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drymistat - humidor humidifer
Automatically maintain the 70 percent humidity levels required to keep cigars at their freshest with this set of two DryMistat humidifier tubes. The two way humidification process is controlled by nontoxic chemicals that are charged into the crystals that fill the tubes. Charged with propylene glycol solution, you never have to add anything but plain distilled water again. The crystals swell up when they have water in them and shrink when they need more, taking away all the guess work. In addition, the size is perfect to stash a few in different parts of your humidor, and regulates humidity for up to 25 cigars. Best of all, they are made in the USA and [...]. details
maxpower 335480 tire tube 480 x
Replacement 480 x 400 x 8 Tube. details
slime 10004 tube sealant - 16
Slime's sealants are simply the best in their class. Distributed in over 75 countries they are formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors so they are safe for your rims tubes and tires. Never worry about a flat tire again. The name brand people know and trust for flat tire prevention and repair. details
slime 30012 pre slimed wheelbarrow
Slime is the name brand people know and trust for flat tire prevention and repair. Slime's smart tubes instantly and repeatedly seal punctures before they end your ride. Factory filled with a precise volume of Slime tube sealant, smart tubes install like a regular tube, offering the powerful protection of Slime. details
emergency survival mylar thermal
Emergency Thermal Tent by Grizzly Gear is made of the same Mylar material as our emergency blanket but is formed into a tube tent to prevent heat loss even more efficiently. This compact tube tent provides warmth (retains and reflects up to 90 of body heat), a waterproof and windproof shelter barrier, and a covering to help reduce shock when someone is injured. Grizzly Gear's Emergency Thermal Tent is to be used as emergency shelter. Also great for camping, hiking, and surviving the cold outdoors. details
doc johnson the tube ur3
This fabulously simple, yet highly stimulating masturbation sleeve made out of super soft, stretchy UR3 fits just about any guy with ease up to 7" wide. It's perfect for someone who doesn't want a body part replica stroker. details
duck brand twist-n-pull tamper
The Duck Brand offers quality, care and extraordinary value to consumers looking for friendly and convenient solutions to everyday problems. We are known for delivering excellent quality products at an everyday value. Duck Brand Twist-n-Pull Mailing Tubes are a great way to keep your items protected in the mail. Plastic caps snap securely in place through an innovative tab and slot locking system to keep documents secure in transit. For added protection each tube contains two tamper-evident locking clips. Duck Brand offers a full line of packaging and mailing supplies and accessories for your packing, mailing or moving needs. Got a project? Get the Duc [...]. details

lip balm empty container tubes
A twisting motion on the bottom side of the container will evenly dispense balm once it is filled. The translucent color of the tube will allow one to gauge the amount of balm yet remaining in each tube. Containers are made from polypropylene and each container comes with a lid as shown in the product photo. Length of each container with lid is 2.625" (6.7cm). details

intex river run 1 inflatable float
The River Run 1 tube provides the ultimate relaxation for floating down the river or lounging in the pool. The mesh bottom keeps you cool while the built in inflatable backrest keeps you relaxed. The float tube features a pair of cup holders to keep drinks at the ready.2 Heavy duty handles plus a perimeter grabline make it easy to mount from the water. details
continental 42mm presta valve
Continental standard weight presta valve tube. Seamless and mold cured construction. For 650c wheels, 42mm valve length. Made in Germany. Fits Size 650 x 18-25mm Seamless, mold-cured manufacturing offers uniform roundness and enhanced reliability at the valve stem 42mm removable Presta valve Made with a butyl tube compound Threaded, 42mm valve. details
sunlite bicycle tube 26 x 195 -
TUBES SUNLT 26x1.95x2.35 SV. details
tubes a journey to the center of
“Andrew Blum plunges into the unseen but real ether of the Internet in a journey both compelling and profound….You will never open an email in quite the same way again.” —Tom Vanderbilt, New York Times bestselling author of Traffic In Tubes , Andrew Blum, a correspondent at Wired magazine, takes us on an engaging, utterly fascinating tour behind the scenes of our everyday lives and reveals the dark beating heart of the Internet itself. A remarkable journey through the brave new technological world we live in, Tubes is to the early twenty-first century what Soul of a New Machine —Tracy Kidder’s classic story of the creation of a [...]. details