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high speed ser 3m db26 to-mmf sc
Transition Networks Media converter
- serial
- V.35 serial RS-232 serial RS-449 X.21 serial RS-530
- up to 1.2 miles
- 1300 nm
- for Point (CPSVT2613-100). details
gwc ad3300 serial ata to ide
GWC AD3300 Serial ATA to IDE Converter (Serial ATA Port to IDE Device), SATA to IDE Converter Adapter Changer Type: SATA to IDE Specifications: The serial ATA to IDE converter allows standard parallel ATA hard disk drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD ROM, DVD + RW, etc, to be used with serial ATA PCI cards or motherboards with serial ATA port and meet the specification of Serial ATA 1.0 interface. details
black box industrial opto-isolated
Black Box Industrial Opto-Isolated Serial to Fiber
- Short-haul modem
- ASCII serial Modbus
- serial RS-232 serial RS-422 serial RS-485
- terminal block / SC
- up to 1.2 miles
- 1310 nm. details
addon - serial port extender - 500
- Serial port extender
- serial RS-232 serial RS-422 serial RS-485 / SC single mode
- up to 12.4 miles
- 1310 nm (ADD-SERIAL-2SC). details
7-segment serial display
4 digit blue alpha-numeric display with TTL, SPI or I2C Serial Interface. Display numbers, most letters, and a few special characters. Individual control of decimal points, apostrophe, and colon. Baud rate and brightness values retained in non-volatile memory. The 7-Segment Serial Display (Blue) can be controlled in one of three ways: Serial TTL communication, SPI serial communication or I2C serial. details
addon 500kbs 1 serial to 1 sc med
AddOn 500Kbs 1 Serial to 1 SC Med Converter
- Serial port extender
- serial
- serial RS-232 / SC single-mode
- up to 12.4 miles
- 1310 nm. details
sa med conv 26pin to-1310nm sc
Transition Stand-Alone 10/100 Bridging
- Media converter
- V.35 serial RS-232 serial RS-449 X.21 serial RS-530
- external
- up to 12.4 miles
- 1300 nm (SPSVT2614-100-NA). details
rs-232 to rs485422 serial
RS-232 to RS485/422 Serial Converter
- Transceiver
- serial RS-232 serial RS-422 serial RS-485
- RJ-11 terminal block (screw) / 25 pin D-Sub (DB-25)
- external (IC485S). details
black box - transceiver -
Black Box
- Transceiver
- serial
- serial RS-232 serial RS-422 serial RS-530
- 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) / terminal block
- up to 0.7 miles (IC473A-F). details
startech icusb2321x usb to rs-232
Easily convert your USB port into an RS-232 serial port with this StarTech USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter, letting you connect to your serial devices! This 0.3m (1 ) adapter features male-to-male connectors that easily link to any available computer USB 2.0 port. This innovative adapter offers a professional grade solution for connecting legacy or industrial RS-232 serial devices to more modern computers, or computers with unused USB ports
- perfect for connecting serial modems, barcode scanners or any device with serial sync through USB. details
global cache ip2sl itach ip to
Enable device networking and get seamless remote management of serial devices from anywhere with this IP Network Serial Controller. details
syba sy-ada15059 usb 20 to 1x db9
SYBA SY-ADA15059 USB 2.0 to 1x DB9 Serial (RS232/422/485) Converter Type: USB 2.0 to DB9 Serial Color: Black Specifications: OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux, Mac Connector A: USB 2.0 Connector B: 1 x DB9 Serial (RS232/422/485) Package Contents: 1 x USB 2.0 to Serial Cable with adapter 1 x Driver CD 1 x User Manual. details
manhattan usb to serial converter
Manhattan USB to Serial Converter
- USB/Serial for Digital Camera, Switch, Bar Code Reader, GPS, Telescope
- 14.38 kB/s
- 5.91 ft
- 1 x DB-9 Male Serial
- 1 x Type A Male USB
- Gold-plated Contacts Cable Length: 5.91 ft Changer Type: Serial USB USB/Serial. details
iogear usb to serial rs-232
The USB to Serial RS-232 Adapter provides one RS-232 Serial (DB-9 male) connector via one standard USB port at a data transfer rate of up to 230Kbps. You can instantly enjoy connectivity with modem, PDA, POS, or other serial devices on your PC or Mac without the hassle of opening your computer case. It provides a quick, simple, and cost-effective solution and is ideal for various communication and automation applications. This makes the USB interface transparent to serial peripherals, allowing them to easily interface with USB computers and eliminates the setup hassle found with traditional serial port connections. This device also supports energy savi [...]. details
cisco serial rs-449 cable - 10
- Serial RS-449 cable ( DTE )
- 26 pin Smart Serial (M)
- DB-37 (M)
- 10 ft
- shielded
- for P/N: SPA-4XT-SERIAL SPA-4XT-SERIAL= WIC-2A/S WIC-2A/S= WIC-2A/S-RF (CAB-SS-449MT). details
c2g 22429 18m 6  usb serial
This adapter cable enables high speed serial data transfer up to 115.2 K between the USB and the traditional RS-232 serial port. Since this adapter uses no IRQs, it is ideal for when you need many serial devices attached to your PC. Just connect your computer's or hub's USB port with a digital camera, modem, ISDN-TA modem, barcode reader, Palm III and V, tablet, label writer, fingerprint verification, security system, POS equipment or any of your favorite serial devices. details
comtrol 98296-8 rocketport usb
COMTROL 98296-8 RocketPort USB Serial Hub III 8-Port Type: USB/Serial Ports: 8 x 9-pin DB-9 Male RS-232 Serial Transfer Rate: Up to 230.40 Kbps Serial Port LEDs: Power and RX/TX per port Power Input: +5VDC 500 mA Dimensions: 7.825 x 1.625 x 3.625 Weight: 18.72 oz Temperature: System On0 to 50° C System Off-40 to 70° C. details
global cache wf2sl itach wi-fi to
Connect this Wi-Fi Network Serial Adapter to allow Wi-Fi enabled devices to manage serial equipment over a network connection and the Internet. details
sata to esata dual port
C2G Cables To Go
- Serial ATA internal to external panel
- 7 pin external Serial ATA
- 7 pin Serial ATA
- nickel (13423). details
black box rs-232-rs-485422
Black Box RS-232-RS-485/422 Converter Plus with Opto-Isolation
- Transceiver
- serial
- serial RS-232 serial RS-422 serial RS-485
- 25 pin D-Sub (DB-25)
- up to 4000 ft. details
black box serial access unit -
Black Box Serial Access Unit
- Serial adapter
- for P/N: KV9304A-R2 KV9308A-R2 KV9404A KV9408A. details
serial killer 19
. details
manhattan usb to serial
The solution for connecting a computers USB to serial devices is here thanks to the simple and trouble-free Manhattan 205146 USB to Serial Converter. Gold-plated contacts and rugged construction combine to offer a reliable connection between the computer and serial peripherals for consistent, trouble-free performance. details
magnetic card
Three track magnetic card reader Easy to use serial connection No drivers or software needed RoHS CompliantThe SFE Magnetic Card Reader is a simple three track magnetic card reader with serial output. This reader connects to your computer via DB9 for serial and a PS/2 for power and outputs a 9600bps 8N1 ASCII serial stream. Plug the reader into a serial port (or USB to serial converter), swipe your frequent shopper card, and you ll see the account number plain and unencrypted on the screen. The manufacturer couldn t find a card the reader couldn t read! No drivers needed. No software needed. Just pure, wonderful serial. details
comtrol 99460-2 devicemaster
COMTROL 99460-2 DeviceMaster Serial Hub 16-Port DB9 RoHS Type: Network Serial Ports: 16 x Serial Transfer Rate: 230 Kbps Dimensions: 17.25 x 1.75 x 11 Weight: 6.44 lb Color: Black. details
orion usb-to-serial
The USB-to-Serial Adapter provides a virtual serial port (COM) for laptops that feature a USB port, but are not equipped with a serial port. This allows you to control your telescope's GoTo equatorial mount with your laptop running popular astronomy software programs such as Starry Night, NexRemote, EQMOD, and more. The USB-to-Serial Adapter also allows you to use hand-controller and motor-drive firmware update software on laptop computers that are not equipped with a COM serial port. If your computerized GoTo telescope mount and or astrophotography camera does not feature a ST-4 port, you can use the USB-to-Serial Adapter in conjunction with autoguidi [...]. details
rosewill pcie serial card 1 port
Rosewill RC-300E
- PCIe 1-Port Serial Card Type: PCI Express to Serial Port Card External Ports: 1 x Serial Port Data Transfer Rate: Up to 230400bps Operating Systems Supported: Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista 7/8/10 Package Contents: 1 x PCIe Serial Card 1 Port 1 x Driver CD 1 x User's Manual. details
net gadgeteer serial-usb
3.3V Consumption : 0mA 5V Consumption: 0mA Includes one Gadgeteer cable RoHS CompliantIntroduces .NET Gadgeteer Serial-USB Module. Using this module, any of the serial UART sockets on a mainboard can be converted into a virtual serial connection over USB. details
lsi serial ata  sas cable - 2
3ware LSI
- Serial ATA / SAS cable
- with Sidebands
- 36 pin 4i Mini MultiLane
- 7 pin Serial ATA sideband
- 2 ft (LSI00259). details