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keyspan usa-49wg usb universal
Our USB 4 Port Serial Adapter allows 4 serial devices to be connected to a single USB port. It provides a simple way to add serial ports to a PC without the hassle of installing a serial card, turning off the PC, or configuring IRQs. This adapter is ideal for industrial and enterprise markets where there is a need to connect serial device to a PC for process control, data collection, or point of sale applications. It is also ideal for connecting modems, fax modems, or terminals to a server. details
startech computer products
This Ethernet to Remote RS232 Serial interface converter allows you to install your RS232 serial devices anywhere on your TCP IP Ethernet WAN LAN, and still access them as if they were right beside you even if the connection is established through an Internet connection The serial interface converter provides easy serial control, even at the longest distances, allowing access to the remote serial ports from within your local computer Windows device manager. The Ethernet to RS232 Remote Serial converter is designed to function seamlessly with your other serial ports for totally transparent operation. Your serial equipment card scanners, access keypads, [...]. details
notebook 480mbps pcmcia to rs232
This serial card can be applied to a laptop that has no serial interface or a laptop that has insufficient serial interface. details
orion usb-to-serial
The USB-to-Serial Adapter provides a virtual serial port (COM) for laptops that feature a USB port, but are not equipped with a serial port. This allows you to control your telescope's GoTo equatorial mount with your laptop running popular astronomy software programs such as Starry Night, NexRemote, EQMOD, and more. The USB-to-Serial Adapter also allows you to use hand-controller and motor-drive firmware update software on laptop computers that are not equipped with a COM serial port. If your computerized GoTo telescope mount and or astrophotography camera does not feature a ST-4 port, you can use the USB-to-Serial Adapter in conjunction with autoguidi [...]. details
pci single parallel dual serial
This serial card can be accessed by multiple serial transmissions. details
pci 9-pin 15 mbytes sec dual
This serial card can be accessed by multiple serial transmissions. details
vanguard serial chiller mens
Vanguard Serial Chiller tie dye tee. Serial Chiller text screened on chest. Short sleeve. Crew neck. 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported. details
digi international acceleport 920
The Digi AccelePort 920 is a multiport Serial I O cards designed with muti user and remote access service. the 32 bit IDT processor delivers high performace and speed up to 921.6 Kbps. details
startech pex16s952lp 16 port
The StarTech PEX16S952LP 16 Port Low Profile RS232 PCI Express Serial Card with cable included lets you turn a single low profile PCIe slot into 16 RS232 DB9 serial connections. The serial adapter card is based on a native single chip design that allows you to harness the full capability of PCI Express PCIe , delivering optimum reliability and speed while reducing the load applied to the CPU by as much as 48 over conventional serial cards. details
SIIG's DP Quartet Serial 550 PCI is an excellent solution designed to add four additional 9 pin RS232 serial ports for connecting multiple serial based devices to your PCI enabled desktop computer. This 4 port serial adapter card comes with four high speed 16550 UART serial ports supporting data transfer rate of up to 230 Kbps. The serial ports can work as either standard RS232 ports, or can be independently configured as 5 V 12 V power outputs for devices that require power such as handheld scanners, table scanners, and POS displays. The DP Quartet Serial 550 PCI features IRQ sharing to reduce IRQ conflicts, built in 32 byte FIFO buffers to dramatical [...]. details
digi international portserver
The Digi International 70002316 PortServer TS 4 P MEI power over Ethernet and serial is designed for universal, high performance serial to Ethernet connectivity with versatile powering options. It is ideal for RS 232 422 485 applications that require powered Ethernet, powered serial or other traditional power alternatives. details
v7 6 ft serial cable 25 pin d-sub
Attach virtually any existing serial printer with a DB25 female port to your computer's DB25 male serial port. Featuring oversized ergonomic thumbscrews for easy installation. details