nikon remote controller
For cameras with ten-pin remote terminal The ML-3 offers remote control for two separate channels via an infrared LED beam, enabling automatic camera operation from a distance of up to about 8m. Auto triggering, delayed shutter release, single and continuous shooting are possible. The ML-3 is a two-channel infrared remote for operating Nikon Digital or motor-driven cameras at distances up to 26 (7.92 m). This remote works with 10-pin cameras like the F5, F6, F100, F90/N90, D2H, D1X (D1 series), D2X and D100(with MB-D100). details
real life remote - 3
Real Life Remote allows baby to develop babys interaction skills and imitate mom as she uses her remote. Press the buttons on the remote for silly sounds and fun voices to emerge and inspire hearing. Remote is lightweight and easy for young baby to manipulate and play with. The changing lens picture encourages visual development as well as the bright colors from the remote and buttons. Talking, singing and reading to baby are important interactions. Exposing baby to adult voices and language help make him more reception to learning language later in life. Pass the remote back and forth with baby. Show him how to cause the silly sounds by pressing the b [...]. details