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Though we heavily rely on historical performance, the figures reported in this report are not historical but are forecasts and projections for the coming fiscal year. The forecasts are updated quarterly. This particular report was updated in the last quarter. In order to maintain comparability over time and across companies and countries, we use an index system. In the case of a firm's assets, we treat the total assets as equaling 100, irrespective of the value of the local currency. All other assets are then calculated as a percent from total assets. In this way, the structure of the firm's assets can be easily interpreted and compared with inte [...]. details
physical asset
Physical asset management is the management of fixed or non-current assets such as equipment and plant. Physical Asset Management presents a systematic approach to the management of these assets from concept to disposal. The general principles of physical asset management are discussed in a manner which makes them accessible to a wide audience, and covers all stages of the asset management process, including: initial business appraisal; identification of fixed asset needs; financial evaluation; logistic support analysis; life cycle costing; maintenance strategy; outsourcing; cost-benefit analysis; disposal; and renewal. Physical Asset Management addres [...]. details
oracle e-business suite a fixed
Oracle E-Business: A Fixed Asset Perspective Oracle E-Business Suite provides organizations with the most comprehensive and complete integrated global business applications. Oracle E-Business is Fixed Asset Perspective that bridges the gap between integration, functionality, technical, setup and maintenance, and data conversion. This is the one-stop for all Oracle Assets related data. This book begins with an overview of the various enhancements to the application by release. The first major section covers the integration of Oracle Assets with other Oracle Financial applications as well as with other Asset Lifecycle Management applications. Next fun [...]. details
40 developmental assets tablet
Need multiple copies of the 40 Developmental Assets list for your next asset-building event? This full-color tablet contains 50 sheets of the entire asset list with descriptions in English on one side, Spanish on the other! These attractive handouts are a great way to spread the asset message and are perfect for use as information sheets at meetings, inserts for community awareness mailings, posters to hang inside lockers, or "fridge-friendly" take-home pieces for students. details
asset protection  concepts and
Strategies that are effective and legal for putting one’s assets safely out of reach In today’s increasingly litigious world, the shielding of assets has become a prominent issue for financial planners, business owners, and high-net-worth individuals. Asset Protection details methods that are both legally and morally legitimate for protecting one’s assets from creditors, lawsuits, and scams. Bringing economic common sense and legitimacy to an area that is drowning in gimmickry, two of today’s top lawyers examine the fundamental issues in this growing area, avoiding dense legalese to make the book accessible to anyone. Asset Protection [...]. details
home asset
Home Asset Manager stores up-to-date information on all your assets, their values, warranty information and locations. In the event of a natural disaster, theft or other unfortunate event, Home Asset Manager provides a detailed listing of every asset you own. Home Asset Manager is "there when you need it most"! details
there may be trouble ahead a
Patent assets are currently important strategic business tools. Their presence or absence can make or break technology-based companies. Patent asset management has therefore become a core responsibility within companies. This book discusses in a lucid manner the elements that need to be covered to ensure that patent assets are used to their full potential. It provides simple and practical management tools to realize alignment of patent, business, and research & development strategies. Additionally, this book will help managers understand why any decision regarding patent assets needs to be an informed business decision, and how these assets can contrib [...]. details
being sued the insider secrets of
There are plenty of asset protection books that cover concepts that can work in calm times, years in advance, however, few asset protection books address the biggest problem: what do you do when you have not done the planning you should have done and now you are looking down the barrel of a contingent-attorney lawsuit? Few events can trigger the emotion of distrust and animosity of the system designed to be fair and just. Just imagine the reaction of your attacker when suddenly your assets are no longer accessible
- even with a judgement. They are safe now because you have avoided fraudulant conveyence and even the judge cannot demand a clawback. [...]. details
developmental assets and
Developmental Assets and Asset-Building Communities examines the relationships of developmental assets to other approaches and bodies of work. It raises challenges about the asset-building approach and offers recommendations for how this approach can be strengthened and broadened in impact and research. In doing so, this book extends the scholarly base for the understanding of the character and scope of the systemic relation between young people's healthy development and the nature of developmentally attentive communities. The chapters in this volume present evidence that asset-building communities both promote and are promoted by positive youth deve [...]. details
investment valuation tools and
Investment Valuation Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset Valuation is at the heart of every investment decision, whether that decision is to buy, sell, or hold. But the pricing of any financial asset has become a more complex task in modern financial markets. Now completely revised and fully updated to reflect changing market conditions, Investment Valuation, Second Edition, provides expert instruction on how to value virtually any type of asset-stocks, bonds, options, futures, real assets, and much more. Noted valuation authority and acclaimed NYU finance professor Aswath Damodaran uses real-world examples and the most current [...]. details
the handbook of alternative
This book discusses and describes four types of alternative assets: hedge funds, private equity, credit derivatives, and commodity futures. Hedge funds and private equity are the best known of the alternative assets, but certainly not the only alternative assets available. The author explores each one of these alternative asset classes in detail, providing practicaal advice along with useful research. details
the little book that saves your
If you’ve ever wondered how investors continue to see substantial market-beating investment returns with portfolios that just seem to grow and grow, The Little Book that Saves Your Assets: What the Rich Do to Stay Wealthy in Up and Down Markets will reveal some secrets. David Darst, also known as Mr. Asset Allocations, shows you how to use savvy asset allocation strategies that you can use to invest like the rich do. This dynamic and easy-to-understand book allows you to rethink your asset allocation strategies and make the leap from mediocre to stellar returns. details