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vogue eyewear vo2795sm 53 green
Looking for a update to your weekend sunglasses wardrobe? The VO2795SM is a universally flattering shape with a slight upsweep that instantly provides a lift to your cheekbones. The temple tip heart embellishments adds that little bit of detail to make these stand out in your sunglasse wardrobe. Pick them up in basic black or change it up with a pop of color. details
carrera aviator sunglasses -
The Carrera CA33/807PT Sunglasse make a bold statement of style and fun with vintage styling. These Carrera shades feature leather inserts on the front, fastened by round metalimage buttons, based on the classic Carrera All weather sunglasses
- a 1980s original. Originally concieved with with removable lenses fastened by a button, the Carrera 33 Leather & Stud Sunglasses feature a squared off frame shape. The Carrera 33 Sunglass is built with multi-layer acetates and manually designed frames for impeccable quality. The C icon for Carrera continues to provide an unmistakable look, carved into the enamelled button of the leather detail
- just as it was f [...]. details
decorate your own sunnies
Whether at the beach or pool, sunglasses are a necessity and trendy accessory. Have fun in the sun by decorating 3 pairs of sunglasses This kit includes resin shapes, rhinestones and gem strips to decorate sunglasses. Also inside are 3 pairse of sunglasses: 1 fun color, 1 glamorous glitter and 1 pair that even changes color in the sun
- like magic And as a BONUS, you even get 3 sunglass cases. Sunglasses provide 100% UV protection-UV 400Decorate, wear and share these sunglasses with your friends. details
revo headwall
There are many different benefits of sunglasses. That is why it is extremely important that you find a brand of sunglasses that you can trust. The Revo Headwall Sunglasses are just that. These shades will keep the harmful rays out of your eyes, while still allowing for you to see the world clearly. So often we sacrifice being able to see so that we can wear sunglasses. With the Revo Headwall Sunglasses we no longer have to do that. Key Features of the Revo Headwall Sunglasses: Revo Crystal Lenses With Polarcast Technology. Element Shed Hydrophobic And Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings. Multi-Layer Acetate Frame With Motion-Fit System. details
carrera 82s
Have a look at Carrera 82/S Sunglasses. Attractive, practical and chic, Carrera 82/S Sunglasses is very well respected by the fashion world. We strive to provide the best savings for your eyewear necessities and it is just the same with Carrera 82/S Sunglasses. Whether you are trying to establish a unique style or just add to your everyday appearance, Carrera 82/S Sunglasses is just what you will need. details
ray ban rb4194
The RB4194 Sunglasses by Ray Ban are your basic no nonsense no frills exceptionally stylish sunglasses. The RB4194 Sunglasses by Ray Ban will protect your peeps from the suns harmful rays. These great sunglasses come in a wide range of palette pleasing colors sure to make you very happy. These sunglasses will work great in any setting and for any occasion. These sunglasses have square nylon frame. The lens and bridge size is 53 17 and a temple length of 140. These stylish glasses will quickly become your favorite pair of shades. These will look great on and go with absolutely everything. details
junior sunglasses c1
Excellent kids sunglasses
- just in time for summer! The largest selection of high quality prescription sunglasses with over 500 styles to choose from. 365 day hassle free returns for all sunglasses orders. details
ray ban andy
. details
neff spectra
Protect your peeps with the Neff Spectra Sunglasses when the sun comes peeking out from behind the clouds. These fantastic sunglasses come in electric colored cyan blue matte black and matte gray. The frames of the Spectra Sunglasses are 100 percent plastic and come with polycarbonate lenses. These sunglasses are much cooler than Wayfarers so grab up a couple of pairs and take them wherever the road leads you. These sunglasses will pair up nicely with everything you wear and do. details
suncloud weave
The SunCloud Weave Sunglasses are a beautiful and stunning pair of sunglasses that will have you heading out looking great. The details from the front of the sunglasses to the stems are simply magnificent. With these Weave Sunglasses you ll have a polycarbonate lens to help filter out dangerous UV rays and a polarized treatment for maximum clarity and minimal glare. The chic and functional SunCloud Weave Sunglasses are a must have for any fashion thinking individual ready to head out into the sun. details
oakley crankshaft
The Oakley Crankshaft Sunglasses have polycarbonate full frame construction and are assembled in the United States. The Crankshaft Sunglasses by Oakley will fully protect your eyes from the rays of the sun. The lenses of these great sunglasses are cut from a single toric shield and set in the frame to retain the original contour. These sunglasses possess attitude and clean looks. These great sunglasses provide you with all day comfort high definition optics and UV protection. These sunglasses are impact resistant have a wide peripheral view and are impact resistant. These sunglasses make a statement no matter where you wear them. details
carrera aviator sunglasses - black
Have a look at Carrera 33/S Sunglasses. Tasteful, well-designed and fashionable, Carrera 33/S Sunglasses is very well considered by the world of fashion. We strive to offer great savings for your eyewear necessities and it is no exception with Carrera 33/S Sunglasses. Whether you re hoping to establish a fresh trend or just add to your everyday appearance, Carrera 33/S Sunglasses is what you are looking for. details
rayban round metal
The Ray Ban Round Metal Sunglasses are seriously retro in every sense of the word. The inspiration behind the Round Metal Sunglasses by Ray Ban is 1960's counter-culture think John Lennon and Ozzy Osborne where the style originated. The round crystal lenses and distinctive shape define these unisex metal framed sunglasses. These great sunglasses come with adjustable nose pads and thin metal temples with plastic tip for added comfort behind the ears. The lens bridge measures 50 21 with a temple length of 145. Stylish and sophisticated these incredible sunglasses will get you noticed. These sunglasses are just way to cool. details
ray-banreg rb4115 57
Ray-Ban&reg RB4115 sunglasses are a smaller rectangular frame shape with a sporty contoured wrapped fit that makes these sunglasses ideal for the casual-cool or on the run person. The RB4115 sunglasses have elongated temples and feature the classic metal Ray-Ban&reg logo. A great fit for nearly all face shapes and a very easy to wear style of sunglasses. Branded case and cleaning cloth included. details
dot dash staghorn
One look at the Staghorn sunglasses by Dot Dash and you will be convinced that they are the same sunglasses worn by the inimitable Al Pacino in the movie Casino. Besides their classic sixties look the Staghorn sunglasses are rather pragmatic as well. With 400 degree UV protection they will provide a level of protection that you will never take for granted. Additionally base 6 polycarbonate tinted lenses are a nice touch to this flawless pair of sunglasses. details
ray-ban polarized men39s
The Ray-Ban RB4075 sunglasses are one of the best selling Ray-Ban classic rectangular designs, crafted in propionate plastic with a wrapped fit. The Ray-Ban signature logo is engraved on the temples of these sunglasses, which look spectacular on all face shapes. These sunglasses do a fine job of blurring the line between sporty and sophisticated. Available in polarized lenses. details
pelagic legend sunglasses
Pelagic Legend Sunglasses, Teak Cobalt Men s
- Men's Accessories
- Men's Sunglasses & Retainers
- Men's Sunglasses
- Legend Sunglasses. details
suncloud star
The SunCloud Star Sunglasses are perfect for the active adult. These tightly shaped and fully functional SunCloud sunglasses are perfect for an afternoon jog but they are so versatile in style and construction that they can even be worn on the beach or the ski slopes. The Star Sunglasses features Megol Nose Pads and Temple Tips to help the sunglasses stay in place. They will ensure that you have 100% UV protection from harmful sun rays and minimize glare with their polarize polycarbonate lenses. Look stylish whatever you re doing when you wear these SunCloud Star Sunglasses. details
jax39s season 6 original
Bring the animal magnetism of Jax from Sons of Anarchy to your own look by wearing these motorcycle sunglasses from ShopTV. These KD's sunglasses are the same design that was created for bikers back in the 50s, and they have been the best-selling style for bikers ever since. Worn by Jax in season 6, these glasses allow for enhanced peripheral vision compared to other sunglasses. The sunglasses have impact-resistant acetate lenses and reinforced temples, and they are designed to give you a comfortable fit under your helmet. details
The Ray-Ban&reg RB4105 Folding Wayfarer sunglasses are an authentic icon of unconventional spirit, reinterpreted into new functional sunglasses. Ray-Ban&reg Folding Wayfarer sunglasses have all the same iconic lines as the original, but has been constructed into a compact, folding style. The Ray-Ban&reg RB4105 sunglasses are practical, portable, and always in style. RB4105 Folding Wayfarer sunglasses look great on any size face. Branded case and cleaning cloth included. details
ray-banreg 4147
Ray-Ban&reg RB4147 sunglasses are fashionable and bold with larger rounded square lenses in propionate plastic frames which offer maximum sun protection while embracing a chic Hollywood look. These larger Ray-Ban&reg sunglasses cater to most face shapes. Ray-Ban&reg RB4147 sunglasses have long, sleek temples with the Ray-Ban&reg signature logo on the lens and temples of the sunglasses. Branded case and cleaning cloth included. details
114 sunglasses dark
ECO 114 sunglasses are designed for women. The ECO 114 sunglasses model is made of plastic and manufactured in China. details
115 sunglasses gold
ECO 115 sunglasses are designed for women. The ECO 115 sunglasses model is made of plastic and manufactured in China. details
oakley latch sq
Be the trailblazer that you were always meant to be with this sleek sunglasses from Oakley. The Latch SQ Sunglasses easily clip onto your shirt when you don't need them and have a unique look all their own. These classic sunglasses have a shatter resistant O Matter frame with a comfortable fit and feature durable Plutonite lenses that block 100% of UV rays. details
114 sunglasses
ECO 114 sunglasses are designed for women. The ECO 114 sunglasses model is made of plastic and manufactured in China. details
114 sunglasses
ECO 114 sunglasses are designed for women. The ECO 114 sunglasses model is made of plastic and manufactured in China. details
116 sunglasses matt
ECO 116 sunglasses are designed for men. The ECO 116 sunglasses model is made of plastic and manufactured in China. details
115 sunglasses
ECO 115 sunglasses are designed for women. The ECO 115 sunglasses model is made of plastic and manufactured in China. details
114 sunglasses
ECO 114 sunglasses are designed for women. The ECO 114 sunglasses model is made of plastic and manufactured in China. details