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ebac gfi plug
Optional installation of a GFI plug to an Ebac dehumidifier. GFI plug is not compatible with the CD425 dehumidifier. The Orion and FreeStar dehumidifiers come standard with a GFI plug. This customized feature will delay unit shipment for up to 1 week. details
f to tv plug converter
This will convert an F type satellite connector to a Normal TV plug so that you can plug the cable into your TV. details
5 pairs li-po battery deans t-plug
Each pair includes male T-plug and female T-plug. Each pack has 5 pairs of T-plug connectors. details
dimplex electraflame plug
- Cables & Connectors
- For use with Electraflame Built In Fireplaces Can not be used in combination with the Thermostat or Remote Plug kit to convert to outlet for BF33, BF39 & BF45 Includes 7 cord (approx.) and plug Installable for use at 120V setting only Packaged weight: 1lb 0.5kg Note: Wall thermostat option not available with plug kit Building codes vary by locations. Prior to plug kit attachment
- ensure product meets local code approval. National electric codes state that the plug be accessible, if required. details
dual usb charger wall adapter - uk
Micro USB tip for all smartphones. Dry environment use only. When plug into AC power socket,prevent fingers or metal things from touching the metal plug of the charger. Do not pull the lead or plug hard. Stop using the charger when conver or lead damage. details