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metra 44ua42 shark fin style roof
This Metra 44 UA42 amplified antenna mounts to the roof of your car and features a rubber design for durability. details
metra 99-3301 iso mount radio
Metra 99 3301 Install kits are manufactured from OEM quality ABS plastic designed to leave no gaps between the dash and the kit. details
metra tyto01 wiring harness for
The Metra TYTO 01 amplifier turn on interface lets you install an aftermarket receiver into select ToyotaLexus vehicles without bypassing the premium factory system. details
metra op1380 qwesterphase linear
Make your radio installation quick and easy with this Metra radio wiring harness. It has a plug on one end that inserts into the back of the radio, and a universal plug on the other end that connects to the Metra vehicle wiring harness. There are no bare wires to join and solder just plug it in and youre ready to go. The wiring harness has all the necessary power and speaker wires built in, and the high grade ABS plastic plugs provide a perfect connection. A vehicle specific harness is required to connect the vehicles wiring harness to the radio. details
metra turbokit 99-5802 ford
Metra Turbokit 99 5802 innovative kit will fit 1999 Ford vehicles as well as earlier Ford models, built in Pocket with a Purpose that will hold a CD case. details
metra xsvi5520nav interface
Upgrade your vehicleaposs sound system with an aftermarket radio while retaining RAP retained accessory power with this Metra CAN interface that is designed for use with select 2006 and later Ford vehicles. details