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kid puzzle pieces - 24
Sturdy cardboard pieces are great for group projects that combine a collection of individual designs since each piece fits into the next. Perfect with paints, crayons, collage, and more! Create self-portraits and piece them all together for the best bulletin board display ever. 4ý x 6 (11 x 15 cm). details
playstix deluxe - 211
More pieces more fun! Each Playstix piece has grooves that interlock when one piece is placed across another. The different length Playstix pieces are color-coded so it's easy to see how each model is built. details
19-piece baby nuts amp bolts
Manufactured by Children's Factory. 12 sided 12 high size appropriate center for crawlies toddlers and 2 s. Hidey holes ramps bumps semi-circles and equilateral triangles are perfect for pull ups clumsy balancing fall downs and get ups! 19 individual pieces faten together in 7 1/2 diameter floor space. All pieces have interactive hook-and-loop joints that stimulate imaginations to take apart the individual pieces and make your own 1 piece 2 piece 3 piece or even 19 piece softly inter-active play creations. We have shown just a few possibilities to get your creative juices flowing. 7 1/2 diameter. details