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panamax miw-1g panamax miw-1g
Panamax Miw-1G 2-Outlet Ac Receptacle W. details
panamax m4315-pro panamax bluebolt
panamax  mr4000  home theater
Panamax / MR4000 / Home Theater Power Management Quantity: No Color: Black. details
panamax m8-av 6 ft 8 outlets home
PANAMAX M8-AV 6 ft 8 Outlets Home Theater Power Management Input Voltage: 120V Output Watt Capacity: 1800 Watts Maximum Spike Amperage: 15 Clamping Voltage: 140 Volts
- RMS Protection Modes: L-N, L-G and N-G Parts: 3 years limited Labor: 3 years limited Length: 8 Feet. details
in store used used panamax max
Used PANAMAX MAX 1000 Power Conditioner. details
used panamax max 1000 power
In Store Used Used PANAMAX MAX 1000 Power Conditioner. details
panamax mr4300 panamax mr4300
PANAMAX MR4300 9-OUTLET MR4300 A/V COMP. details
panamax mr4000 panamax mr4000
PANAMAX MR4000 8-OUTLET MR4000 POWER MA. details
panamax mr5100 panamax mr5100
PANAMAX MR5100 11-OUTLET MR5100 A/V COM. details
panamax md2-tl md2-tl - surge
Panamax MD2-TL
- Surge suppressor
- AC 120 V
- 1.8 kW
- 2 output connector(s). details
panamax md2 md2 - surge suppressor
Panamax MD2
- Surge suppressor
- AC 120 V
- 1.8 kW
- 2 output connector(s). details
panamax sp8-av sp8-av - surge
Panamax SP8-AV
- Surge suppressor
- AC 120 V
- 8 output connector(s). details
panamax m8-ex premium m8-ex -
Panamax Premium M8-EX
- Surge suppressor
- AC 120 V
- 8 output connector(s). details
panamax m4-ex premium m4-ex -
Panamax Premium M4-EX
- Surge suppressor
- AC 120 V
- 4 output connector(s). details
panamax d10-pfp pfpower d10-pfp -
Panamax PFPower D10-PFP
- Power distribution unit ( rack-mountable )
- 10 output connector(s). details
panamax m4lt-ex m4lt-ex - surge
Panamax M4LT-EX
- Surge suppressor
- AC 120 V
- 4 output connector(s). details
panamax - md2zb - bluebolt zigbee
- Bluebolt Zigbee 2 Outlet Wireless Type: Surge Suppressor Specifications: Voltage Protection Rating (UL 1449 3rd Edition, 3,000A): L-N 400V, L-G 600V, N-G 500V Thermal Fusing: Yes Single Pulse Energy Dissipation: 1350 Joules Response Time: <1 ns Protection Modes: L-N, L-G, N-G Protect or Disconnect? Circuitry: Yes Peak Impulse Current: 60,000 A Nominal Discharge Current: 3,000 A Maximum Current Rating: 12A Line Voltage: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz Initial Clamping Level: 200V EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: 50 dB (100 kHz
- 1 MHz) Catastrophic Surge Circuit: Ye ecurity: AES-128 Network Type: Mesh (Gateway and All Networked Units Transmit And Receive D [...]. details
pm8ht silver home theater power
The Panamax PM8-HT shields your home theater system against harmful spikes and power fluctuations It also filters out the RF radio frequency and electromagnetic interference that can degrade your systems performance. details
arteriors 6822 vera large
Round convex wall mirror with antiqyed surface finish and matching finish mirror frame. Actual Mirror Size: 22 Collection: Vera Color: Gray Depth: 3-1 2 Diameter: 36 Finish: Antique Mirror Material: Mirror Mirror Type: Convex Shape: Round. details
elk lighting elk-mp3871-0016 -
Inlaid rosettes and inset aged mirror tiles add a nostalgic appearance to this classically designed mirror. Dimensions: 22.625 L x 30 W x 42 HClassic Antique Mirror In Mirror Design:. details
arteriors dd900 laurel
Overlapping laurel branches intersect gracefully to form the frame of this gold leaf oval mirror. Actual Mirror Size: 40 x 25-1 2 Depth: 2-1 2 Height: 45 Material: Resin Mirror Mirror Type: Plain Mirror Shape: Oval Width: 30-1 2. details
woodland imports 28615 distinctive
Have you been searching for a box mirror that has cool looks? Well, here is one such box mirror. With a cool silver body this box mirror can be used to keep various random and bric-a-brac items. Also, its mirror at the same time can be used for getting a true reflection. Fairly wide this box mirror will add depth and give definition to a bland wall. This box mirror is made from quality materials. Its frame is made from wood. All this assures that it will last for a long time. It can be perfect for both, the modern and the traditional home. To the modern it will add razor sharp looks, and to the traditional it will add weight and class. Indeed this is a [...]. details
arteriors dd900 spore
The spore mirror is a faithful reproduction of a 60's original papier-mache and wax piece found in Paris. The juxtaposition of the ornate gold finish and the organic podlike texture create a bold statement. Actual Mirror Size: 36 x 16 Depth: 3-1 2 Height: 52 Material: Resin Mirror Mirror Type: Plain Mirror Shape: Oval Width: 32. details
bassett mirror rosinna leaner
Bassett Mirror
- Accent Mirrors
- M2731BEC
- Add dimensions to your room instantly with this beautiful mirror with antique finish. Made with impeccable craftsmanship and passion, this mirror represents elegance and style. details
woodland imports 87204 the
Are you in search of a mirror that is unique in many ways? Looking for a mirror that will add a touch of unparalleled beauty to your ambience? Well, search no further because the wood glass mirror will definitely take you fancy and will do what you expect. In what is a mirror surface that has crystal like structures on it, this mirror has been designed with an out of the box intention. Perfect for hanging on the wall, this mirror will indeed spruce up the decor like no other mirror. Added to all this is the fact that this mirror has been made using quality materials this ensures that it will last with you for years to come. All who see it will be impre [...]. details
bassett mirror
Bassett Mirror Mirror-Mirror Available for Sale at Product info furnished by Carolina Rustica. details
ren wil mt1133 mirror glass
Emma Mirror The Aubrey Mirror features a stately mirror border that envelopes the rectangular beveled center mirror creating a classy addition to any décor. details
bassett mirror neo wall mirror in
Bassett Mirror
- Accent Mirrors
- M3048BEC
- This modern wall-hanging mirror features a glass-on-glass frame and mirror detail with a tiled mirror effect. Tiled mirror framePerimeter bevelled glassSpecifications:Overall Product Dimensions: 45 H x 32 W. details
bassett mirror m3341bec 36 h
Effortlessly update your space with the inclusion of this mirror. Bright looks and an adaptable design make it a charming accent piece. Open up your look with the addition of this mirror. Made of mirror in a silver finishFinish: Antique Mirror Frame Shape: Rectangular Framed or Frameless: Framed Height: 36 Material: Mirror Room: Decor Style: Traditional Type: Wall Mirrors Volume: 4.2 cu ft Weight: 62 lbs Width: 24. details