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wea red hot chili peppers -
<strong>Vinyl 1<br />Side A</strong><br>1. Dani California<br>2. Snow (Hey Oh)<br>3. Charlie<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. Stadium Arcadium<br>2. Hump de Bump<br>3. Shes Only 18<br>4. Slow Cheetah<br><br><strong>Vinyl 2<br>Side A</strong><br>1. Torture Me<br>2. Strip My Mind<br>3. Especially In Michigan<br>4. Warlocks<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. Cmon Girl<br>2. Wet Sand <br>3. Hey<br><br><strong>Vinyl 3<br>Side A</strong><br>1. Desecration Smile<br>2. Tell Me Baby<br>3. Hard To Concentrate<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. 21st Century<br>2. She Looks To Me<br>3. Readymade<br>4. If<br><br><strong>Vinyl 4<br>Side A</strong><br>1. Make [...]. details
sony 311 - greatest hits
<strong>Disc 1<br><br>Side A</strong><br>1. Down
- 311 (2:53)<br>2. Flowing
- 311 (3:14)<br>3. All Mixed Up
- 311 (3:02)<br>4. Amber
- 311 (3:26)<br>5. Come Original
- 311 (3:43)<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. Beautiful Disaster
- 311 (4:00)<br>2. Creatures (For a While)
- 311 (4:24) <br>3. Do You Right
- 311 (4:13)<br>4. I&apos;ll Be Here While
- 311 (3:29)<br><br><strong>Disc 2</strong><br><br><strong>Side A</strong><br>1. You Wouldn&apos;t Believe
- 311 (3:42) <br>2. Transistor
- 311 (3:01)<br>3. Don&apos;t Stay Home
- 311 (2:43)<br>4. Homebrew
- 311 (3:04)<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. Beyond the Gray Sky
- 311 (4:16) <br>2. Love Song [...]. details
universal music group lana del rey
<strong>LP 1</strong><br><br><strong>Side A</strong><br>01 Love<br>02 Lust For Life<br>03 13 Beaches<br>04 Cherry<br>05 White Mustang<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>01 Summer Bummer<br>02 Groupie Love<br>03 In My Feelings<br>04 Coachella
- Woodstock In My Mind<br><br><strong>LP 2</strong><br><strong><br>Side A</strong><br>01 God Bless America
- And All The Beautiful Women In It<br>02 When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing<br>03 Beautiful People Beautiful Problems<br>04 Tomorrow Never Came<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>01 Heroin<br>02 Change<br>03 Get Free. details
universal music group eminem - the
<strong>Track Listing:</strong><br><strong>Disc 1/Side 1</strong><br>1. Bad Guy<br>2. Parking Lot<br>3. Rhyme or Reason&nbsp;<br>4. So Much Better<br><strong>Disc 1/Side 2</strong><br>1. Survival<br>2. Legacy<br>3. Asshole<br>4. Berzerk<br><strong>Disc 2/Side 1</strong><br>1. Rap God<br>2. Brainless<br>3. Stronger Than I Was &nbsp;<br>4. The Monster<br><strong>Disc 2/Side 2</strong><br>1. So Far<br>2. Love Game<br>3. Headlights<br>4. details
sony beyonce -
<strong>Disc 1<br></strong><br><strong>Side A</strong><br>1. Pray You Catch Me
- Beyonc (3:15) 2. Hold Up
- Beyonc (3:41)<br>3. Don&apos;t Hurt Yourself
- Beyonc feat. Jack White (3:53)<br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. Sorry
- Beyonc (3:52)<br>2. 6 Inch
- Beyonc feat. The Weeknd (4:20) 3. Daddy Lessons
- Beyonc (4:47)<br><br><strong>Disc 2<br></strong><br><strong>Side A</strong><br>1. Love Drought
- Beyonc (3:57)<br>2. Sandcastles
- Beyonc (3:02)<br>3. Forward
- Beyonc feat. James Blake (1:19)<br>4. Freedom
- Beyonc feat. Kendrick Lamar (4:49)<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. All Night
- Beyonc (5:22)<br>2. details
wea linkin park - meteora vinyl
<strong>Vinyl 1<br><br>Side A</strong><br>01 Foreword <br>02 Don&apos;t Stay <br>03 Somewhere I Belong <br>04 Lying From You <br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>01 Hit The Floor <br>02 Easier To Run <br>03 Faint<br><br><strong>Vinyl 2<br><br>Side A</strong><br>01 Figure .09<br>02 Breaking The Habit<br>03 From The Inside<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>01 Nobody&apos;s Listening<br>02 Session<br>036 Numb. details
universal music group the allman
Track Listing:<br /><strong>Side one</strong><br>1. Ain&apos;t Wastin&apos; Time No More<br>2. Les Brers in A Minor<br>3. Melissa<br><br><strong>Side two</strong><br>4. Mountain Jam (live)<br><br><strong>Side three</strong><br>5. One Way Out (live)<br>6. Trouble No More (live) <br>7. Stand Back<br>8. Blue Sky<br>9. Little Martha<br><br><strong>Side four</strong><br>10. details
sony wolf alice - visions of a
<p><strong>Disc 1</strong><br><br><strong>Side A</strong><br>1. Heavenward
- Wolf Alice (4:55) 2. Yuk Foo
- Wolf Alice (2:13)<br>3. Beautifully Unconventional
- Wolf Alice (2:13)<br><strong><br>Side B</strong><br>1. Don&apos;t Delete The Kisses
- Wolf Alice (4:35) 2. Planet Hunter
- Wolf Alice (3:53)<br>3. Sky Musings
- Wolf Alice (2:58)<br><br><strong>Disc 2</strong><br><br><strong>Side A</strong><br>1. Formidable Cool
- Wolf Alice (3:33)<br>2. Space &amp; Time
- Wolf Alice (2:27)<br>3. Sadboy
- Wolf Alice (4:12)<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. St. Purple &amp; Green
- Wolf Alice (4:22) <br>2. After The Zero Hour
- Wolf Alice (3:24) <br>3. details
universal music group guns n roses
<strong>Track Listing:</strong><br /><em><strong>Disc 1 Side 1</strong></em><br>1. Right Next Door To Hell&nbsp;<br>2. Dust N&apos; Bones<br>3. Live and Let Die<br>4. Don&apos;t Cry (Original)<br>5. Perfect Crime<br><i><strong>Disc 1 Side 2</strong></i><br>1. You Ain&apos;t The First<br>2. Bad Obsession<br>3. Back Off Bitch<br>4. Double Talkin&apos; Jive<br><i><strong>Disc 2 Side 1</strong></i><br>1. November Rain<br>2. The Garden<br>3. Garden of Eden<br>4. Don&apos;t Damn Me<br><i><strong>Disc 2 Side 2</strong></i><br>1. Bad Apples<br>2. Dead Horse<br>3. details
universal music group the allman
Track Listing:<br /><strong>Side one</strong><br>Introduction by Bill Graham<br>Wasted Words<br>Southbound <br>Ramblin&apos; Man<br><br><strong>Side two</strong><br>In Memory of Elizabeth Reed<br><br><strong>Side three</strong><br>Ain&apos;t Wastin&apos; Time No More<br>Come and Go Blues<br>Can&apos;t Lose What You Never Had<br><br><strong>Side four</strong><br>Don&apos;t Want You No More<br>It&apos;s Not My Cross to Bear<br>Jessica. details
sony modest mouse - strangers to
Save BIG when you buy today!<strong>Disc 1</strong><ul><li>Side 1</li><li>1. Strangers to Ourselves</li><li>2. Lampshades on Fire</li><li>3. Sh** in Your Cut</li></ul><strong>4. Pistol (A. Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996)</strong><ul><li>Side 2</li><li>1. Ansel</li><li>2. The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box</li><li>3. Coyotes</li><li>4. Pups to Dust</li></ul><strong>Disc 2</strong><ul><li>Side 1</li><li>1. Sugar Boats</li><li>2. Wicked Campaign</li><li>3. Be Brave</li></ul><strong>4. God is an Indian and You&apos;re an A**hole</strong><ul><li>Side 2</li><li>1. The Tortoise and the Tourist</li><li>2. The Best Room</li><li>3. details
sony van morrison - it39s too
<strong>Side One<br /></strong>1. Ain&apos;t Nothin&apos; You Can Do 3:44<br>2. Warm Love 3:04<br>3. Into the Mystic 4:33<br>4. These Dreams of You 3:37<br>5. I Believe to My Soul 4:09<br><strong>Side Two<br></strong>1. I&apos;ve Been Working 3:56<br>2. Help Me 3:25<br>3. Wild Children 5:04<br>4. Domino 4:48<br>5. I Just Want to Make Love to You 5:16<br><strong>Side Three<br></strong>1. Bring It On Home to Me 4:42<br>2. Saint Dominic&apos;s Preview 6:18<br>3. Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket 4:04<br>4. Listen to the Lion 8:43<br><strong>Side Four<br></strong>1. Here Comes the Night 3:14<br>2. Gloria 4:16<br>3. Caravan 9:20<br>4. details
orange amplifiers fs-1 1-button
The FS-1 single-button footswitch from Orange gives you more control over these Orange amps: <BR/> <BR/><strong>Terror Series:</strong> <BR/>DT30-H <BR/> <BR/> <BR/><strong>TH Series:</strong> <BR/>TH30H <BR/>TH30C <BR/>TH100H <BR/> <BR/> <BR/><strong>AD Series:</strong> <BR/>AD30C <BR/>AD30H <BR/> <BR/> <BR/><strong>Custom Shop:</strong> <BR/>AD50 <BR/>RETRO50 <BR/> <BR/> <BR/><strong>Crush PiX Guitar Amps:</strong> <BR/>CR20LDX
- Note: LED will not light <BR/>CR35DLX
- Note: LED will not light <BR/>. details
sony pink floyd - ummagumma 2016
<strong>Side One<br /></strong>1. Astronomy Domine 27 April 1969 8:32<br>2. Careful with That Axe, Eugene 2 May 1969 8:49<br><strong>Side Two<br></strong>3. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 2 May 1969 9:27<br>4. A Saucerful of Secrets 27 April 1969 12:48<br><strong>Side Three<br></strong>1. Sysyphus (Parts 14) [a] 13:28<br>2. Grantchester Meadows 7:26<br>3. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict 4:59<br><strong>Side Four<br></strong>4. The Narrow Way (Parts 13) 12:17<br>5. details
mackie c200 passive speaker
Save BIG when you buy today!<strong>Speaker configuration</strong><ul><li>Active passive:Passive</li><li>Type:2-Way full range</li><li>LF driver:10&quot;</li><li>MF driver:Not applicable</li><li>HF driver:1&quot; Titanium</li></ul><strong>Power capacity</strong><ul><li>8 Ohms program peak:200W/500W</li><li>4 Ohms program peak:</li></ul><strong>Audio</strong><ul><li>Frequency response:89Hz
- 20kHz</li><li>Coverage pattern:90 x 80</li><li>Max SPL:118 dB</li></ul><strong>Inputs</strong><ul><li>XLR:Not applicable</li><li>TRS:Not applicable</li><li>TS:1/4&quot;</li><li>RCA:Not applicable</li><li>1</li></ul><strong>Output thru</strong><ul><li>XLR:Not applica [...]. details
turbosound venue tvx122m 2-way 12
Save BIG when you buy today!<strong>Speaker configuration</strong><ul><li>Active passive:Passive</li><li>Type:Full-range</li><li>LF driver:12&quot;</li><li>MF driver:Not applicable</li><li>HF driver:1&quot; Titanium dome</li></ul><strong>Power capacity</strong><ul><li>8 Ohms program peak:500W Cont 2000W Peak</li><li>4 Ohms program peak:</li></ul><strong>Audio</strong><ul><li>Frequency response:55Hz
- 20kHz +3dB</li><li>Coverage pattern:70 x 70</li><li>Max SPL:124 dB cont</li></ul><strong>Inputs</strong><ul><li>TRS:Not applicable</li><li>TS:Not applicable</li><li>RCA:Not applicable</li><li>1</li></ul><strong>Output thru</strong><ul><li>TRS:Not applicabl [...]. details
antelope audio orion32 64-channel
Orion32 + provides seamless connectivity to any DAW, allowing for low latency simultaneous I/O streaming of 64 channels of 24-bit, 192 kHz audio signal via ThunderboltTM and 32 channels via USB. The analog I/O are handled by 8 DB25 connectors and a pair of TRS connectors for monitoring. Orion32 + is a successor to the worlds first 32-channel AD/DA, now offering a greater variety of interfaces such as Thunderbolt, MADI and USB. The digital connectivity options are complimented also by ADAT and S/PDIF.<br /><br><strong>64 Channels of I/O</strong><br>Simultaneous streaming of 64 I/O channels 24-bit, 192 kHz audio via Thunderbolt &amp; 32 channels via USB< [...]. details
perantucci tuba mouthpiece in
- The Right Response</u></strong></br><BR/><strong>DESIGN PURPOSE</strong></br><BR/>Perantucci Mouthpieces offer many different models, each designed for a specific purpose. No need to compromise. Choose the Perantucci mouthpiece which best serve your individual needs.<BR/><strong>INNOVATION</strong></br><BR/>Perantucci means technical leadership. Every model advances the art, sets new standards for others to reach.<BR/><strong>COMPATIBILITY</strong></br><BR/>The various models are based on the same philosophy of sound, response, balance and tonal presence.<BR/><strong>MATERIALS AND FINISH</strong></br><BR/>Only the highest qualit [...]. details
universal music group rainbow -
<strong><strong>Disc 1</strong></strong><br>1. Kill the King 4:38<br>2. Mistreated 11:03<br>3. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves 8:21<br>4. Catch the Rainbow 17:31<br>5. Long Live Rock &apos;n&apos; Roll 7:33<br><br><strong>Disc 2</strong><br>6. Man on the Silver Mountain 14:37<br>7. Still I&apos;m Sad Jim McCarty, Paul Samwell-Smith 25:16<br>8. details
sony cypress hill - black sunday
Save BIG when you buy today!<strong>Disc 1</strong><ul><li>Side 1</li><li>1. I Wanna Get High</li><li>2. I Ain&apos;t Goin&apos; Out Like That</li></ul><strong>3. Insane in the Brain</strong><ul><li>Side 2</li><li>1. When the Shit Goes Down</li><li>2. Lick a Shot</li><li>3. Cock the Hammer</li></ul><strong>Disc 2</strong><ul><li>Side 1</li><li>1. Lil&apos; Putos</li><li>2. Legalize It</li><li>3. Hits from the Bong</li><li>Side 2</li><li>1. What Go Around Come Around, Kid</li><li>2. A to the K</li><li>3. Hand On the Glock</li><li>4. details
studio electronics boomstar
Two bidirectional audio or CV routers. Bring a signal in and switch between two desirable destinations. Center off switch. Great for instantaneous audio or CV effects.<strong>Two Switches</strong><ul><li>1-2, 1-2</li></ul><strong>Six Patch Points</strong><ul><li>OUT 1, OUT 2, IN A (top), IN B, OUT 1, OUT 2 (bottom).</li></ul><strong>All Controls and Patch Points</strong><ul><li>OUT 1 Output #1. </li><li>OUT 2 Output #2.</li><li>IN A Input A. </li><li>1-2 (IN A) Switch between output 1 and 2.</li><li>1-2 (IN B) Switch between output 1 and 2.</li><li>IN B Input B. </li><li>OUT 1 Output #1.</li><li>OUT 2 Output #2.</li></ul><strong>Vitals</strong><ul><li> [...]. details
sibelius notation software with
<p>Sibelius is the worlds best-selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, easy-to-use tools proven and trusted by composers, arrangers, publishers, educators and students.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Support</strong></p> <p>Along with this item, you get 90 days of complimentary support, and those first three months are when you need it most, when you are becoming acclimated to the GUI. Dont be shy! Call! Sibelius is expecting you!</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><strong>Compose quickly </strong></p> <p>Sibelius has task-focused tabs that lead you through creating a score from start to finish. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Professio [...]. details
wea ed sheeran -  orange colored
<strong>Side A</strong><br />1. The A Team<br>2. Drunk<br>3. U.N.I.<br>4. Grade 8<br>5. Wake Me Up<br>6. Small Bump<br>7. This<br><br><strong>Side B</strong><br>1. The City <br>2. Lego House<br>3. You Need Me, I Dont Need You<br>4. Kiss Me <br>5. details
studio electronics boomstar
<strong>Four Pots</strong><br />LVL 1, LVL 2, LVL3, LVL 4.<br><br><strong>Five Patch Points</strong><br>OUT, IN 1, IN 2, IN 3, IN 4.<br><strong>All Controls and Patch Points</strong><ul><li>LVL 1 Adjusts the level of IN 1. </li><li>LVL 2 Adjusts the level of IN 2. </li><li>LVL 3 Adjusts the level of IN 3. </li><li>LVL 4 Adjusts the level of IN 4. </li><li>OUT Composite output.</li><li>IN 1 Audio CV input 1.</li><li>IN 2 Audio CV input 2.</li><li>IN 3 Audio CV input 3.</li><li>IN 4 Audio CV input 4.</li></ul><strong>Details</strong><ul><li>Size
- 6hp</li><li>Depth
- 25mm with ribbon cable attached </li><li>Power Usage
- 4mA (+12 /
- 12)</li></ul>. details
universal music group frank zappa
Track Listing:<br /><strong>Side one</strong><br>1. Peaches en Regalia<br>2. Willie the Pimp<br>3. Son of Mr. Green Genes<br><br><strong>Side two</strong><br>4. Little Umbrellas<br>5. The Gumbo Variations<br>6. details
wea joy division - unknown
<strong>Side one</strong><br />1. Disorder 3:32<br>2. Day of the Lords 4:49<br>3. Candidate 3:05<br>4. Insight 4:29<br>5. New Dawn Fades 4:47<br><br><strong>Side two</strong><br>6. She&apos;s Lost Control 3:57<br>7. Shadowplay 3:55<br>8. Wilderness 2:38<br>9. Interzone 2:16<br>10. details
beyerdynamic tg 1000 beltpack
<strong>128dB Dynamic Range</strong><BR/>An excellent dynamic range of 128 dB makes the TG 1000 the ideal system for both vocal and instrumental use.<BR/><BR/><strong>GenuineGuitar</strong><BR/>No coloration of your sound or gain loss through wireless systems anymore
- thanks to TG 1000s GenuineGuitar technology. Even frequencies as low as 20 Hz are no problem anymore
- perfect for guitarists and bass players.<BR/><BR/><strong>2.1 ms Total Latency</strong><BR/>TG 1000 features a total latency of only 2.1 ms, which is trendsetting for digital wireless systems.<BR/><BR/><strong>300 yard Range</strong><BR/>TG 1000 achieves an extraordinary line of sight r [...]. details
bg l4r revelation bb clarinet
Designed to allow the reed the most free of vibration, the Revelation provides excellent projection without the stuffiness of most fabric ligatures. The sound is clear and articulation is easy.<BR/><BR/><BR/><strong>ADVICE FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT LIGATURE</strong><BR/><strong>Try the various ligature models.</strong><BR/>Different types of ligatures meet different requirements. <strong>How does gold effect the sound?</strong><BR/>The higher density of gold enhances the resonance transfer of the reed to the mouthpiece / instrument. <strong>Fabric Ligatures</strong><BR/>Special fabric ligatures are preferable for : Small halls Rooms, chamber music, playin [...]. details
auralex pro plus roominator kit
<strong>36 Studiofoam(TM) Wedges (2 x 2 x 2
- 96 sq. ft.)</strong><BR/>2 wedge-cut acoustic foam panels absorb flutter echoes, standing waves &amp; kill early boundary reflections for improved acoustic imaging.<BR/><BR/><strong>12 LENRD(TM) Bass Traps (24 lineal ft.)</strong><BR/>Low frequency absorbers for control of excess bass. Designed for horizontal &amp; vertical corner mounting where low frequencies congregate.<BR/><BR/><strong>8 TFusor(TM) 3D Sound Diffusors (24 sq. ft.)</strong><BR/>Their proprietary geometric design evenly distributes reflected sound for an industry-leading natural, spacious ambience.<BR/><BR/>EZ-Stick Pro Tab adhesive.<BR/>. details