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omron ne-c801 lightweight
Omron is one of the world's largest nebulizer compressor manufacturers, with a reputation for making top-quality, super-dependable nebulizer systems. The Omron NEC801 nebulizer compressor is a brilliant, fresh idea from Omron! It weighs only 10 oz!
- less than 1 lb! Yet it performs just as well as their heavier, bulkier nebulizer compressors. Nebulizer compressors have been known to be noisy and difficult to transport, but the Omron NE-C801 breaks away from the pack. Thanks to Omron's unique Virtual Valve Technology, the NEC801 nebulizer compressor weighs only 9.5 oz and is the new benchmark for traditional compressors. The Omron NEC801 nebulizer compr [...]. details
omron ne-u22v microair ultrasonic
Omron Healthcare has introduced the world's smallest cordless nebulizer, the Omron MircoAir NE-U22V. Similar in size to the latest cellular phones, the NE-U22V is feature packed with the latest technology. Totally silent and able to operate in virtually any position, the Omron NE-U22V can be used by adults as well as infants. The MicroAir can be used with undiluted medication. The NE-U22V's electronic Vibrating Mesh Technology creates a dense therapeutic aerosol that assures effective delivery of medication. The metal alloy mesh cap is resistant to corrosion. The Omron MircoAir NE-U22V will operate continuously for over 4 hours (approximately 40-50 tre [...]. details
omron healthcare hr-310 heart rate
Omron Healthcare HR-310 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
- Manufacturer: Omron Healthcare
- Mfg Part Number: HR-310
- Condition: New
- Packaging: Retail. details
omron healthcare hr-210 heart rate
Omron Healthcare HR-210 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
- Manufacturer: Omron Healthcare
- Mfg Part Number: HR-210
- Condition: New
- Packaging: Retail. details
omron u22-5 ac adapter for
Omron U22-5 AC Adapter for NE-U22. details
omron u22-3 medication bottle for
Omron U22-3 Medication Bottle for NE-U22. details
omron u22-7 storage case for
Omron U22-7 Storage Case for NE-U22. details
omron c900 reusable nebulizer
Omron C900 Reusable Nebulizer Kit. details
omron ne-u22v nebulizer - deluxe
Omron NE-U22V Nebulizer
- Deluxe Kit. details
omron c915 air hose
Omron C915 Air Hose w Plugs. details
omron digital thermometer
Omron Digital Thermometer MC106N. details
omron c28fl nebulizer air filters
Omron C28FL Nebulizer Air Filters (Pack of 5). details