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toy story
What could Mr. Potato Head want more than anything else? Mrs. Potato Head! This amazing pair went through many an adventure in the Toy Story movies, with numerous eye-popping sights in their journeys to and from Andy's room. Each potato includes feet, eyes, arms, and other accessories to build the wacky spuds you saw on screen, or something new and different of your own design. Each measure approximately 7-inches tall. Ages 2 and up. The Toy Story Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head Set includes 2 individually packaged potatoes, including (subject to change): 1x Mr. Potato Head
- 1 potato body, 1 potato base, 14 accessories. 1x Mrs. Potato Head
- 1 po [...]. details
mrs  mr potato head
There are always some big questions lingering over common items and practices, and Mr. Potato Head is nearly at the top of the list! Who first thought of making molded pieces of a face to adorn your boring old potato? That's not where the Potato Head questions end, either. Who decided that this newly anthropomorphic potato man needed a wife? And who came up with the idea to keep his various parts in his rear end! We may never know, but in the end, we re glad they thought of it. It's weird, but it's good old-fashioned fun. This Mr OR Mrs Potato Head Costume will be a blast from the past. We just hope you re not plagued with an existential crisis when yo [...]. details
spider-man mr potato head
Mrs. Potato Head came to us the other day in a panic. She told us that Mr. Potato Head was climbing the walls and driving her crazy! So, we went to visit and check out the situation. It seems that the Mr. got himself up as this Spider-Man Mr. Potato Head Figure. What a relief! We were able to reassure Mrs. Potato Head that such behavior was entirely normal. Annoying, perhaps. details
wolverine mr potato
Have you ever seen a potato infused with adamantium? Neither have we. We don't think this Wolverine Mr. Potato Head has an enhanced skeleton, but then again, there's no way to be sure! What we are sure about is that this figure is an awesome mash-up for any X-Men fan who had Potato Head figures growing up. It's also great for the next generation of X-Men, even if their powers haven t developed yet. details
star wars r2-d2 poptaters mr
Star Wars ? More like Starch Wars! Fantastically detailed version of Mr. Potato Head as R2-D2. So that's who controls R2-D2 from the interior, eh!? With Mr. Potato Head styling, Star Wars becomes Starch Wars! This Star Wars R2-D2 Poptaters Mr. Potato Head features everyone's favorite Astromech Droid as a Mr. Potato Head figure that includes tons of extras and interchangeable parts. Mr. Potato Head looks amazing as R2-D2! Measures approximately 6-inches tall. details
spider-man marvel comics poptaters
Mr. Potato Head comes swinging into your collection as the web crawling Spider-Man! This Spider-Man Marvel Comics Mr. Potato Head is an amazing item for fans and collectors of Spider-Man or Mr. Potato Head. The Spider-Man Spud is one of the most unique Mr. Potato Heads produced, and even comes with a removable mask made of nylon
- just like the real Spider-Man! Measures approximately 6-inches tall. Ages 2 and up. details
mr potato head football spud
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marvel thor mr potato
We might just be doomed as a society if potatoes start gaining mystical powers akin to a god. But, if they re all benevolent and happy and silly like this Marvel Thor Mr. Potato Head, we think we re going to be alright. Now, if someone out there decides to zap high doses of gamma radiation into a potato and we get some kind of maniacal potato Hulk? We ll totally be doomed. details
star wars r2-d2 mr potato
What do you get when you combine the classic appeal of potatoes with the processing power of an Astromech Droid? This R2-D2 Mr. Potato Head, of course! It's just like the Mr. Potato Head that you remember from your childhood, but with the Star Wars savvy of everyone's favorite droid, Artoo. What kind of adventures will your child be able to solve with this toy? There's a good chance that he can aid in the Potato Rebellion. The Sith lords of the farm are a reemerging threat, after all. details
stainless steel potato chip making
Description: Stainless Steel Potato Chip Making Machine Home Made Potato Spiral Cutter Slicer Made of high quality stainless steel, rustless, no-corroding, and durable Manual potato chip making machine, no need charge, made potato chip anytime It won't take you so much place, and no need power, much more environmental friendly Beside potato, you can also make chiness yam, radish, cucumber, taro and so on Note: Please use harder stick,or the stick will be broken off Specification: Material: Stainless Steel Color: Silver Size:23.3x11.5x14cm 9.2x4.5x5.5Inch Packge Includes: 1 x Stainless Steel Potato Chip Making Machine. details
potato nails stainless
Weber, 6 Piece, Original Potato Nails, Stainless Steel Nails, Once Nail Is In Potato The Heat Is Conducted Through The Nail Allowing For A Quick, Even Cooking, 6 Nails Included In Plastic Case Along With A Tool To Aid In Removal Of Nail From Potato. details
captain america mr potato
Well, it finally happened. Steve Rogers was supposed to receive genetic enhancements to turn him into an American superhero, but instead he just turned into a potato. Oh well, we re sure there's a lot that the world can gain from Captain America being an Idaho spud. At home, you can start with this Captain America Mr. Potato Head. It's just like the Mr. Potato Head you had growing up, but built for today's kids with a dose of Marvel coolness. And of course if you re all grown up and still a pretty big fan of the Cap, you might just want to keep him around as a collectible. details
star wars
With this Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Multi-Pack, fans of all ages can create spud-versions of their favorite Star Wars characters. The 4-pack features Mr. Potato Head as C-3P0, Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Princess Leia. The 2-inch sized figures are perfect for collecting, and for imagining all kinds of out-of-this-world adventures. Most parts are compatible with other Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head toys (sold separately). Ages 2 and up. details
groot mr potato
Is he a potato? Is he a tree? He's both! Instead of saying, I am Groot, he says I am Groot Mr. Potato Head. He's as little confused, but he's still a lot of fun and pretty cute too. His eyes peek out from his mask made from bark and he looks ready to join the Guardians or the Galaxy. or maybe just Mrs. details
iron man marvel comics poptaters
Marvel Comics has been turned into taters! This Iron Man Marvel Comics Poptaters Mr. Potato Head features the Avengers most brazen
- as a hilarious Mr. Potato Head. Mix and match Tony Stark's parts with other Mr. Potato Heads to make some awesome superheroes! Measures 6-inches tall. details
the hulk mr potato
Mr. Potato Hulk! It's Bruce Banner as Mr. Potato Head and the Hulk! Marvel Comics classic Avengers superhero gets the Mr. Potato Head makeover as he stands 6-inches tall in his window display box. Hulk-tater comes with his green hair and ears, green eyes and nose, ripped purple pants with green legs sticking out, muscular green arms, and an angry expression on his face! Mix and match the Hulk's parts with other Mr. details
Create a quick and inexpensive couples costume with this Mr. and Mrs. Potato head kit! The set includes a Mr. Potato Head hat, Mrs. Potato Head hat, and two eye stickers, two nose stickers, a teeth sticker, lips sticker, and a mustache sticker. Use them to decorate a plain T-shirt to create your own funny Halloween costume. details
mr and mrs potato head wave
Mr. and Mrs. together! Hours of spud fun! Lots of colorful, mix-and-match accessories, and exciting styles. For hours of spud fun, check out this Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head assortment! Both Mr. and Mrs. come with a variety of colorful, mix-and-match accessories, and you can store the extra parts in a compartment built into their potato bodies! Measures approximately 7-inches tall. Ages 2 and up. This Wave 2 case includes 4 individually packaged Potato Heads. details
hasbro mr potato
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thor marvel comics poptaters mr
Marvel Comics has been turned into taters! This Thor Marvel Comics Poptaters Mr. Potato Head features one of Marvel Comics most godly beings
- as a hilarious Mr. Potato Head. Mix and match the Norse god's parts with other Mr. Potato Heads to make some awesome superheroes! Measures 6-inches tall. Ages 2 and up. details
redbarn sweet potato slices with
Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices by Redbarn are delicious sweet potato chews your dog will love. With real sweet potatoes, these treats offer high amounts of natural fiber and vitamins. The sweet potato slices are coated in Redbarn's special Bully Stick gravy coating and have the flavor baked in. Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices are 100% natural and your dog will find this treat irresistible! The baking process leaves the treat with a crispy texture. This abrasive texture promotes healthy teeth and gums by scrubbing your dog's mouth while he chews. Bully Coated Sweet Potato Slices are proudly made in the USA using high standards of quality. details
mr potato head party spud wave
Get ready to make something fun with the Mr. Potato Head Party Spud Wave 2 Case! Includes 2 individually packaged Potato Head gift sets with lots of colorful parts and pieces. Figure by itself measures approximately 7-inches tall. Ages 2 and up. details
star lord mr potato
Looking for an interplanetary spud to round out your crew of superheroes? This Star Lord Mr. Potato Head is based on the Marvel hero from the Guardians of the Galaxy film and he's ready to take on the biggest baddies of the universe, like Ronan the Accuser and Thanos. His spudly features can be switched and swapped with other Mr. Potato Head figures to create your very own unique toy creations. details
sam39s yams big boyz sweet
Sam's Yams Big Boyz Sweet Potato Chewz (1 lb) are high in antioxidants + fiber that dramatically improve digestive health. They contain vitamin A, B6, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, riboflavin + niacin. They are low in calories. Basically, there is no highly processed anything, such as wheat gluten, corn, starch, plastics, polymers, animal by-products, animal digest or rendered animal meat or fat. Just a pure food.sweet potato. Additionally, Sam's Yams help clean teeth + gums. There are no foul odors + they will NOT STAIN CARPETS! Made of very thick slabs of dehydrated sweet potato, designed for larger breeds. Each chew has the nutritio [...]. details
star wars princess leia poptaters
Star Wars ? More like Starch Wars! Fantastically detailed version of Mrs. Potato Head as Princess Leia. Includes the iconic Jabba's captive metal bikini! With Mr. Potato Head styling, Star Wars becomes Starch Wars! This Star Wars Princess Leia Poptaters Mr. Potato Head features the Jabba the Hutt's prisoner costume of Princess Leia as a Mr. Potato Head figure that includes tons of extras and interchangeable parts. Measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall. details
marvel guardians of the galaxy
Marvel-ous Potato Head! I am Groot! And Mr. Potato Head can be too, with the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Poptaters Mr. Potato Head. This 6-inch tall tater lets you mix and match parts with other Poptaters figures, allowing you to create Groot! He's a Groot. Can t we all be Groot? We can, with this awesome plastic collectible figure. Measures approximately 6 1/2-inches tall. Ages 2 and up. details
hasbro mrs potato head
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3 pack pet n shape chik n sweet
Chik n Sweet Potato are chewy, nutritious sweet potato wrapped with crunchy delicious 100% natural chicken breast. Made with 100% natural chicken fillets, these treats are fun and high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Your dog will definitely love these low-fat, natural and healthy snack. NO additives NO preservatives NO coloring Each treat is carefully roasted to ensure the ultimate quality and flavor. Ingredients: Chicken, Sweet Potato Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein MIN 34.0%, Crude Fat MIN 0.6%, Crude Fat MAX 2.28%, Crude Fiber MAX 2.5%, Moisture MAX 20.0%, Ash MAX 3.5%, CALORIE CONTENT kcal 3.5oz 307. details
boba fett mr potato
We always wondered what happened to that Mandalorian armor after he feel into the Sarlacc Pit during Return of the Jedi! Now we know. Mr. Potato Head got his hands on it and he became the greatest bounty hunter the galaxy has ever known! At least, that's what we pretend when we re playing with our Boba Fett Mr. Potato Head. With armor that fits his spudly physique and a blasters rifle, we think he's ready to take on the Hutt Cartel's most dangerous tasks. details