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linux bible boot up to ubuntu
The most up-to-date guide on the latest version of Linux Linux is an excellent, low-cost alternative to more expensive operating systems and its popularity continues to remain on the rise. This comprehensive resource offers more than 100 pages of the most sought-after Linux commands, provides new tutorial chapters aimed specifically at Windows desktop users and Windows administrators, and includes a new chapter on using Linux on gadgets. You'll get up to speed with Linux so that you can install secure, fully functioning Linux server systems. Shows you what Linux is capable of, how to install it, how to make the most of its features, and ways to make use [...]. details
xi3 corporation x5a 902-0005-000
Processor: Dual Core 1.8GHz Memory: 2GB DDR2 Hard Drive: 32GB SSD HDD Spec: SSD. details
xi3 corporation x5a 902-0007-000
Processor: Dual Core 1.8GHz Memory: 2GB Hard Drive: 128GB Special Features: Gray. details