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wood beaded necklace sese
Abstract motifs in neutral tones adorn this stylish Ghanaian necklace. Handcrafted by Catherine Offei Kwapong, its variegated sese wood beads make an attractive visual texture, easily transitional with any color ensemble. Sese wood is used throughout West Africa to make masks, jewelry and gifts. details
wood beaded necklace it had to be
The warm brown grain of sese wood is highlighted in the design of this long necklace. Nigerian artisan Nonyem Abena Ibeneme crafts the necklace by hand with an assortment of sese wood beads. details
sese wood folding table school of
This table is crafted from local sese wood, and hand-painted with a charming and rustic fish pattern of the artisan's own design. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu of Ghana creates a playful and practical circular design that can be folded for easy storage when not in use. details
wood beaded pendant necklace
Hand-carved of sese wood, a striking skull centers this necklace from Ghana. Robert Lanyo designs the necklace, flanking the pendant with red sese wood beads on a nylon cord. details
wood stretch bracelet brown
Rustic and unique, this brown stretch bracelet designed by Rita Addo Zakour is hand crafted from sese wood. Artisans thread rectangular and circular wood beads on nylon thread to create this beautiful piece that shows off the natural grain of sese wood. details
akan wood mask serene protection
Daniel Nyadedzor finds inspiration in the customs and beliefs of the Akan people, replicating this sese wood mask. Known as Nyame Ye, the mask represents God and can be found protecting many homes throughout Ghana. Nyadedzor carves the mask of sese wood and adorns it with embossed brass plates. details
akan wood mask bold courage
Daniel Nyadedzor finds inspiration in the customs and traditions of the Akan people, creating this enchanting sese wood mask. Known as Akokuroduro, the mask symbolizes boldness and can be found adorning many homes throughout Ghana. Nyadedzor carves the mask of sese wood and adorns it with embossed brass plates. details
sese wood and aluminum folding
This awesome, rustic table is hand built from sese wood, and decorated with embossed aluminum and a hand-painted design. With the four green birds and hand-carved details, the design by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu reveals a fantastic new form of flamingo in an unexpected color! This delightful table is as practical as it is interesting, as it folds for easy storage when not in use. details
akan wood mask success
Daniel Nyadedzor finds inspiration in the customs and beliefs of the Akan people as he replicates this sese wood mask. Known as Nkunim, the mask is believed to bring success and can be found adorning many homes throughout Ghana. Nyadedzor carves the mask of sese wood and adorns it with embossed brass plates. details
recycled plastic and sese wood
For a chic accessory, Ghanaian artisan Rita Addo Zakour works with beads of round sese wood alongside beads of pyramid-shaped recycled plastic. The beads dangle from brass hooks for a winsome pair of earrings. details
leather bamboo and sese wood
The leather pendant of this whimsical necklace from West African artisan Ali Mohammed is a miniature representation of an ahenema, the thong-style footwear worn by royalty in the Akan culture, a symbol of elegance and class. The earthy brown and black pendant is flanked by sese wood beads and two cylindrical bamboo ornaments strung on a leather cord that closes with a toggle clasp. details
sese wood and recycled glass
Round, off-white beads of recycled glass are flanked with petite sese wood beads along the length of this necklace from Ghana, punctuating a long strand of transparent glass beads. Rita Addo Zakour designs this charming and stylish necklace, handcrafted by local artisans. details
wood pendant necklace ohemaa
Cynthia Danquah designs and crafts an extraordinary necklace featuring the mask of an Akan queen, or Ohemaa. Hand-carved of sese wood, the mask centers a long necklace inspired by the traditional beaded jewelry of Ghana. Danquah strings the necklace by hand with sese wood alternating with bright red beads recycled from vinyl and plastic bottles. details
wood beaded stretch bracelet
Blaze your own path with this sese wood and recycled plastic beaded bracelet from Ghanaian artisan Catherine Offei Kwapong. Bold sunflower engravings on barrel-shaped beads set alongside smaller accent beads make for a unique statement. The artisan uses beads crafted from recycled plastic drinking bottles and sese wood to create this design. details
ghanaian wood mask harvest dance
Robert Nortey celebrates the customs of the Dagomba people with this bright sese wood mask. Originating from northern Ghana, the Dagomba people wear this dance mask when consulting their gods for a good harvest. The dance is characterized by gaiety and gracefulness, where dignity exudes from controlled movements. Nortey carves the mask by hand from sese wood and adorns it with an ornate brass plate. The Dagomba people refer to it as the Bamaya dance mask, meaning Harvest. details
african mask good things
Precise geometric forms distinguish this handsome mask by Godfred France. Carved by hand from seasoned sese wood, it flaunts exquisite textures. details
wood sculpture daddy39s here
Father bends toward his child with a word of reassurance. Clasping hands, the figures become one. Eric Danquah explores the protective love and care parents have for their little ones, carving the piece from smooth sese wood. details
wood sculpture wishful thinking
Resting his head on his hand, a man lets his thoughts drift toward wishes and dreams. Eric Danquah discovers surprising contours and open spaces in African sese wood as he gives form to an airy, abstract personage. details
wood sculptures happy giraffes
Tall and cheerful, a giraffe couple gazes at one another. The slender animals are carved from African sese wood and delicately painted by hand. Samuel and Francis Agbetey craft the colorful savannah residents. details
wood beaded necklace simply bold
Brown sese wood beads of various sizes adorn this lovely necklace. Designed by Ghanaian artisan Ali Mohammed, the necklace features a simple and attractive design. details
african wood mask joy
I named this mask Joy because these colors bring joy, says Sinclair Yao Daley of his original design. He carves the sese wood mask by hand with a smiling expression and paints it yellow, red, blue, black, and white. details
african mask eno
I carved this mask to honor women, says Ali Mohammed of his original design. He uses the female name Eno for this mask of an Akan woman with a black and white headdress. The sese wood mask is adorned with embossed aluminum and painted brown featuring red lips. details
wood figurine asevi
Poised, a black Ewe asevi (cat) exudes elegant mystique in a sculpture by Anna Yawson. The feline creature is carved by hand from noble sese wood and adorned on one side with embossed aluminum, and painted motifs on the other. details
wood stretch bracelet break free
The bold contrast of black and ivory distinguishes this bracelet by Ghanaian designer Addo Zakour. Working with sese wood beads, she strings them by hand on a nylon cord to slip over the wrist. details
wood dangle earrings cascade of
Red and green mingle with ivory in earrings by Addo Zakour in Ghana. Working with sese wood beads, she suspends the strands from polished brass hooks. details
leather mirror palace
Flanked by columns, an arched doorway provides a peek into the palace. Fascinating textures in tooled leather surround this mirror by Mohammed Sckeek. Embossed by hand, it covers a frame carved of sese wood. details
wood statuette thinking shadow
Hand-carved from native sese wood, this contemporary sculpture boasts extraordinary visual textures. Rita Addo Zakour etches a cross into the middle section and names the piece Dwenewoho. The word comes from the Akan people and means think about yourself. details
wood stool elephant carriers
Hand-carved from sese wood, two elephants carry the curved seat of this impressive stool from Ghana. Raphat Asigbey designs this beautiful furniture piece after the style of throne stools used by African rulers. details
cotton dangle earrings lovely
Ghanaian artisan Esther Narh designs these exquisite dangle earrings. Crafted from a sese wood base and wrapped in a vibrant fabric print, this pair is adorned with colorful beads and brass hooks. details