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how i met your mother hoser hut
Throw on the How I Met Your Mother t-shirt Hoser Hut that comes in 100% cotton. It's only right to agree that if Robin wants to go to Canada for a bit, Marshall can make that happen at the Hoser Hut karaoke joint, where friendly donuts flow, lights are always on (unless Marshall hits them) and crash-test dummies are a favorite cover! Choose a How I Met Your Mother TV show shirt, and it's home, sweet home. details

Motel Marshall, TX is conveniently located off Interstate 20. Less than 3 miles from Marshall Civic Center. Enjoy our outdoor pool May
- September, WiFi available in all guest rooms for $2.99 per 24 hours, and a pet friendly environment. details
flexy hose
Flexy hose coupling fixer Fear leaky hose ends no more! Flexible hose attachments bypass worn, dented and damaged hose end threads to repair and restore the connection, making it drip-free once again. Attaches to,1/2,,5/8 and,3/4 hose ends. Set of two. details
brass hose
Brass hose elbowTake some of the work out of watering your garden or washing your car. This angled brass hose attachment connects to any standard outdoor spigot, making it easier to screw or unscrew the hose. The simple yet practical gadget also allows the hose to hang vertically, keeping it from crimping, kinking and tangling. Fits any standard hose.2+�L x 1+�W x 1+�H. details
wicker hose
Hide your hose, tangle-free. Now keep it, don't see it, where you need it! Simply coil up to 100 ft. of hose inside the elegant tapered body, put on the lid and the hose disappears. Resin, steel, 141/2 D bottom, 18 4/16 top. details
suncast 175 ft hose reel cart
Suncast .175 ft. hose capacity features Slide Trak hose guide to make winding unwinding easier and Easy Link system for watertight connection between hose reel and hose. details
Keep your hose untangled and easy to find. Say goodbye with confidence to hose tangles, twists, and loose piles that create an unsightly mess in your yard! Hose hanger hooks over any outdoor spigot creating a convenient spot for storing a coiled hose neatly off the ground. Plastic, 3 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 10 1/2. details