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tune into sound - at
Teaches children to discriminate between sounds. 3 levels of play. Each contains 30 photo cards CD with 30 sound tracks activity guide and storage folder. Environmental Sounds includes 15 at home sounds plus 15 about town sounds. Instrument Sounds has 15 classroom instrument sounds and 15 other instruments. Great for groups or one-on-one. details
listening lotto games
Match the sound on the CD to the picture of the object or animal that makes that sound. Each game has a CD with narrative and a variety of sounds, 12 game cards with 8 photos per card and 120 game tokens. Includes Sounds on the Farm, Outside Sounds, and Sounds at Home. Ages 3 yrs. +. details
the amazing facts about
This title introduces students to the basic concept of sounds. How sounds can be heard but not seen. How sound is a form of energy that is transmitted through sound waves which travel through your eardrum to be heard. How sound travels through air and at what rate of speed. Useful examples are given throughout to help students understand the concept. details
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This Title Introduces Students To The Basic Concept Of Sounds. How Sounds Can Be Heard But Not Seen. How Sound Is A Form Of Energy That Is Transmitted Through Sound Waves Which Travel Through Your Eardrum To Be Heard. How Sound Travels Through Air And At What Rate Of Speed. Useful Examples Are Given Throughout To Help Students Understand The Concept. details
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Help kids master letter sounds and build a solid foundation for literacy with this extraordinary wooden play set! The possibilities for learning are unlimited
- but the activity itself is simple: place a letter sound in one of the play board wells and fill the others with pictures of words that contain the sound. Three wooden play boards (one for beginning sounds, one for ending sounds, and one for middle sounds) set the stage for learning, with four recessed wells to fill on each board. But the real stars of the show are the 40 rectangular picture tiles and 31 puzzle-shaped letter-sounds tiles
- shaped to fit the wells and guide letter-sounds learning [...]. details
tune into animal
Teaches children to discriminate between sounds with 3 levels of play. Each contains 30 photo cards CD with 30 sound tracks activity guide and storage folder. Animal Sounds has 15 pet and farm sounds plus 15 wild animal sounds. Great for groups or one-on-one. 33 pieces total: 30 photo cards 1 audio CD 1 games guide 1 storage envelope. details
soothing sounds plush
Soothing Sounds Plush Animals: Cuddle up to the peaceful sound of baby sleeping with a plush sound machine certain to encourage sweet dreams. This huggably soft nap companion is an adorable addition to any crib that safely emits four different soothing sounds to lull little ones back to sleep. Includes Velcro strap to attach to crib, car seat or stroller. details
man sounds
A Different Guy Sound Each Hour! Hilarious clock emits man sounds at the top of each hour: beer-guzzling, channel-surfing, pizza-munching, butt-scratching, toilet-flushing, video-gaming, and more! Must-have addition to the man cave, workshop, garage, etc. Light sensor mutes sound when room is dark. Plastic; 11 dia. Uses 3 AA batteries, not included. details
mustang sound
With Authentic Muscle Car Sounds! Clock's dial features 12 models of America's legendary sports car from the 1960s to the present. At the top of each hour, one of 12 authentic muscle car rumble and roar sounds plays! (Light sensor deactivates the sound when room is dark.) Plastic housing. 13 diameter. Uses one AA battery, not included. details
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Hello baby! Phone allows baby to interact and engage in phone play, pretending to talk and communicate with other end. The phone is lightweight and easy for baby to grasp. Phone inspires hearing with soft rattle sounds, and cascading beads. Bold patterns and mirror on inside encourage development of age muscles. At birth, babies are able to locate sounds by turning their head or eyes in the direction of the sound. At six months, baby will start to understand the distance between themselves and the sound and only attempt to retrieve objects producing sounds in their reach. Place baby's hand on the phone allowing him to grasp the rattle. Shake the rattle [...]. details
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Discover the world through sound! Outside Sounds Sounds on the Farm and Sounds at Home make it easy! Set includes all 3 games. Listening is an essential part of literacy and language development. Each game includes 12 photographic game boards 120 tokens Audio CD and multilingual directions in English Spanish and French. Each audio CD features 29 different sounds for a variety of listening experiences! Ages 4 years and up. details
fisher price power wheels ride on
A Lil Lightning McQueen racecar for the youngest of drivers Three sound modes let you choose English or Spanish phrases from the Cars 2 movie plus cool racecar sounds or racecar sounds only. details