 3-piece utility knife
Victorinox 3-Piece Utility Knife Set A great knife set to have in any galley. Comes complete with a 4 utility knife, 3 serrated paring knife and a 3 straight edge paring knife. details
nrs voss
With a quick flick of the wrist, you spring the NRS Voss Knife forth from its easy-to-carry folded position into a rescue-ready knife. Designed to combine the convenience of a folding knife with the functionality of a full-size blade, the Voss is a must-have for any paddler who seeks thrills in serious whitewater. details
case red bone knife -
The Case Red Bone Knife offers your favorite pocket-style knife from America sargest knife manufacturer. details
case red bone knife -
The Case Red Bone Knife features your favorite pocket-style knife from America sargest knife manufacturer. details
explorer pocket
This unique knife is ideal for outdoor exploration. It features a unique magnifying glass along with a Phillips screwdriver which provides more added torque than our standard one found on most of our other knives. A 16 function mid size knife is the only knife beside the SwissChamp which comes with a magnifying glass. In addition, it is the only knife which comes with both a corkscrew and Phillips screwdriver. details
tinker pocket
This is our best-selling mid-size knife. Perfect for the Do It Yourself person who always needs a tool to fix things. This 12-function knife is the perfect knife and tool for everyday use. details
fullertontrade 3-pc knife
This 3-piece Chicago Cutlery® knife set makes a great gift
- and a great addition to your own kitchen. It includes a chef knife, utility knife and parer, all with exceptional style and dependable precision. Fullerton™ knives, with their contoured handles, are designed to enhance your cooking experience. details
west towntrade 8 chef
Hold this Chicago Cutlery chef knife in your hand and you may feel ready to compete on a TV cook-off competition! The sturdy knife has the heft you need to handle demanding cutting jobs. Its curved handle lets you control the knife with confidence. details
5 piece laguiole kitchen knife
Whether carving a roast, chopping vegetables or slicing a loaf of fresh bread the French Home kitchen knife set is perfect for all your food preparation needs. Five piece set includes a chef's knife,carving knife, bread knife, utility knife and paring knife. The traditional French Laguiole design add an elegance to your kitchen and inspiration to your cooking. Attractive magnetic wood display for the knives makes them visible and easily accessible. The bee emblem on the knife signifies the Laguiole design. Laguiole is a town in the Aveyron region of southern France where this style originated. Stainless Steel and Acrylic. Import.undefinedundefinedDishw [...]. details
west towntrade 3-pc knife
This knife set includes three different knives
- each for different kitchen tasks. Use the chef's knife for heavy-duty cutting boards. The utility knife will come in handy for a variety of everyday tasks, such as cutting sandwiches. And the parer is perfect for cutting that requires more precision. details
3-pc utility knife
3 Piece, Utility Knife Set, Ideal Item For Outdoor Use Like Camping, Fishing, Backpacking, Hiking, Includes 3-1/4 Paring Knife With A Spear Point Blade, 4 Utility Knife With A Spear Point Blade, Along With A 3-1/4 Serrated Edge Paring Knife, Everyday Knives For A Variety Of Applications, Lifetime Warranty. details
uncle henry smokey lockback pocket
A tough and durable knife with a traditional design, the Uncle Henry Smokeyockback knife puts a classicook and feel in your hands. This knife combines a 2.9 7CR17 high carbon stainless steel clip point blade with a classic Rosewoo. details
ontario knife company sp-24 usn-1
The Ontario Knife Company's USN-1 Survival Knife is part of the Spec Plus Next Generation series designed for tactical, military, emergency medical, and sporting use. details
morakniv pro s fixed blade
Morakniv based their Pro S Fixed Blade Knife on proven Scandinavian design, making it an ideal hunting knife, or an all-round camping knife for a variety of outdoor work. details