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african wood mask harvest chief
The Gabogi people of Nigeria celebrate a good harvest during the Mashgu Festival, when the chief wears the Bariwa or Authority mask. Impressed by its beauty, Abdul Aziz Mohamadu creates a faithful replica as he carves the mask from African African rubberwood. The mask is embellished with painted details, embossed aluminum and white clay. details
african mask messenger of peace
A master of traditional African design, Godfred France creates an elegant mask that arises from his own imagination. Its serene shape is harmonious with big, round eyes, red lips and a rounded headdress. But it is the rich color that distinguishes this handcrafted work of art. The African mask is named Ejorle, a Ga word that means peace. details
african wood mask merci
Hand-carved from African rubberwood, this mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu honors the customs and traditions of Benin's Barimba people. They give the mask to their guests at their thanksgiving festival. Mohamadu decorates this impressive mask with red painted details as well as brass and aluminum. He calls the mask Merci, the French word for thank you. details
african wood mask excellent
Meaning whistle, the Fito mask is worn by the Hausa people of Nigeria to celebrate a good harvest. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu honors Hausa art and customs with a magnificent African rubberwood replica, which he carves and paints by hand. Embossed aluminum details further embellish this traditional African mask. details
african wood mask kahlilia
Abdul Aziz Mohamadu creates the original design of the Kahlilia mask. Meaning sincere friend in Swahili (Kenya), the brown, black, and yellow mask is detailed with a traditional hat. The African rubberwood mask is carved by hand and expertly adorned with painted details. details
african mask painted bird
By Anna Yawson, this colorful mask depicts a bearded man. A bird alights on the head and reaches down with a gentle beak as though protecting this noble personage. Carved by hand from seasoned sese wood, this African mask is the artisan's own design. details
african wood mask gaisuwa
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african mask elephant protector
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african wood mask be patient
Quiet features practice patience in this elegant African mask to hang on the wall. Adorned with richly embossed aluminum, the design arises from the artisan Rita Addo Zakour's own imagination. She names the mask Ntoboase, Patience in the Akan language. details
african beaded wood mask asomdwoe
Rays of sun adorn this asomdwoe mask in an original design by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. Meaning peace in the Akan language, the African rubber wood mask is carved by hand featuring ornate aluminum on the nose. Dazzling beadwork in red, black, green, white, yellow and blue complement the painted details of this wonderful mask. details
african mask proud antelope
Powerful in its beauty, this African mask boasts tall horns that form a heart, symbolizing love. The cheeks are embellished with finely embossed aluminum, and the mask is artfully painted by hand. An original design by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu, it receives applications of clay for a vintage effect. details
african mask haji
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ghanaian wood mask love me
A stately beauty pervades a mask with innate dignity. Regal yet not imperious, a personage wears a tall headdress. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu transforms native African rubberwood into an African mask of his own design. He names it Sooni, a Hausa word meaning Love Me. details
african wood mask marsona
Eyes slightly closed in hope, this mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu reflects the customs of the Omanzinbe people of Amanasa, in Nigeria. Known as Marsona, (accept me in your heart), this romantic mask is carved by hand from African rubberwood , adorned with aluminum plates and painted red and green. details
african mask honesty
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african mask baule he monkey
A powerful bush spirit, a male mbra crowns this African mask. These monkey images are both frightening and powerful. Carving native sese wood, Salihu Ibrahim crafts a mask from the Baule people of Ivory Coast. details
african mask sankofa bird
A bird perches atop this elongated mask by Godfred France, and leans forward to caress the forehead with its beak. Adorned with white clay and polished brass, this mask is the artisan's own design. He names it Sankofa II for the West African adinkra symbol that means learn from the past. details
african mask understanding lovers
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ghanaian wood mask honesty
Handcrafted with traditional Ghanaian techniques, this elegant African mask is a modern design by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. He carves it from seasoned African rubberwood and adds bold color. Arising from the artisan's imagination, this elegant mask is named Sahamo, a Hausa word meaning Honesty. details
african wood mask mende
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african beaded wood mask maame
Kobina Asmah honors African mothers with the original design of this attractive mask. In the Akan language, Ama is the name usually given to a woman born on a Saturday, and Maame means mother. Asmah carves the sese wood mask by hand and adorns it with colorful glass beads and embossed aluminum on the forehead. details
african wood mask alibarkana
The Alibarkana mask is an original design by Ghanaian artisan Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. Meaning Bless Me in the Hausa language, the mask is carved by hand from African rubberwood and adorned with brass and embossed aluminum. Mohamadu completes the design with painted details in green, orange, white and black. details
african mask new love
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african wood mask hogbeza
Ghana's Abdul Aziz Mohamadu creates the original design of this mask, which he names Hogbeza, the Ewe term for together we build. Mohamadu carves the African rubberwood by hand and decorates it with painted details including black lips and brown open eyes. Copper wires complete the handsome appeal of this mask. details
african mask gold coast
Ovals align on her forehead, echoing the motifs on her headdress. Painted in yellow, white and black, this enchanting African mask is the work of Ali Mohammed. He carves it from seasoned sese wood and adds the colors by hand to an original design. details
ghanaian wood mask bird man
Carved by hand from African African rubberwood, this handsome mask is decorated with colorful beads. A bird on the forehead is a symbol of victory. Birds once destroyed their crops, but the Mamprusi people of Northern Ghana have overcome this problem with the help of the gods. Therefore they use this mask to give thanks for a bumper crop. Their harvest celebrations are very important, says artisan Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. details
african wood mask zurufi
Colorful beads adorn a mask of bereaved expression by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. Among the Hausa people of Nigeria, such masks are given to a widow or widower, he explains. They believe the spirit of the mask will give the bereaved person a large heart to deal with the pain of loss. Anytime he or she sets eyes on this mask, the grieving one will get some inner peace. Mohamadu carves the African rubberwood mask by hand and adorns it with recycled glass beads. He names the piece Zurufi, a Hausa word meaning Deep Heart. details
togolese wood mask scarecrow
Tall and imposing, this colorful mask is created by Ghana's Abdul Aziz Mohamadu. Gleaming brass and colorful beads adorn the handsome piece. These masks are used by farmers of the Kabire tribe in Togo, where they serve the purpose of a scarecrow, he explains. Carved and painted by hand, the mask is crafted of seasoned African African rubberwood. details
african mask dan protector
With attentive eyes and an open mouth, a youthful personage seems to listen intently. This African mask by Emmanuel Opoku Asante is framed with raffia hair. Among the Dan people of Ghana, such masks are used to regulate disagreements and to protect children, he explains. details