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unusual uses for ordinary things
Most people use nail polish remover to remove nail polish. They use coffee grounds to make coffee and hair dryers to dry their hair. The majority of people may also think that the use of eggs, lemons, mustard, butter, and mayonnaise should be restricted to making delicious food in the kitchen. The community would disagree with this logic they have discovered hundreds of inventive and surprising ways to use these and other common household materials to improve day-to-day life. Did you know that tennis balls can protect your floors, fluff your laundry, and keep you from backing too far into (and thus destroying) your garage? How much do [...]. details
sway bar front - 1 38
Sway Bar (Front
- 1 3/8 in. Bar Dia.
- For Use w 2/4/6 in. Lift
- Uses Factory End Links Not Included) Hellwig Part # 7704. details
carrier case 75
Carrier Case (7.5 in.
- Standard
- For Use w Quick Disconnect
- Uses Bearings PN (50006) ) Yukon Gear & Axle Part # YC T350600. details